How To Increase Your Website Traffic In Singapore

improving web traffic singapore

You’ve got your new website all set up and designed with a great feature display. You’ve added a FAQ page, a page inviting visitors to comment along with all the other features we’ve already discussed in previous blogs. Super. Now you’re ready to consider increasing web traffic.

A Twitter account is a good start as is a Facebook Fanpage. And on any of these accounts that involve buyer seller relations, it’s extremely important to keep active at all times. Never hesitate to reply to questions or comments. Never respond out of anger no matter how offensive a comment may be. In such case, you could either simply ignore the comment or reply in a calm, receptive manner and often you’ll see that the offensives were momentary anger. Now that the anger has past, it may well be possible for you to turn an angry consumer into a happy camper.

Another important aspect in your search for a better flow of traffic is to keep track of all the traffic that visits as well as their comments. In this way, you may be able to do a few adjustments to your web site to better accommodate your customer base. 

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Many have found the use of hashtags (#) to be quite helpful. 

Often it’s possible to have a guest blog With so many social media channels to be found on the Internet, it’s possible for you to reach a much wider audience and with well-positioned remarks, drive many of this audience to your web site. 

As a resident of Singapore it may be advantageous to play up the beauties of Singapore and by creating interest in Singapore, the visitors may be more likely to visit your site where, it is to be hoped, they will find not only information about whatever it is that you’re selling, but entertaining information about Singapore. This might include bits of notable history, monuments, or whatever you believe views may like to see. 

Again by keeping track of visitors to your web site you will have a more accurate picture in your mind as to just what visitors want to see.

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A word about blogs. Blogs have to be interesting and they shouldn’t all be of the same boring length. Some may be as short as one paragraph while others may be a thousand words long.

If possible, interview your providers, or other people who like your products or any well-known person to discuss any subject as long as the searcher lands at your website.

Later too, you can – in fact – you should publish these interviews on a blog and advertise that on sites such as FB and Twitter. Linked in is another good choice.

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Strive to set up your website so that it doesn’t take long to load. Many surfers become impatient quickly and move on. And another thought is that you want to be sure that your site will be available and viewable on not only PDs or Macs but all sorts of devices such as tablets and cell phones too. 

Most of us dislike spam and ever open spam mail. But whenever you get any sort of response to your web site or even brief hits, you should think of sending out frequent emails. To make them more irresistible a great subject line is a start. And then you can show pictures of your products, make special offers or give out coupons or offer a code that will allow the purchaser to save a few dollars. 

Any clever ideas you can come up with ro promote your site is wonderful and that’s something you may keep in mind. Sometimes these super ideas wake us in the middle of the night. Light lighting, one never knows when a light bulb will illuminate your mind with that great idea.

Keywords are super but long-tail keywords are even better. Most web searches are more likely to hit your website when you’ve used long-tail keywords. That can help enormously in your SEO 

It’s important to remember to your SEO. You have to optimise your content for the best results when others search on the Internet. 

Don’t forget to post your content to LinkedIn as well on other social sites. Being active on any and all social media sites. People can become interested In Singapore and its many attractions as well as its many business opportunities and visitor attractions as well. All this can help drive traffic to you web site.

If you can do so, incorporate some videos into your web site. Video marketing is always a good way to promote your product or service. 

If possible, it’s a great idea to research any perceived competition and consider what you have compared to what is offered elsewhere.

You can access software such as BuzzSumo® to check out competitors and see what’s going on and what you’re up against in the marketplace. While this may seem daunting at times, it can help you better place your product on the web. It can help you consider ways to better compete with other similar products

That doesn’t always mean lowering your price(s).That may be one way but other ways exist as well. The way you market your product can make all the difference between success and failure as well as in losing out to other vendors. 

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Forbes Magazine offers this bit of important advice: Your web site must speak with authority. It should show a positive and confident attitude in every aspect from the SEO pages to the blogs, social media interaction and replies to comments. 

Sites like Quora® can prove quite helpful. You can answer questions and help drive even more traffic to your web site. Never forget to invite readers, visitors, and anyone with whom you can come into contact to visit your site. You surely won’t forget that.

In sum, it isn’t simply enough to set up a web site and sit back. You should continue to study. Learn all you can about SEOs and learn all you can about your product. There are new areas constantly opening up on the Internet and you want to be right up there at the head of the pack when they do.


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