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What Is So Important About Viral Content?


We have all viewed viral content on the web and see videos and other content seem to take off overnight, being viewed by millions of people around the world. This information begs the question, what is so important about viral content in promotional campaigns?

The goal of every promotional campaign is attention. We want people viewing our content and we want our content to engage them and make them want to do what we need them to do whether it is making a purchase or visiting a website. So, how do we create viral content?

While it is tough to guess which content will become viral, due to the fickleness of the public, there are some common factors:


* Positive content more commonly becomes viral but this is not always the case.

* The more highly aroused the content makes a person (whether negative or positive), the more likely they will share.

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* Surprising, humorous, awe-inspiring, and positive content typically goes viral more than any other.

* Most people share content in the hopes it will increase their social standing with others.

To create viral content for a digital marketing campaign, a person needs to make sure they understand their audience and know how to wow them. There are seven triggers that will elicit a response from viewers and make them want to share:

*Passion and or lust







Your content must evoke one of these trigger emotions so you can get a share!

It is important to recognise humour and other emotions are vital for creating content that has the potential to go viral. The more content engages an audience in discussion, the better the chances of it going viral and getting you the result you want.


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