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Do you run a product- or services-based business, and you are still facing conversion challenges after spending time doing digital marketing in Singapore? Incorporating live chat on your website could help deliver a personalised user experience to your website visitors and lead to a higher website conversion rate.

Statistics show that 92% of customers are more satisfied when using the website live chat feature compared to dealing with businesses via social media or a customer care representative. However, the popularity of live chat can be attributed to the increasing number of businesses offering online support.

How to Increase Conversion Rate by Optimising  the Live Chat

  • Customise liver chat for your brand
  • Focus on providing a great user experience
  • Train your team on the best digital marketing in Singapore practices
  • Set up online features

To get the most out of website live chat, you need to train your team and exercise patience. More so, you need to practice the following best practices to improve live chat integration into webdesign in Singapore.

Customise Live Chat for your Brand

There are tons of live chat options, but the challenge is choosing one that integrates seamlessly with your website. This is a better option than build your live chat system from scratch, which can increase the cost of digital marketing in Singapore significantly.

digital marketing in Singapore

The live chat feature should be a natural extension of your brand and messaging. This makes it critical that you customise the chat features to suit your brand. On the bright side, most live chat systems allow you to customise the text in the chat window, brand’s colours, as well as to upload the company logo.

On top of this, ensure that you review the prompts and messages to convey the authenticity of the brand. This ensures that you have brand image consistency. A Lucidpress report shows that a company’s revenue will increase by as much as 23% if they have consistent brand representation.

Moreover, you ought to set up a custom profile for every team member that manages the chats. This includes uploading the picture and name of the agent to show prospects that they are chatting with a real person. 

Create a Great User Experience

A website’s user experience is influenced by factors such as the overall web design, ease of navigation, and the user interface. Ideally, the live chat platform should enhance the user experience, not take away from it.

With that in mind, consider how the live chat will fit in with your website and digital marketing in Singapore. For starters, it is recommended that you turn off any sounds associated with the live chat. This is because sound from the live chat can be distracting and lower the user experience.

You should also allow some time to lapse between when a visitor lands on your page and when the live chat box pops up. Let the visitor browse the page for at least 5 seconds before the prompt appears. This will give them a chance to interact with the website and evaluate the solutions you have to offer.

Since customer expectations are constantly changing, keep testing different messaging and settings on your live chat platform to determine which options give the best conversion rates.

Train Your Team on Effective Digital Marketing in Singapore

Live chat is only efficient to a brand if capable and professional live chat agents run it. This requires you to train your team on how to manage the chat and communicate effectively with customers on the platform.

More importantly, the agent’s response time will play a huge role in customer satisfaction and determine the website conversation rate. Ideally, visitors on your website require a response to their queries in a matter of seconds.

If there is an agent online, they need to be available to communicate and provide valuable answers to the visitor’s query. However, customer satisfaction on live chat requires the agent to have forethought. This trait ensures that the agent can know the direction of the conversation and quickly find answers to the questions.

digital marketing in Singapore

With that said, take a look into the different chat scenarios your business receives and create scripts for the agents. Show them how they ought to respond to the frequently asked questions. The agents will also know how to guide the visitor over the next stages of the sales funnel.

Some live chat systems have resources that help your agents to manage the chats. They include setting up shortcuts for common responses and transferring the chat to a specific agent, among other solutions.

Setup Online Features

It is not a must that your agents be tied down to a mobile app or desk waiting to answer customer questions on the live chat platform. Most systems come with customisable offline features that offer support to visitors and encourage conversions, as well as enhance digital marketing in Singapore.

For example, nearly all live chat platforms today have the ‘Start a ticket’ or ‘leave a message’ options when the agent is not online or past business hours. While it is a great way to encourage the visitors to start a conversation, they are too generic and changing the offline settings will better suit your brand.

One of the easiest options is to provide a simple form for your website visitors to fill out. Surprisingly, most members will fill the form, and your agents can follow up with the clients when they get back online.

Another method is to make use of a chat bot. The bot can be customised to provide relevant answers to some of the most frequently asked question. The chat bot can also guide the visitor to an online resource where you have set up the answers and solutions to the visitor queries.

With that said, bots have a limited capacity to provide 100% customer satisfaction. A majority of the customers still prefer to interact with a customer care representative instead of a bot. Therefore, it is important that your agents engage visitors and use offline resources carefully.

Personalised Experience on Chat

In the modern era, customers are expecting a personalised experience when they land on a website. A recent survey by Segment found out that 44% of website visitors and customers will give a company repeat business after receiving a personalised experience on the website.

You can deliver on these expectations by customising the live chat platform and improving your web design in Singapore. After integrating the chat platform, and found a working method, test different ways of engaging visitors. For example, you could set up a prompt on the live chat platform where you offer a link to an e-book or article to your visitors.

This strategy will work if the visitor has been on the website for a while. However, you need to test the optimal time for when the pop up appears. If not done right, the pop-ups could force the visitor to leave. You could also set up custom message prompts that will appear if the visitor is from a known traffic source, or they are a returning visitor.

Testing new ways will increase your chances of converting new visitors as well as the likelihood of repeat business from existing customers. However, be sure to take note of what is not working on the live chat and remove it promptly.

Live Chat Can Sometimes Reduce Conversions

As good as website live chat sounds, most businesses assume that it will work in all conditions. Several studies have shown that websites with high conversion rates do not need live chat. Your visitors will most likely have come from a search engine and found your website in less than a second.

When customers land on your website, it will take longer for them to find the answers to their queries. This prompts them to rely on the live chat platform as a path of least resistance. However, it is not the best option when your on-site content can outperform the live chat.

For example, if you run an e-commerce website in Singapore, the live chat will distract the customer away from the buying experience. Moreover, most customers will choose the chat option over CTAs. Since the checkout sequence is easier than completing the transaction via live chat,  the chat option will reduce conversion rate.

Here are a few tips to help you know if you need a  live chat feature on your website.

  • Create a list of the main pages where you expect prospective customers to convert
  • Calculate the conversion rate of each  pages during business and after hours
  • Find the average time between enquiry and signup for each of the pages

You can find this information from Google Analytics or other specialised analytics apps. You should also consider the following information:

  • If your website conversion rate is 5% or higher, do not use the live chat
  • If your conversion rate is between 2% and 5% gather some data to help you increase the rate
  • If you have a conversion rate below 2% start using live chat immediately


Live chat has become the fastest growing website trend, and it is not only for renowned businesses in Singapore. Even if you have a small team that cannot be available 24/7 online, using the live chat feature will be beneficial. It will provide the extra contact new prospects needs to convert.

With the above tips, you will have a tool that benefits you and your customers. They will feel more connected in real-time. Contact us for professional digital marketing services and web design in Singapore. 

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