Important Web Traffic Stats to Monitor on Google Analytics

Important Web Traffic Stats to Monitor on Google Analytics
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The first step to launching a new business online is by creating a SEO optimized and user-friendly website. Once the site is up and running, you need to continuously monitor its performance to know the specific aspects that you need to improve on moving forward. Google Analytics is one of the principal tools that you can use to monitor your website traffic.

Here are four essential types of web traffic that any company in Singapore should track especially if its attempting business SEO:

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to the people who land on the website from search engine results pages. This data will help you to know if the various SEO strategies that you use to rank high for multiple keywords on the search engine are working. New sites often record low organic traffic, but you can reverse that by continuously producing high-quality content and becoming more active on social media.

Direct Traffic

As the name suggests, direct traffic is a metric that is used to measure the number of people who visit the site by typing the site URL on a search engine. The visitors are usually individuals who have heard about your brand offline or returning customers. Experts who are offering various SEO services could also influence the tally whenever they check your website for errors. Enhancing your brand awareness efforts offline can increase your site’s direct traffic.

Social Traffic

Social traffic refers to all inbound visitors who are directed to your site from any of the social media networking platforms. It is possible to increase this form of traffic by interacting with the target audience and creating more ads and publishing them on social media. This metric will help you to know which platform channels more visitors to your site.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to visitors who land on your site from external or outside sources. For example, if you post links on external platforms, a potential customer or someone who interested in your business can click on the link to access the site. You can boost this form of traffic through link building and guest posting. For example, posting a link on an authority site will direct tons of traffic to your site. Affiliate links can also help you to get new traffic.

All these types of traffic will help to make for a more informed SEO choice, thereby boosting the growth rate of your online business. As you continue to learn how Google Analytics works, you will be able to understand how different visitors interact with your site.

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