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Ingenious Ways Of Making Your Organic Local Listing More Effective

As a savvy digital marketer in Singapore, it is imperative to adhere to Google best practices to continue generating traffic from the search engine and sales. Most marketers are too focused on ways of improving organic search ranking to the extent that they forget about the basic organic SERP listing.

Today, let us look at three proven ways of making your organic local listing more effective.

Get to Know the Pages with a Low Click-Through Rate

Google Analytics can help you to know the specific pages that record a low click through rate within a given period. is another reliable platform that you can use to study the click through rate on your website. The information acquired from these two tools will give you insights on how you can improve the pages to achieve better results.

Look for Opportunities to Expand Title Tags

One of the guaranteed ways of increasing click-through rate is by revitalizing the page titles. Look for opportunities to expand the title tags. In 2014, Google placed a cap of 512px on all title tags, but in May 2016, they increased the limit to 600px. The 17% increase in space allows Singapore digital marketers to come up with better-optimized title tags by including high priority keywords.

Improve the Meta Tags

The most compelling page titles are similar to the newspaper headlines. They are interesting, compelling, descriptive, and evoke emotions. You can improve the effectiveness of your organic listing by making the meta tags more compelling and engaging.

Finally, take advantage of rich snippets to boost your CTR and get more clicks than the competition. The structured markup will have an immensely positive impact on your business by making your products and services stand out from the crowd. Displaying information such as star rating, reviews and prices on SERP will motivate people to visit your website and place an order.

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