10 User-Friendly Ways To Improve Your SEO With Live Chat

improve website SEO with a live chat

Live chat is usually related to consumer service, however, what many people are unable to identify is that it is also an exceptional sales and marketing tool. The popularity of the live chat service is unsurprising as 42% of the customers claim that they also prefer the same as compared to a phone because there is no chance of being placed on hold during a chat session. But what if we tell you that it can enhance your SEO process as well? 

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One of the aspects of having excellent SEO is how long somebody stays on the website of your lead generation company. By adding live chat to the website, the amount of time spent by someone on the website increases and helps in the business lead generation, which ultimately plays a major role in boosting your SEO

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Here is the list of 10 user-friendly ways for improving your SEO with the help of the live chat – 

1:  Enhance Customer Traffic 

When you add live chat service to a website, not only it enhances your customer traffic, but it also helps people in revising your site in case they are ensured of getting good consumer service. Offering clients fast support with the help of the live chat platform has a high probability of leaving them satisfied with the company’s service. 

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As long as your service is swift, and information is accurate as well as useful, consumers will be happy with the experience, and the chances of them buying from you will increase that ultimately lead to more sales. The more recommendations and reviews you can motivate customers to produce, the more mentions your business will have on the web. In case these carry the links to your website, your company will appear more famous and at the same time gain better rankings. 

customer retention digital strategy 2: Boost Client Experience 

Live chat can offer you conversion summaries, full transcripts, and detailed reports for every conversation that takes place with a client. These detailed transcripts and reports can be used in the long run for learning and better serving your consumer’s needs, making the website more important to an extensive demographic. 

What characteristics do customers find frustrating and which do they wish to see? What kind of information do consumers struggle to search on the website of your company as it stands? This information can also be used for creating an FAQ Page on the site or for including the most commonly asked questions on the website. One of the most important benefits, when it comes to live chat, is that you can respond to queries before consumers even have to ask them. 

3: Make The Website User-Friendly

Live chat is an easy way to reach out to a company’s support agents and also discuss problems with them in real-time, without drafting a mail or making a phone call. If you know what is SEO, then you must be well-aware of the fact that a website’s mobile-friendliness is one of Google’s most relevant ranking factors, and that is why it must be the topmost priority for all companies. 

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This is more convenient as you are already on the Internet hence, you are not bound to exit the browser and make a call instead. Placing the live chat button in a quick-to-spot place on the website makes it more customer-friendly, offering users quick access to useful information. 

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4:  Increase The Convenience 

Various people who are not in the location where they can contact on the phone will interact in the live chat session. On the other hand, some people only prefer this platform because they are already active on the Internet, and it is easier to talk through live chat than dialing the number. 

Several businesses have the window for live open as soon as a person logs into a site or start to peruse the service or product offering. They wish to make the buying procedure as simple as possible. In case the procedure is easy, more people will get navigated to the Internet as well as engage in the chat session. Also, the chat button must always be accessible, as it will make easier to reply. 

5: Strengthen Consumer Relationships 

As live chat conversations are documented, you can utilize them for looking back and finding important details from the interaction to mention in the follow-up correspondence. This will permit you to write a more detailed and customized message. 

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Do you know what is SEO? Great! Then it will be easier for you to understand that when the consumer support agent can remember particular details from an interaction, it represents that he was attentive during the conversation which makes the consumer feel valued and cared for. Treating clients in a customized way refers to the fact that your company is treating them as individuals, not among the many whom you interact with daily. In a nutshell, a live chat platform proves to be advantageous for your company by strengthening consumer relationships with the help of more personal conversation. 

6: Amplify The Conversions 

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CRO, also known as Conversion Rate Optimization, is inevitable. Conversions equal leads and/or sales, and the website must be designed for driving visitors to take the action you wish them to. User-friendly design, clear CTAs, and engaging content, all hold the ability to produce more conversions. Furthermore, CRO aids SEO blogs by enhancing traffic to your website by reducing the bounce rates and top-quality content. 

Needless to say, live chat can enhance conversions as well, it is the convenient support choice that allows visitors to get the required help, and offers your chat agents an opportunity to engage the people with supreme service. Even in the case, they do not make a purchase, you can still contact them through their gathered email address as well as appeal them back with the surety of a discount. 

7:  Search Topics For Videos And Blogs 

Adding the videos to your website can generate a more than 150% rise in the organic traffic, while regular blogging keeps the continuous flow of updated content (which is loved by the search engines). Guest blogging through SEO blogs on the other websites, basically high-authority ones, offers strong backlinks from reliable sources. Hence, there is no denying the fact that live chat conversations are valuable to generate shareable video and blog content. 

Gather information from live chat sessions and recognize the kind of data your consumers desire. What product details are required by them before making the purchase? What queries do they have about the shipping? Are they intrigued about the green credential or how you source the materials? etc. 

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8:  Use Chat Box For Communicating Value

Whenever you wonder about utilizing the platform of the live chat service to enhance the conversion rate, you might think about engaging with consumers. But have you ever thought about utilizing chat box itself to assist enhance conversions? Now, what goes on the chat boxes? Ad Copy. Whether you are trying to write the ad copy for chat boxes or not, that is what is taking place. 

Now, why don’t you take benefit of this? The chatbox can do 2 things at a time – serve as the live chat and as a popup or an ad. Including the right copy on the chatbox can also assist your consumers to start on the right foot. They will have good thoughts about your company and will also feel welcomed from the starting.

9: Create The Smooth Chat Protocol 

There is so much work that goes into establishing the great live chat system as it not the set and forget deal. You are required to create the protocol to follow as well as be capable of modifying that protocol. 

  • Generate friendly greetings – “Greetings” are only automatic chat box popups. For instance, in case you know that somebody is the first-time visitor, you can cue chat box to popup. 
  • Have the template ready, but also be prepared for using personalized answers – Customized replies can go a very long way as they fit the brand. 
  • Take driven actions towards your aim – It is vital to steer consumers in directions that will assist them as well as also acquire their details. 

10: Train The Chat Support Agents 

The support team is your live chat system’s lifeblood. This is the major reason why it is so vital to make them well-trained especially for live chat. As live chat is still a new platform in the market, it needs a specific skill set. The customers won’t remember chat software but the conversation with your agent. In a nutshell, exceptional chat agents will assist you to boost conversions hugely. 

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One of the main things to keep in mind is that live chat agents should also be capable of speaking a client’s language. So, your agents must be adaptable enough for identifying how the consumers are talking and then interact just like them. You must not talk down to the clients, however, you need to assume that they have not much knowledge about the product only for being on the safe side. 

The simplicity and immediacy offered by live chat make it a more appealing feature for every consumer in need of assistance. A single negative comment or review can cause crucial issues for the business and damage both rankings and reputation. However, by keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, it becomes easy for you to set up the consumer support workflow. 

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