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How To Improve Your Google PPC Ads

how having relevant ppc ads helps your google adwords campaign

Recently, Google Adwords made some improvements to their quality score reporting thus making it easier for advertisers to create better and relevant PPC ads. Thanks to the new improvements, users are able to do the following:

  1. Watch results better thanks to the quality score component
  2. Provide access to historical quality score performance data
  3. Ability to export data making it easy for advertisers to analyze data

Quality Score Calculation – How Google does it

Google uses quality score to determine where Google PPC ads will appear in paid search results. Furthermore, it helps to reveal how much the advertiser will pay per click.

Three components are used to determine quality score. They include

  1. Relevance of the Ad
  2. Landing page performance
  3. Expected CTR

Using Quality Score in Reporting

Thanks to the improvements made by Google, advertisers have the opportunity of viewing quality score at key phrase level. As a result, advertisers can create custom views especially for their clients. The custom views can be saved for analysis and future use.

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That is not all. SEM agencies in Singapore have the ability of changing time periods providing more details for making better decisions. Not only that. One can change date ranges thus determining below average ad relevance quality score.

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Here is an in-depth look at the three components of quality score.

Relevance of the Ad

What every advertiser should know is that Google uses the connection between key phrases and an ad copy to determine keyword relevance. The closer the connection, the better the results. There are times when poor ad relevance is created. The cause has been attributed to people who lack PPC experience because he or she copied from another ad group without editing the keywords to suit the new ad.

To ensure success, the advertiser must configure the ad with relevant key phrases. Furthermore, one should incorporate the key phrases in the headline, body and URL.

Landing page performance

Landing pages play a crucial role when it comes to attracting more online visitors to the website. This helps to improve the chances of converting online visitors into paying customers. To ensure success, you need to make your landing page easy to navigate which means advertisers should feature the ad clearly on the page.

Furthermore, if there is an email list sign up form or download button, it should be clearly indicate what will happen next for example downloading of an eBook. It is also important to make the content on your landing page to be relevant and informative. This will help to improve your quality score. You need to make your landing page responsive. This has been found to improve accessibility across devices.

To show page speed for your landing page, Google has incorporated this feature on the dashboard plus desktop and mobile friendliness. According to Google, half of your visitors may leave your mobile site within the first 3 seconds especially if it loads slowly. Problems attributed to a slow loading mobile page include multiple redirects, large page size or slower server.

To improve your landing page performance, optimize your web pages and use content delivery networks.

Expected Click Through Rate

Google Adwords utilizes unique algorithms in order to calculate the Click Through Rate. This has been found to represent the impressions that an ad receives when it’s clicked. What you ought to know is that Google does not take into consideration the following:

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  1. Ad rank
  2. Ad extensions

According to Google, expected Click Through Rate represents estimates based on the performance of key phrases. There are times when advertisers will experience below average CTR. One reason behind this is that the ad is not related to the key phrase.

There are times when the key phrase and the ad may be related closely but due to irrelevant searches, the key phrases maybe triggered. To know if this has happened, advertisers can check the search terms reports under individual queries and triggering ads. Advertisers can prevent this by doing the following – creating negative key phrases and improving match types.

Final Word

As an advertiser, you can always make smarter decisions and better Google paid ads. How? By utilizing the historical quality score data available at Google Adwords page. Not only is it helpful in identifying the much needed optimization for your webs pages but it helps to improve your ad relevance, landing page performance and your expected CTR.

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