The Importance of Consistency in your Corporate Identity

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Corporate identity is a combination of the way that your company presents itself and the way that message is interpreted by consumers. Presentation of identity is achieved through numerous means. Your company values and mission statement form the foundation for this identity and provide a framework for behavior that should be modelled throughout your company by each and every employee. This identity is best presented to consumers through your marketing campaigns. Every advertisement and piece of content your company publishes speaks to consumers, revealing the general “attitude” of your company and establishing expectations with consumers as to what they should expect from your company, especially should they ever speak with your customer service.

The manner in which your company markets itself and the way the consumers interpret the message is what defines corporate identity. A company can present its identity through various means. The primary foundation for your corporate identity is the company mission and values statement. These provide the behavior framework that should be maintained by all employees of the company throughout the year. The consumers get to know about your company identity through the marketing campaigns you conduct. Every single advertisement or content uploaded by the company to the consumers reveals the general attitude of the company. This enables the consumers to generate their amount of expectation on what to expect from your corporate business. The inconsistency of your corporate identity has many damaging effects to your company reputation hence you should ensure you maintain consistency. This article goes through the importance of consistency in your corporate identity.

Online vs Offline Identity: Consistency is Key

Rare is the business that has the same team or individuals managing face to face contact with customers and online interactions. It isn’t cost effective nor efficient to do so. However, whenever there is a separation in who handles means of contact with customers, you increase the likelihood that your corporate identity will be inconsistent per the customer’s experience.

When your corporate identity is not the same online as it is offline, and vice versa, it can have a damaging effect on your business’ reputation. This inconsistency betrays your customers’ trust as they will be unsure what to expect when doing business with your company. A warm and amiable offline presence makes for a pleasurable experience when doing business, however, an argumentative or defensive online presence creates a distinct disconnect in your corporate identity and will drive away potential customers. Having a consistent identity both offline and online in your Internet marketing ensures that your corporate values are being maintained and that your customers have the best experience and interaction with your company as possible.

Consumers Have More Trust on Brands They Recognize

Not only does brand recognition involve marketing your name out there but also interacting with the consumers on a personal level. According to popular concept, purchasing is more of an emotional thought than a practical one. You want to engage the right emotions to your consumers for you to get more conversions. A consistency identity of your company serves a great deal in making the consumers feel like they understand and know you better. This builds their trust in you. Why do you always purchase the same brand of watch or same brand of bread? It is simply because you know what to expect from the brands.

You have the predictability that you will like the outcome of the product. Similar to providing a trustworthy and dependable product, offering reliable experience to your consumers on all your marketing and communicating channels creates more trust from your target audience. Maintaining a consistent look for your business brand across your social media channels, website, product packaging, and store makes the consumers get more confidence with your brand. They will most probably buy from your brand again.

Consistency Incorporates A More Dependable Feeling on Your Brand

The kind of ideas, opinions, and assumptions one gets from interacting with a new person are always based on the interactions. If they come dressed in a t-shirt today, a business suit on the next day and in a Bermuda short another time, it will be difficult to know precisely what they are all about and even who their identity. Now imagine the person we are trying to figure out is someone you want to engage in business with. You would be concerned about their inconsistency in appearance. You will be forced to think about your move again before you bring them into your business as they are unpredictable. If your brand is fanciful on social media platforms while the packaging of your products is dull, it gives mixed signals to consumers making them feel like they can’t trust your brand. Consistency identity makes your company brand feel more dependable which leads to improved sales.

Consistency Is Marketing on A Higher Level

Even before a company shows its brand, slogan or sale price, someone is already thinking about buying from the brand. This is what is meant by marketing on a higher level. The consistency of a brand takes you to the next marketing level towards making the actual purchase. You no longer need to advertise products from your store. Your brand consistency is making the consumers think about purchasing from you the moment they see your brand logo without you asking them to buy.

Effectiveness in Attracting New Customers

The consistent identity of your brand enables consumers to know you, trust you and then purchase from you. If consumers have purchased from you and have assured credibility about your brand, there are higher chances that they will recommend you to their friends and family members. A lot of brands say that if only they could have consumers try out their products, they would definitely like them and want to purchase more. A consistent brand marketing message is a step towards the right direction of attracting new customers.

Consistency Is the Key for Both Online and Offline Identity

It is rare for a team to have the same team handle both online interactions and one on one contact with customers. It is not effective either is it cost-efficient. However, consistency incorporates arrangements of means of treating customers to create consistency in service delivery. Ensure that you have a gratifying experience when selling products offline the same way you have a friendly online presence. By having consistent identity offline and online, your customers receive the best experience and engagement with your company. Different personality offline and online or vice versa brings damaging effects to your business.


A consistent brand voice acts as a breakthrough in expanding your customer base as more customers get to know you. Through these constant consumer interactions, they get to understand you more and start identifying with you and your purpose. Consistency in your corporate identity goes a long way in maintaining your corporate values and ensuring customers have the best interaction and experience with your company all through.


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Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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