Should I Be Worried About Bad Reviews On Google Singapore

bad reviews on google singapore

Have you ever asked yourself where Google gets it information? Maybe you should think about it from now henceforth. Google is an oasis of information because once you try to search for any local business, it displays multiple choices showing the number of stars everyone has.

More so, I don’t know whether you have ever realised Google shows the total number of reviews in a business. These reviews are critical in the business industry. They create good social reputations which in return bring a perfect ranking among local companies. Surprisingly, people do not know the number of reviews that are of importance to SEO.

In business, the primary target is to get lines of several opinion reviews that are both positive and negative. These opinions help your search engines increase the authenticity of your business. It is real for customers to read all the information on any local company. They only skim through to look for a crucial point then ascertain if it is good or not.

This fact is according to a study by Harvard Business School. The research indicates that the number of reviews in business has a significant effect on how customers respond to the rating of the company. If your site has reviews to a tune of 100 or less, only a slight number reads your work to the last point. In this regard, customers depend on most natural shortcuts to make a decision.

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Customers are very keen nowadays when in need to buy anything from any business. First, they try to find out whether your company has a reasonable following by doing that it helps them build confidence that they are in the right place. Experts who monitor search engines such as Google acknowledge that everyone is not perfect and can make a mistake anytime.

That is why its internal SEO processes need to have guidelines that advises those who review website always to remember that entire sites are also subject to bad negative reviews. Google, however, warn that non-positive reviews are vital though they cannot bring down your business ranking easily.

Negative review increase your Credibility

Customers are always suspicious about positive reviews. The Journal of Vacation Marketing reports that customers perceive negative reviews with more credibility than those that are ever positive. Harvard Business School research also suggests that regular positive reviews are quite more convincing that over exaggerated positive reviews.

Further research continues to indicate that customers love reviews with mixed reactions. They find it better that way since it helps them get an assurance whether such a business is legit. When the number of reviews results into increased trust, it brings more customers towards your business website which raises the search engine ratings. The amount of time a single customer will spend on your site and the overall session of all time between all customers evenly results in increased SEO. That is what we call perfect digital marketing.

Negative Reviews Builds Relationships with Customers

Negative reviews are critical because they give a platform to get feedback from your customers about business. Such reports help you take necessary action whenever need be. By making the right step to remedy negative reviews on your business, it brings business growth. Also, customers get happy when they realise you are taking corrective measures from their criticisms. Customers’ gets confidences to buy in your business since they know even with a slight complain they will get help.

Google My Business, advices people in digital marketing to put attention and respond to customers’ reviews. When you do that it shows you are willing to keep your business going and you value your customers.

Negative Review gives a more clear Business picture

The key reason why customers complain is when a business fails to meet their desires. Such an encounter makes customers feel disappointed and wasted. Negative reviews are however critical to potential customers. Such reviews act as a source of knowledge to a customer on what a company do and what it does not do. Also, these reviews serve as a golden chance for your business to showcase to customers how you handle unwarranted disappointments.

Having negative reviews helps prepare customers psychologically before they buy from your company. They have a precise knowledge of what to hope for in the long run which keeps them prepared for any outcome. In the case of disappointment, customers were well ready. Negative reviews are a source of standardised perspective on your products and services which increase business ranking and trust on customers. Therefore having a range of mixed reviews makes customers spend a lot of their time on your website raising the search ratings.

Negative Reviews Drive Your Marketing Content and SEO

Negative reviews place you in a better position to understand the type of your customers. It is, therefore, necessary to always check on comments that come with them. By checking comments, it places you in a chance to upgrade your SEO once you make a solution on complaints. During the screening of reviews it is good to have in mind the following question.

  1. What was this customer in need of that we did not deliver?
  2. What promise was the customer is given which did not meet his or her expectation?
  3. Which other alternatives can result in another customer to be at the same point?

Once you get answers to these question, you can continue to create a post that collectively address all the concerns. By doing this, you relieve your customers of disappointments, and they feel that their interest well addressed.

How To Deal With A Negative Google Review (Or Delete Fake One)

online reviews

Are you looking for information on how to deal with a negative Google review? Yesterday, we discussed the importance of Google Reviews and techniques that you can use to get more reviews from your customers. As expected, once in a while you will get a bad/negative review from an unsatisfied client or a fake review from someone who is trying to tarnish your reputation.

What will you do when this happens?

Every Google review has an impact on your Singapore business and website. More importantly, Google uses the reviews to know if the company exists and the quality of services or products that it offers.

Today, we will look at five expert steps on how to deal with a negative Google review.

Step 1: Desist from Lashing Out/Panicking

how to deal with a negative Google review

Due to the severe ramifications that a negative review can have on your business, it is easy to respond to it in an unprofessional and unethical way. Unknown to most entrepreneurs is that lashing out on clients who leave a negative review on Google or any other platform such as Yelp can damage your credibility further.

A negative review is not the end of the world, and every company regardless of its success level or size get them. Note that no form of publicity can be categorised as bad publicity. Some market research reports indicate that bad reviews increase sales when responded to well.

Relax and proceed to the next step on how to deal with bad Google reviews.

Step 2: Think Deeply About the Situation

What went wrong? What motivated the client to take time of his or her busy schedule to write the negative review? However, even before you start evaluating the situation, check your records to be sure that the person who wrote the report is real and has purchased a product or used your services.

how to deal with a negative Google review

If indeed the review was written by a previous customer, check the product or service that they procured from your business, the time, and customer service communication. Having all this information on your hands will give you a clearer perspective of the situation. You will also get insights on how to handle it and prevent it from occurring again.

Step 3: Act Fast

Even if the negative Google review was not legitimate, you still need to respond to, and we will look at the reasons why you should in a few minutes.

Note that the objective of this process is not to pacify the client who wrote the review, but rather show potential customers that you care about your clients and your primary goal is to ensure that they get value for money.

Acting fast or promptly responding to this kind of reviews will show the reviewer and other customers who read the review that you are committed to providing the best services or products. A large number of the people who read your reviews are already interested in your brand and might go ahead and place an order.

The goal is to not only resolve the problem amicably and make the complaining client happy, but also guarantee future customers that the same issue will not recur or happen to them.

On the other hand, a different approach is needed when dealing with a fake review. Here is a list of actions that you should take.

how to deal with a negative Google review

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  • Apologise for the dissatisfaction and address the complaint
  • State that you cannot find their details in your records
  • Give them your contact information and volunteer to fix their situation
  • Report and flag the review as fake/fraudulent

how to deal with a negative Google review

Note that there is no guarantee that the flagged review will be removed from the records immediately. Potential clients might still come across it when evaluating your brand and this is why it is essential to respond to it professionally.

Let us shift gears and look at how to respond to a genuine negative review. This is a review that was written by a previous customer.

  • Address their concerns, own up to it even if you do not agree with some of the details highlighted by the client
  • If there is a legit reason why the product they purchased or service they got was not up to standard, be open /honest about it and guarantee them that it will not happen again
  • Offer to resolve the problem amicably and if possible do not charge them a penny

Step 4: How to Flag or Dispute a Fake Google Review

One of the highlights of Google is that it understands that some competitors or malicious persons can submit fake reviews to tarnish the reputation of your company. As a result, it offers an option to flag any review that has been identified as fake.

Here are the steps on how to flag or dispute a fake Google review.

  1. Search for your Singapore business on Google Maps
  2. Click on all reviews to locate the phony review
  3. Click on the three vertical dots located on the upper right corner of the review, then click on “Flag as inappropriate” option

You can also decide to escalate the issue by:

  1. Contact Google via a phone call or email to know the status of the reviews that you flagged as inappropriate. There is a “Support” option at the bottom of the menu, click on it to send the email or contact details.

how to deal with a negative Google review

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 2: Get legal support by filling the Google form for legal removal request. The legal requirements are very high, and so it is recommended to consult an attorney before you fill this form.

Step 5: Work on Your Processes

Working on your processes, that is, how you deal with customers, the quality of your products and services will help change the tide and position your Singapore online store for success. Changing how you do business can be challenging and stressful, but it is worth a try. Otherwise, too many negative reviews from previous customers who are concerned about the quality of your services will chase potential customers to your competitors.

Step 6: Follow Up the Negative Review

This is one of the most important tip on how to deal with a negative Google review? Stay on top of all your bad or negative reviews. Were the fake reviews that you flagged removed by Google? Did you refund or offer to repair the faulty product?

More often than not, the people who complain about a bad review want the problem fixed in a professional and friendly manner. If you resolve the issue, they are most likely going to change the 1-star review they previous left to a 5 or 4-star review.

how to deal with a negative Google review

However, not all platforms allow reviewers to change their original rating. In such a scenario, you can request them to submit another one to inform the audience that the issue was resolved and they are happy with how the matter was handled.

Closing Remarks

As we discussed in yesterday’s article, you should strive to get as many genuine reviews from your customers as possible. The negative reviews will eventually be drowned out by the positives one. Nonetheless, you need to come up with robust ways of ensuring that the same problem does not recur. For example, improve your customer service and spend more time and money on employees’ training.

It is always right to embrace the negative. Not all bad reviews are negative. Some contain a reason to learn and which can help you attain good business results. When you respond to negative reviews well it helps to maintain customers and even bring more of them. It also increases that trust customers require from business owners.

You will agree with me that running a business depends on how happy and satisfied your customers are. It is therefore essential to respond to negative reviews for your business to flourish to greater heights. Negative reviews help build a sound business reputation and increase business trust within customers.

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Now that you know how to deal with a negative Google review or fake reviews professionally, the next step is creating digital marketing campaigns for your Singapore business. We have a team of experts who are conversant with Singapore e-commerce landscape – they will create a robust campaign and monitor it continuously to ensure that it continues to deliver the expected results.


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