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The Importance of Split Test in Measuring Success of Campaigns

Just as the name suggests, Digital Marketing is the identification and satisfaction of the client’s need for an individual product or service using digital technology. Examples of these digital platforms are such as the internet and display advertising.

Nowadays, because of the growth of technology. Most companies and business entities are opting to do digital marketing. It is because the old days of visiting shops for purchases are long gone. Nowadays most people choose to go online search for a product and buy it. People prefer to pay shipment fee rather than visit the real shops. Therefore, arises the need of meeting up with customers via digital media. You can conduct a split test of your contact marketing campaigns and therefore measure the success of campaigns such as e-mail marketing and online advertising.

What is a split test?

A split test can aid boost the performance of the content marketing campaigns you are using. It’s a universal test that can be applicable in any situation that you would like to optimize performance. Every person or company would like to use a marketing technique that would give them one hundred percent results. It involves comparing of two variants of something against one another. The objective is to find out the option that performs better. You can do an A/B test of two alternatives and compare them. It’s recommendable for you to carry out the test for a long while so as to ensure the credibility of results. A split test conducted in a short while won’t give accurate results. You ought to see a rise in the results for you to be sure that the results are real.

The following is a step by step procedure on conducting a split test

  • Identifying of the problem.

You should try and see what problem is arising with your campaigns such as the email marketing or online advertising.

  • Get an overview on your target audience.

It is possible by use of Google analytics that can aid you to identify the online behavioral patterns of your audience.

  • Calculation of the number of visitors expected per day.

It’s a requirement of you to have a total number of the visitors in a day. It makes the split test reliable and valid.

  • Formulation and testing of hypothesis.

You should come up with your probability on the results you are likely to receive. You should also put the hypothesis to the test to check out the variations.

  • Analysis of data.

The data collected should be measured to see the results.

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  • Writing a report on the results.

The split test works better if you change and test a particular thing at a time. You should also note the changes done so as to tell which change is liable for your results.

What are the benefits of split testing in measuring the success of campaigns?

  • Identifying of unique visitors. Unique visitors will help you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign and if it’s accessing new clients.
  • You will be able to observe the time spent on your page. Some period people spent on your page shows interest because people don’t like wasting their time on boring things. It shows clients intent on accepting your product or service.
  • Knowing your bounce rates which will inform you on the percentage of traffic you convert. Good traffic infers good campaigns.

A split test is available for small scale and large scale businesses. If you want to see the marketing campaign that works best for you, try a split test.


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