Insider Tips on How to Create Superior Value Proposition (Part 1)

value proposition

One of the main reasons why most digital companies in Singapore fail to achieve their set goals is because they are yet to master the art of coming up with an effective value proposition. Yes, slogans can help you build your brand by letting customers know what you are offering. 

The first thing to note is that slogans are not value propositions. On the contrary, a value proposition is a unique message that you convey to the target audience to motivate and encourage them to buy your products or request for your services. It has to be relevant to the consumer if it is to succeed in helping your business get more customers.

Today we look at five key aspects that you need to consider when creating a value proposition for your Singapore e-commerce business.


Discuss the problem(s) that your products or services solve. Go an extra mile and focus on convenience by highlighting your brand’s unique selling points. That is, what makes it different from the competition?


The key to selling online is eliciting positive emotions when conversing with the customers. As you create the value proposition, you should put more emphasis on the attractive aspects of your services and products. This will help get the customers connected or attached to your company emotionally thereby increasing the chances of them becoming repeat customers.

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In the current economy, most people are looking for ways of saving money. Based on this fact, it is recommended to highlight the financial benefits that customers will get when they purchase your product. If your products are more affordable than the alternatives, mention that on the landing page. Indicate the amount of money that they will save when they purchase from you.

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Spend time figuring out what your company represents. Will customers feel that they have contributed to environmental wellness when they purchase your product? Will your service or product improve their health and wellness? The answers to this kind of questions will help you to know what your brand represents.

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End Value

Strive to offer the best customer satisfaction possible. Be concise and clear from the word go. Provide details of what your company guarantees to customers.


Creating an effective value proposition for you Singapore business is possible. You just need to focus on the key areas of your business and use the information to create it. In part two of how to create a compelling value proposition, we will discuss three additional parameters that you need to keep in mind. 

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