Image Search on Mobile Gets Better With the New Google Same Item Schema Feature

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As a way of improving user experience, Google has introduced a new feature that is specifically tailored to help eCommerce sites get maximum returns for their marketing efforts. With the number of Images Search on Mobile surpassing desktop searches, Google now shows similar items whenever you conduct an image search on Android search app or mobile web.

For example, when you are looking at fitness images on the search engine results page, and you decide to click on one of them, Google will automatically display additional product images sourced from websites where you can purchase the item.

This is good news for Singapore digital marketers as they can market multiple products to the same client at no extra expense. However, to benefit from this same item schema, you need to make use of product metadata on all your website pages as well as markup.

All product images on the host page that have details such as name, image, price and currency, and meta-data will now be eligible for similar items schema. It is also recommended to test your website pages using Google’s free structured data testing tool to be sure that your products markup is correctly formatted. You can also view your products images by conducting the query “site:” Product information will be displayed when you tap on images that have a valid product markup. Note that Googlebot may take up to one week to re-crawl your site.

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