Inbound Marketing Using Digital Media

Inbound Marketing Using Digital Media

As Google continues to perfect its algorithm and machine learning becomes more fine-tuned, people are finally starting to accept the fact that the only way to get quality traffic is by providing your audience with compelling and useful content. Unfortunately, even though many are equipped with this information, a lot of marketers still struggle with their campaigns. They work to craft the perfect content, but still, they find that their growth is nominal at best. Why is this?

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Well, it all comes down to a lack of understanding. You see, though most understand the basic idea of inbound marketing, not many know how it applies to each area of online marketing. Let’s take a moment to examine inbound marketing via some of the most popular elements of online marketing, starting with the blog. We will also discuss how to inbound market for B2C, B2B, local, and international.

Digital Media and Inbound Marketing

Whether you know it or not, inbound marketing is apart of every form of internet marketing. From blogging to calls-to-action, most strategies have an end goal of generating more leads. Below are a few of the most popular strategies and processes.

Blogging and Closing Leads

While most people tend to think of blogging as just an opportunity to place AdWords and keyword phrases onto your website, it’s actually much more than that. Not only can blogging help to attract leads to your website, it also ensures that you close more leads. This is especially the case when you strategically align article with your sales process.

Social Media and Creating a Buyer’s Persona

Social media is great for networking with other businesses and developing brand recognition. However, in terms of inbound marketing, it’s invaluable. Social media gives you the opportunity to understand your audience in a way that many other tools do not. They give you an up close and personal introduction to your potential customers and their personal lives. You can learn more about how they share your posts, engage in conversation with them and get a better look at demographics. All of this equates to your creating the most accurate buyer persona possible. In this way, you will be able to better predict which potential customers will actually become leads.

SEO So That Prospects Can Easily Find You

SEO makes use of both creative and technical elements in order to attract traffic and increase rankings. This encompasses everything from keywords to code structure and the way your site shows up on online directories. However, SEO also plays a huge role in inbound marketing. You see, it’s not easy to build website traffic without SEO. Inbound strategies use SEO to convert website traffic into paying customers. SEO makes it easy for your prospects to find you and inbound marketing makes their experience a memorable one.

Landing Pages for Quick Leads

Landing pages exist for no other reason than to secure your visitor’s information through forms in exchange for a special offer. The best landing pages target a very specific audience, such as people who read your blog, traffic from your email campaigns or the visitors who have clicked on PPC ads. What makes landing pages so valuable when it comes to inbound marketing is the amount of time it takes to convert a visitor to a lead. Having a dedicated page for each offer ensures there is no confusion.

Calls-to-Action and Identifying Customer Needs

Calls-to-Action, also known as CTA, include images, buttons, videos, or text which link to pages that contain special offers. The main goal of a CTA is to grab the visitor’s attention and persuade them to click through so that they can learn more about what you have to offer them. However, in terms of inbound marketing, it’s much more than that. You see, CTA gives you the opportunity to collect the visitor’s contact information, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses. In this way, you will be able to gather important information and learn their needs and interests which will help you to determine what kind of items they are interested in.

Email Marketing and Building Relationships

Many people have come to believe that email can only be used as a form of outbound marketing strategy, however, it also plays a crucial role in inbound marketing as well. You see, outbound emails tend to focus on specific sales and are usually used to get new business from “cold” leads. On the other hand, inbound email marketing is used in order to increase the value of lapsed or existing customers by building the relationship.

CRM and Locating Promising Prospects

CRM, also known as customer relationship management, usually involves a system which compiles all of the customer information into a single database. This makes it easy to manage and access. However, what most do not realize is that a CRM system is capable of more than just gathering, storing, analyzing, and tracking data. This system gives you the ability to personalize your customers’ experience. It will also give you the ability to find your most promising prospects and turn them into lead conversions.

Inbound Marketing Techniques

So now that you have a better idea of how each of these elements can be used as a form of inbound marketing, in what situations will you use them? When it comes to B2C, B2B, local, and international, each serves a different purpose which means techniques should be implemented very strategically. Let’s talk about each.

Inbound Marketing for B2C

Unlike businesses, the average end consumer tends to search for specific solutions that can solve unknown problems. Not only can B2C content marketing help meet these particular needs, but it can also serve to increase interest in your services and products. The key to marketing to consumers is to use a combination of blog posts, articles, infographics, and videos.

Inbound Marketing for B2B

B2B marketing is similar to B2C marketing in that both require you to create content for real people who have real needs. However, the difference is that B2C has a shorter sales cycle. Businesses tend to take more time to research before buying. So instead of placing your focus on blog posts, articles, infographics, and videos, you should instead use a combination of email marketing, search marketing, social marketing, and content marketing.

Local Inbound Marketing

If you want to experience success with local inbound marketing, then you’re going to have to be dedicated to link building. This link building must be focused on geo-specific keywords. This is because your potential, local customers will be using geo-specific terms when searching and this gives you an excellent chance to rank for that exact term.

International Inbound Marketing

Marketing your business to target customers who reside in different countries can be challenging at times. However, international SEO does make it easier to target certain geographies. In fact, you can use the same content as you use with local inbound marketing in order to secure leads around the globe, however, its crucial that you make sure that it is well-translated. Social media also makes it easier to communicate with your potential international leads.

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The Takeaway

As you can see, there are several things to consider when inbound marketing. The days of keyword stuffing are over and if you want to turn leads into customers, you’re going to have to give them information that’s useful. Not only that, but you do not need to leave any stone unturned. Your KPI should be how many of these elements and forms of inbound marketing you’re taking advantage of.

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