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Insider Tips on How to Create an Effective Value Proposition (Part 2)

value proposition

In Part 1 on how to create an effective value proposition, we discussed some of the key aspects that you need to consider in the process namely: 

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  • Functionality
  • Emotions
  • Economics
  • Symbolism
  • End value

Today, we will proceed and look at three other important factors that you need to keep in mind when creating a value proposition for your business. Please note that it does not matter the specific town in Singapore you operate it; the tips can be of benefit to any business across the country and abroad.

Identify the Target Audience and Focus on It

One of the remedies to fail is creating a value proposition for everyone. The ideal proposition should be appealing to everyone or anyone who comes across your brand. It is also not possible to please everyone, and so it is recommended to identify the target audience and focus on it. Not skipping this step will help you to know the ideal language to use on your sales copy.

Small Things Matter

What does added value your business provide? Unknown to most entrepreneurs is that small things often make a big difference. The benefits will set you apart from other companies in your niche thereby position you for success. Do not shy away from showing off the benefits on the landing page and other sections of the site.

 For instance, you should not wait until the clients get to the checkout page to highlight these benefits. If they do not know the benefits when they land on the homepage, they may never proceed to the conversion page. Simple added benefits such as free shipping and free truck delivery can do magic.

Test It

A/B testing will help you to know which value proposition suits your business. Test one proposition at a time to avoid any confusion. It is also important to note that if you change the proposition too often, you will not be able to tell which aspect of the value proposition lowered or increased the conversions.


The most successful e-commerce Singapore businesses have excellent value propositions. Start applying the tips discussed in part one and two to grow your business also. There is no limit on the amount of revenue that you can generate if you have the right value proposition.


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