Insider Look at Yahoo Answers App, Will It Have a Positive Impact on the Intended Users?

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A few years ago, it seemed that the dubbed “answer engines” would replace the mainstream Google search which perplexed a large number of search engine optimisation companies, but that never came to be as evident from the large number of sites that faded away, only a few exist today. Yahoo Answers is one search engine that has soldiered on despite the main challenges that it faces.

As a way of reviving its operations and boosting its popularity, the company has introduced a new mobile application, the Answers, which is tailored to allow smartphone users to access answers to common questions in minutes. The interface is quite friendly and allows one to lookup content fast and efficiently, but the sign-up and sign-in process are quite arduous. The team needs to work on this part of the application to make it more friendly and valuable to the targeted users.

When launching the application, the company promised to give users laser accurate answers or responses to their questions. The developers have worked smart and hard to ensure that it offers real-time responses but only time will tell if this application will deliver the expected results.

One of the main challenges that similar applications face is downtime and quality of the replies offered. Sometimes, it takes hours for users to get replies and when they do, the quality and accuracy of the questions is often less than satisfactory.

Based on the fact that the app is hinged on the huge amount of content already available on the Yahoo database, there is hope that it will deliver the expected positive results. It also has a unique voting mechanism that is designed to address the quality issues. It also runs on an advanced matching algorithm that will ensure questions are sent to qualified responders who have the experience and knowledge required to respond to the questions comprehensively.

December 19, 2016

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