Inbound Marketing For Singapore Businesses

Inbound Marketing For Singapore Businesses

Many B2B companies in Singapore still rely on the traditional methods to promote their products. They still believe in the spirit of employing salespeople, give them products to market, having them make calls and visiting potential customers to close a deal. We are not saying that this method doesn’t work, it works but it’s very effective when you have enough capital and marketing lists. The problem is the conversions rates here won’t be as high as expected.

If you still depend on this traditional method, you need to consider another alternative that can generate more leads. Inbound marketing may be what you are missing to generate more traffic and boost your sales.


What Exactly Is Inbound Marketing?

Unlike the traditional marketing methods such as radio, TVs, print ads, email lists, billboards, banners, posters, newspapers, exhibitions and more, inbound marketing invests more on relationship marketing. It depends heavily on the content that you produce. High quality content is used to attract potential customers to visit your business, buy your products and even become your promoters.

Inbound marketing is currently considered to be the most effective internet marketing technique. Studies show that this internet marketing strategy guarantees you the best return on investment (ROI) or lead conversions rate compared to the traditional marketing methods.

Whether you are running a big company or a small company, inbound is an effective marketing strategy for increasing lead generation, website traffic, customer retention rates and sales.

The first and most important online marketing strategy is to be found. Internet users need to find your products when searching for them online. You may be doing a good job generating leads, but a poor job converting them.

The companies that are doing well in generating leads also invest a lot in lead conversions. They understand how to create content that attracts customers to view their products, fall in love with them and slowly turn them into potential customers. The most important thing here is to build a relationship that is based on trust.

You need to start by providing important information about your business. Prospective customers will be able to find you without even having to search for your company. They will think of you as an expert in the industry, and come back to your website again and again.

In order to obtain visitors, generate leads, attract customers and promoters to your site, you need to consider the four actions of inbound marketing:


Attract Stage

Of course, you need to find ways to attract people to your site. However, it’s important to make sure that you are using marketing strategies that targets your audience directly. This is very vital if you want to attract the right traffic to your site. Whatever you are selling isn’t meant for just any person, you want to attract people who are likely to become your potential customers and promoters.

The best way to attract the right people is to use the following lead generation strategies:


Conversion Stage

As mentioned earlier, you may be doing a great job in creating leads but failing in converting them. Once you are able to convince web users to visit your site, you need to figure out how to convert them into your lead. The best way will be to create a marketing list and gather as much information as you can about them.

It’s not easy for people to just give you their information without getting something in return. In this regard, you will have to focus on creating interesting and informational content, like tip sheets, whitepapers or even eBooks.

The main idea of creating a marketing list is to provide your potential customers with important information that you would like to share. For example, you can opt to send them emails with updates, news or any other educative material that you will believe will be valuable and interesting for them to read.

If you are not sure how to convert your visitors to potential customers, you can use conversion tools such as online form, landing page, website, and call-to-action.


Close Stage

You are still not on the finish line but you are almost there. At this stage, your main focus is to convert your leads into your prospective customers. This is the time to strengthen that relationship and make your leads to believe in you. You need them to trust you with their problems. Actually, this is the most difficult stage. Why? Because you have already managed to gain their trusts and you are trying not to disappoint them.

Luckily, you can use tools such as email, closed-loop reporting, marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) to convert your leads into your most loyal paying customers.


Delight Stage

This is one of the most important but overlooked stage. It’s not enough to convert your leads to paying customers and forget about them. You need to continue to provide them with useful information even after closing their sales. It’s very important to make sure that your customers are happy even after doing business with them. Continue to provide them with valuable content to stay in touch. The main objective here is to turn your already existing customers into your promoters. Actually, these are the right people to market your products because they have already used them and loved them.

Like always, there are tools that you can use to delight your customers. For example, you can try to use tools such as mobile apps, surveys, smart calls-to-action and social monitoring to delight your customers.



When compared to other internet marketing strategies, inbound marketing is said to be cost effective and reliable. It’s one of the most reliable ways to interact with your visitors and convert them into leads. What’s more, it allows you to measure how your business is doing using metric like conversion rates, website traffic, on-screen time, click-through rates and many more. If you are tired of using the traditional methods to market your company, try inbound marketing today and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it.

October 08, 2017

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