How to Improve Instagram Engagement in Singapore


Instagram Engagement is steadily catching up with Facebook in the social media marketing platform. It is at the lead of social media marketing with over a billion users worldwide. The platform has taken several years to gain this popularity and get into the competitive sphere.

More Singaporeans are joining Instagram increasing your chances of finding your target audience in the platform. Instagram has a strong ability to keep users engaged. It is an excellent platform to improve customer engagement. Statistics reveal that more businesses are incorporating Instagram advertising with Instagram ads placements shares rising to about forty-three percent in 2018.

Online marketers are becoming keener on investing in Instagram advertising to try and get the largest customer interactions and engagement. This article goes through how to improve Instagram engagement in Singapore.

Why Does Instagram Have Higher Engagement?

Several main reasons make Instagram engaging. These include;

  1. Instagram Is Visually Compelling

This platform is more about amazing videos and appealing images. More people are engaged in videos and images as compared to written text. Research conducted shows that more than forty percent of users reply more to visuals as compared to text. More so, visual posts have the most engagement on social media mostly through sharing.

  1. More Time Is Spent on Instagram

Research statistics reveal that Instagram visitors below twenty-five years spend more than thirty-two minutes daily while users over twenty-five years spend about more than twenty-four mins each day on Instagram. In similar terms, the same user’s age group spends about twenty minutes on Snapchat and approximately thirty-five minutes on Facebook. It is the keynote to indicate that the Instagram time length is growing over time as its users discover and engage more interesting content.

  1. More Room for Creativity

Facebook does not use a single marketing strategy. Apart from Instagram posts that appear on its newsfeed, you can also engage your audience through the IGTV app and stories format. Statistic data reveals that about thirty-seven percent of Instagram users consume the stories actively by clicking on the brand thumbnails. This gives you an opportunity as a Singapore marketer to flavour your news feed posts and improve your customer engagement.

  1. Instagram Ranks Relevant and Valuable Content Higher

Instagram sorts out the most valuable and relevant content to give its users the best experience. The Instagram ranking is continuously becoming accustomed and refining. Before the current algorithmic, Instagram used a method that did not sort posts according to relevancy.

The update has made the users view ninety percent of their friend’s posts as compared to fifty percent of them before the upgrade. In simple terms, the platform news feed began to prioritize posts that have valuable content a move that has helped increase Instagram interactions. Not only did the Instagram users post get more engagement, business brands one received one hundred and five percent increase in interactions. 

  1. Instagram Allows for Creation of Engaging Content

The attractive Instagram content format makes it a suitable spot for creativity. All types of influencers on social media are bursting Instagram with exciting posts for all Instagram users. The users can easily discover these attractive videos and photos. This gives a higher probability that they will engage with the content.

How Much Are Instagram Engagement Brands Generating?

You are now aware of the reasons why Instagram is a powerful, interactive platform. However, are the business brands properly utilizing the enormous potential of Instagram to get more engagements? According to data statistics, celebrities have the leading Instagram engagement with approximately four hundred and thirty-eight million median weekly interactions.

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This is two times about two hundred and sixteen million media interactions and one hundred and ninety-two million brands interactions. In Facebook, the general interaction is lower. Statistics showed approximately four hundred and eighty-seven for media, forty-five million for brands, and one hundred and forty-nine million for celebrities.

This shows that your brand is capable of generating four times extra engagements through Instagram than on Facebook.

Statistics of Weekly Interactions on Branded Instagram Posts

Instagram engagement on branded posts increased by twenty-nine percent. More so, a single brand’s engagements per week are one thousand six hundred and fifty. You can use this benchmark to monitor whether your Instagram engagement rate is up to the optimal level.

Comparing your business results to those of similar businesses in your industry will give you more context about your standing on Instagram. To analyze the Instagram amount of engagement further, it was measured against post impressions.

The data results showed forty-five thousand impressions meaning brands earn one like for every twenty-seven seen brand posts. Who will get that love from Instagram users?

Which Are the Brands with Highest Instagram Interactions?

It is a bit tricky to create engaging and valuable content on Instagram. However, some of the marketing industries have it accurate in their efforts of improving Instagram engagement.

The industries flourishing and with the prime capacity of user engagement on Instagram include beauty, fashion, and E-commerce industries. Why do these business brands rank higher regarding customer engagement on Instagram?

Beauty Industry

The leading beauty brand regarding Instagram engagement is Kylie cosmetics. One of the Instagram engagement strategies they use to retain their visitors is the use of faces close-up pictures. Face pictures make the content relatable and promote engagement.

Kylie cosmetics also often join in larger conversations about trending topics using hashtags such as #NationalBestFriendsDay. This enables Instagram posts to trend on many occasions. Lastly, the brand collaborates with other influencers on social media giving them a larger exposure to engaging new Instagram user segments.

Fashion Industry

Victoria’s Secret is the top performer company brand with the most engagements in the fashion industry. The brand uses certain tactics in building Instagram engagement. Using internal influencers is one of their great tactics.

Victoria’s Secret has top models who are among the major fashion industry influencers. They make appealing posts to their fans and larger fan bases of the influencers by tagging the models in the posts. This has a significant impact on increasing engagement.

More so, Victoria’s Secret creates a constant graphic style of their bright photos with lots of white space. They have designed their Instagram profile in a coherent way that makes their posts unique in the user’s news feed. The company also uses branded hashtags in their content for them to be easily discovered by their audience.

E-Commerce Industry

NBA TV is the top interactive e-commerce business brand. It has some of the best and effective ways of Instagram engagement. NBA TV is frequently uploading videos on Instagram that work smartly in earning audience interaction.

More so, the brand has mastered the art of using fun facts, humor, and quotes to trigger conversations from the Instagram audience. Giving your audience more content to interact with increases engagement. That is the reason why NBA TV posts multiple times daily.

You can try out these strategies used by the greatest interacting companies on Instagram and monitor how effective they will be with your business.

Instagram Marketing Hacks to Scale Up Your Business

It is estimated that by 2025, there will be 4.41 billion-plus users and the most popular social media channels are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Instagram has a more than 1.16 billion advertising audience, and 90% of the audience follows at least one business account. 

With the above facts, it’s clear why eCommerce businesses invest in social media marketing. According to Instagram, 60% of its users depend on the platform to research and discover new products, services, or brands. 

As the platform evolves and grows, it’s crucial for businesses to re-strategize their marketing strategies. Here are some actionable marketing hacks to scale up your business.

1. Use Instagram Business Account

You should consider using a business account over your account to gain access to features that are not available in the personal accounts, such as Instagram insights, ads, primary and secondary message inboxes, call to action buttons, 

If you are a marketer, you can convert your account into a business account in a few steps;

  • On your profile, tap the hamburger-like icon at the top right.
  • Select setting then account.
  • Choose to switch to a professional account.
  • Tap business and follow the prompts.

2. Identify And Define Your Instagram Marketing Goals

Leverage of Instagram as a marketing tool to achieve various brands objectives such as;

  • To boost your brands’ online presence.
  • To increase brand awareness.
  • To attract and gain new leads.
  • To demonstrate your brand as an authority in your niche.
  • To convert leads and gain revenue for your business.

Whatever your goals might be, clearly state them so that you can measure the success of your Instagram marketing strategy and make changes where necessary. 

3. Know Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience enables you to curate and deliver content to the right audience and at the right time.  It is a crucial component of your marketing strategy, which entails a comprehensive understanding of your ideal prospects, customers, and competitors. 

Consider these few pointers when identifying your target audience.

  • Where do they mostly hang out on and offline?
  • How do they communicate?
  • What are their demographics? (i.e., age, location, job title, etc.)
  • What is their psychographics information? (i.e., attitude, lifestyles, behaviours, etc.)
  • What solution are your brands’ products or services offered?

4. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Curate your bio using 150 characters or less, ensure your bio creates a memorable first impression and conveys your brand personality most authentically, as well as convince people to follow your account.

Instagram provides fields to showcase your brand. Which include:

  • Your brand’s name.
  • Your username or handle.
  • A clickable URL for your website.
  • Category: a business feature that describes your account.
  • Contact info.
  • Call to action buttons. 

5. Curate Visually Compelling Content

Instagram is a visual social media platform. Ideally, your posts should be visually attractive. Your photos should be sharp, well-lit, composed, and in focus. Ensure your photos tell a story before the audience reads the captions; this will get your audience excited and help you gain engagement.

Consider a few ideas below on what to post:

  • Reposts and user-generated content. 
  • Videos.
  • Instagram reels.
  • Quotes and text-based images.
  • Behind-the-scenes posts.
  • Instructional focused posts.

6. Follow A Content Posting Schedule 

To attract and gain new follower’s attention, you need to incorporate creativity and originality in your content while appealing to specific demographics or areas of interest. 

Product-related posts are the most popular kind of content on Instagram. Your products will gain traction depending on how you present them on the platform. Ensure you highlight your products in a stylish setting while exploring mini-commercials to loop-able, boomerang-style videos to have them appealing and engaging to the audience.

Leverage user-generated content by highlighting and sharing your customer photos, increasing your prospects’ trust in your brand and products.

Once you curate your content, follow a schedule to avoid spamming and overwhelming your audience with your products. 

7. Build Your Brand’s Instagram Look and feel

Once you have identified and curated your content, establish its “look,” and ensure consistency, Instagram aesthetics enable your audience to recognize your content and brand across the feed easily. 

When you present a seamless and consistent aesthetic that aligns with your brand’s values, you create room for boosting your brand awareness.

Some key pointers to build your brand aesthetic;

  1. Know what is precisely your brand identity. 
  2. Establish your target market and attend to their needs without compromising your brand’s identity.
  3. Curate stories with photos displayed on each post.
  4. Choose colour or filters consistently.
  5. Ensure your content matches your brand’s values. 
  6. Create branded hashtags.
  7. Plan and schedule your content.

8. Create Sponsored Ads

With Instagram ads have evolved over the years, it’s now easy to manage your Instagram ad budget by deciding how much you need to spend on them. With the Instagram carousel feature, you can showcase one or multiple sponsored ads, allowing you to target audiences, including those not following your account strategically. 

Ensure to use highly engaging content on your sponsored ads. Another pro-tip would be to turn your high-performing posts into the sponsored ads. Run several posts simultaneously to attract more engagement and explore various ads like photos, videos stories, and dynamic/carousel Ads.  

How to create Instagram Ads in Ads Manager.

However, you select automatic placements. Your ads will run across multiple Facebook placements, including Instagram. 

  • Select continue.

9. Use Free Instagram Tools

Besides helping you schedule posts and edit photos, Instagram tools help you gain insights from statistics like impressions, engagement data, and more. They also allow you to break down the demographics of your followers according to their age, location, gender, and most active hours. 

With these data, you can determine and gauge how your audience interacts with your content; therefore, you can adjust your content accordingly to boost engagements. 

Here are some of the most effective Instagram tools.


Hootsuite helps you schedule your posts and access the content library, composer, image editor, and a built-in planner. You can check analytics and respond to comments from the dashboard after publishing posts. Here is how to schedule posts with the Hootsuite Instagram business tool.


Canva is a free design tool used for creating images for social media. You can use it to create customizable beautiful Instagram stories templates. 

With Canva, you can build images for your Instagram posts, animated social media posts, create logos, and group your photos in a folder. 


Iconosqure is an Instagram audit tool for business accounts. It provides data on your post’s reach, engagements, likes, and more. With that information, you can determine your high-performing posts and implement changes to your Instagram marketing strategy. 


Keyhole focuses on tracking Instagram hashtags analytics, keyword, and all other Instagram metrics. It is essential in monitoring branded hashtags, promotions, Instagram content in real-time. 

10. Use Instagram Stories

The majority of businesses on Instagram are using stories to generate leads.  58% of people claimed to have become more interested in a product after seeing it in stories. Therefore, stories are a crucial part of Instagram’s marketing strategy.

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Instagram stories disappear after 24hours; the audience expects them to be authentic and raw than curated Instagram posts. They provide an avenue to interact and engage with your audience, hence building relationships. 

Consider these strategies to utilize Instagram stories fully.

  • Tell a story. Curate a message for your audience. 
  • Use various short scenes to deliver your message in the first 3 seconds.
  • Provide your viewers with valuable information or links to valuable resources.
  • Use a clear call to action to convince your audience to swipe for more information.
  • Ensure you use a consistent brand identity. Your stories should match your brand voice and visual identity.

When tagged by followers, ensure to reshare that content in your stories; this will increase your followers’ trust in your brand and show that you appreciate your fans through sharing user-generated content. 

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Some brands use stories to capture behind-the-scenes posts that may not be as high-quality as regular posts, Hence delivering more fun and authentic messages.

With Instagram stories, you can experiment with different types of content using stories features such as posts, short videos, live videos, boomerangs, and Instagram reels. 

Pro tip: schedule your Instagram stories in advance using tools such as Hootsuite to save on time.

11. Use Stories Highlights to Enhance Your Bio

Instagram highlight covers save your stories so that they do not get lost after 24 hours. They appear in a new section below your bio, and you can create custom covers for each based on your preferences.

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When effectively used, highlights add an extra component to your bio and give your audience timely information about your brand and why they should follow your account.

How to create highlights from stories:

  1. Ensure to turn on your Instagram’s auto-archiving feature allowing your stories to save automatically after 24hours.
  2. Create a highlight. On your Instagram profile, tap on the “+” button at the top right corner and select Story highlight. 
  3. Select all your archived stories that you need to put into a highlight and click next.
  4. Name your highlight; you can also edit the cover and click Done.

Marketers can use Instagram highlights  to highlight:

  • Your products and collections.
  • Trends and topics related to your brand.
  • Tutorials or “how-to” stories.
  • Seasonal events and holidays.
  • Your campaigns and events. 

12. Write Great Posts Caption

Your brand’s visual is as important as your brand’s voice and should be consistent across your posts for easy brands recognition. 

Ensure to get all critical information within the first two lines of your caption since most users do not read extended captions thoroughly. 

Social Report recommends Instagram captions to be shorter or less than 125 characters. 

Consider the following pointers to make a great Instagram posts caption.

  • Make the most of the first two sentences.
  • Ask a question or include a call to action.
  • Add value by providing informative content.
  • Write authentically.
  • Use a storytelling approach.
  • Include emojis to evoke emotions.
  • Consider caption length and use of relevant hashtags. 

13. Go Live on Instagram

Instagram Live provides a platform to connect and engage with fans in real-time. Here are some Instagram Live ideas and strategies:

  • Interview or converse with a client or customer.
  • Host a Q & A session.
  • Offer snippets of live behind-the-scenes of an event.
  • Partner with an influencer or an industry expert.
  • Host a workshop or share a tutorial. 

With Instagram Live, brand marketers can stream live videos with their followers. It allows you to build engagements, connect directly with consumers of your content, share news or updates and establish your brand.  

80% of the Instagram audience would rather watch a Livestream than read a blog, and 82% would rather Livestream than see a social media post, according to This statistic proves that Livestream is here to stay and might evolve. 

How to go live on Instagram? Follow these three steps:

  1. Tap on your profile photo.
  2. At the bottom, select Live.
  3. Tap to go live.

14. Leverage Influencer Partnership

Working with influencers helps earn audience trust, loyalty and build your brand’s credibility while tapping into your influencers’ audience. 88% of online customers trust recommendations from people they know. 

Why should you consider influencer marketing?

  1. To attract a new audience.
  2. Boost brand awareness.
  3. Generate revenue for your business.
  4. Improve your Instagram following.
  5. Boost engagements. 
  6. Extend your Instagram reach.
  7. Promote a product launch.

Goals and KPIs should clearly define your influencer marketing strategy to measure success and determine the approach’s effectiveness.

15. Set Up an Instagram Shop

One of the advantages of working with a business profile is that it provides a feature for setting up your online shop within Instagram. This feature provides a “View Shop” button on your profile. Potential customers can tap and view your shop without going to a specific post. 

Instagram has also added a Shop tab on explore page, where users can view and search for new products from the brands they are already interacting with on Instagram. 

How Instagram’s Algorithm Really Works

Instagram news feed algorithm is a critical factor that impacts your level of interactions. Most marketers are thinking about how they will have the most Instagram likes. To achieve this, you must first understand how Instagram’s algorithm works. Instagram revealed the main factors that impact users’ Instagram feeds content. They include;

  1. Posts appear in terms of how frequently you log into Instagram. It will give all the posts uploaded since you last left.
  2. Instagram ranks the user’s posts with who you frequently interact with or have previously tagged you in photos top on the news feed.
  3. If you follow a vast number of users, the app chooses their posts from a more extensive selection of audience rather than concentrating on an individual user.
  4. Instagram considers the earlier engagements with more similar content. This way, it will predict those posts that you will be interested in and ranks them higher.
  5. Fresh and recent posts are ranked higher than older posts.
  6. Instagram will show you the top content since your last visit if you open it in as many short periods. However, it will incorporate other posts in your news feed if you stay much longer.

These factors will decide where your business brand post will appear in the Instagram user’s newsfeed. As a brand, you cannot control many of these factors including usage and frequency. They depend on how the audience uses Instagram. However, your brand is in control of some of the factors. Interacting with users frequently will give you higher scores in the relationship and interest categories.

Myths About Instagram Algorithm

There are widespread Instagram ranking myths that are not true. Some of the things that the Instagram algorithm does not do include hiding news feed posts, favoring videos over photos, shadow banning, specifically offering increased acquaintance to individual and business posts, and up ranking posts using Instagram-specific content formats.

Techniques to Increase Your Instagram Engagement in Singapore

  1. Generate personalized content. Higher engagements are generated by more personalized messages. You need to invest your time to understand your audience to create personalized content. By this, you will get to know the content that ignites their attention hence improving your interaction on Instagram.
  2. Work with influencers on social media. Collaborating with Singapore digital marketing influencers will help you extend your reach in a move to interact with a new audience outside your customer base.
  3. Make good of hashtags. Using a hashtag on your post increases engagement by about thirteen percent. Hashtags promote the chances of users viewing interacting with your uploaded content. If used in the right way, hashtags can be the real deal in your efforts of Instagram engagement.
  4. Upload your content at the right time. You need to upload your posts at the time when your Instagram followers are actively online to increase the chances of earning more engagements.
  5. Engaging in trending topics. For you to improve your Instagram engagement, you need to be part of the community. Take part in larger trending conversations using relevant hashtags. This way you will start discussing with your visitors active and help achieve your goal of more engagement.
  6. Set vibrant call-to-action. CTAs provide a perfect way to have a specific reply from your followers.
  7. Expose your business backstage. Showing the human side of your business brings your audience closer. You should publish some of the backstage incidence posts to make the users more interactive. Avoid having an Instagram profile that is all about selling.
  8. Engage with the content of other Instagram users. You need to comment or like people’s posts regularly. They will be more likely to return the favour by engaging your posts.
  9. Use the user-generated content. Reproducing and uploading the content from your users on your Instagram platform makes your content uploads appealing and spicy. More so, this strategy boosts your brand interaction with users by being able to submit their posts.
  10. Utilise Instagram takeovers. You should sometimes let your influencers or employees take over the Instagram account. Let them engage the audience in their own ways. This will give the audience countless fun that will keep them more engaged with you.
  11. Incorporate image text overlays. Text overlays provide an excellent way to increase interactions. The technique improved the media brands’ interactions by more than forty-one percent as compared to post images without text overlays.
  12. Use of multiple content formats. Ensure that you use the many creative formats on your content that include stories, boomerang videos, and live to engage your audience.
  13. Design your Instagram posts blue and bright. According to statistics, Instagram posts dominated by the blue colour perform twenty-four percent better than orange and red colour posts.


Instagram has proven to be a powerful tool connecting millions of potential customers to businesses. 

switch to a business account so you can leverage free tools, features, and insights that are otherwise not available on personal accounts.

You should use this fact to your advantage and boost your Singapore business. However, that should not be your only goal; you should also focus on converting Instagram engaged audience towards marketing your business. Start using the best Instagram advertising strategies today and improve your engagement in Singapore.


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