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Should I Use WordPress For My Business Website CMS?

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WordPress signifies the evolution of your website from a blog to a comprehensive content management system. You must be wondering the same as other millions of people all over the globe why blogging and online businesses have become an overnight trend. Then you do not have to wonder anymore. The answer is WordPress.

WordPress became a craze due to its simplicity, power, and functionality. WordPress is simple to install and cheap which makes it a darling of many businesses. WordPress enables you to have total control of all your website content under a single platform. In short, WordPress build your website or blog, manages your content such as pages, files, and posts

This article will highlight why WordPress is the ideal CMS for any size of business. Moreover, it will examine the benefits of WordPress and themes best for your business website.

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An Overview of WordPress

As we have seen, WordPress is a CMS that allows you to design your site, build and organize your online business platform in few, easy to follow steps. All this you can achieve with WordPress without expert knowledge in coding. The functional nature has made the ideal content management system platform for dynamic business places desperate to advance with technology.

Benefits of WordPress to your business

WordPress serves a wide range of people with different technical capabilities. It is used by tech novices to tech guru. It a one stop shop for all thing’s website management. Below, we will look at a variety of advantages that make it an ideal CMS for your business website.

  • Affordable

It will be misleading to suggest that WordPress is cheap. It requires continuous management hence is expensive in time and energy you invest in a business. However, it is affordable because it is an open-source software enabling the public to access it for free.

After launching WordPress, you only need to focus on developing a domain title and WordPress host planning.

WordPress does not eliminate costs, but it guarantees a decrease in the cost of running your business in the long-term.

  • WordPress is Handy

WordPress does not care about which kind of business you are establishing

WordPress is dynamic in its functions. It can develop all types of web content your business requires. WordPress can design from the basic digital marketing website to more robust content pages that big, established businesses use to run their businesses.

WordPress also furnishes you with an array of WordPress plugins to help you enhance the operation of your website.

Different themes are at your disposal to improve the functions and layout of your website. An aesthetically deft website makes customers want to visit your website more to use your services

  • WordPress Is Functional

WordPress must be doing something extra or special to enjoy such extensive popularity.

The CMS has a very easy to follow prompts to allow you to design your website and manage it to be a multi-million-dollar business. What the transformation achieves for your company does not require any technical capability. You only need basic computer skills taught in elementary schools.

  • WordPress Has A Huge Online Base

The popularity of WordPress has expanded its digital customer base. WordPress’ online family has used WordPress to generate their revenue by offering tutorials and providing WordPress services like theme provision. You only need an internet connection and access to Google to access these services.

  • With WordPress You Are Secure

WordPress plugin is a market provided for you by WordPress to give you the best security plugins to keep your business safe. A secure website ensures you and your customers are protected against hackers hungry for your data.

The widespread popularity also ensures its developers have invested in state-of-the-art security measures to counter any unauthorized entry into your business.

  • WordPress Progresses with Your Business

Take a minute and imagine that even the CNN website was at one point at its conception stage a small website with minimum traffic.

WordPress has tailor-made features for your business to guide the growth of your website from the developmental stage to when it becomes the most popular website in your market.

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  • WordPress Gives You Control

WordPress affords its users control over their data because you are hosting your site. It gives ownership over all the content on your website to you. Unlike other closed source sites that host your business website, a majority of ownership and control rest with them.

Best WordPress Themes for Business

The next step in your quest to enhancing your business is picking WordPress themes.

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Simplifying the hassle you would go through searching for top WordPress themes; the list below features some of the top WordPress themes for your business.


Divi is functional and easy to use. It employs the drag and drops technology to organize your website. Drag and drop technology is known for its ease moving your content.

It also has several inbuilt layouts to guide you in developing your website.

Digital Pro

Digital pro is custom-made for virtual businesses. It is well organized to create adequate room for its several features.

Digital Pro utilizes a lot of whitespace on its pages to enable you to create legible content. The presentability of your website will attract more clients to your website.


Navy is a dynamic and organized WordPress theme with a focus on big images and legible typography.

It is recommended for professional businesses due to their quality and a wide variety of themes.

Navy employs drag and drops technology for easy planning of your page.

Corporate is comprehensive enough to incorporate all the physical aspects of your business to your online business platform. The display of your contact address and phone number provides your online customers with relevant information about your physical business establishment.


Foundry furnishes its customers with state-of-the-art but straightforward themes compatible with mobile devices.

Its simplicity does not curtail its unprecedented customization capabilities for a phone-based theme.

Foundry also possesses a variety of 25 layouts for customization of your different platforms.

It is also laced with Visual Composer to enable drag and drop technology on your dashboard.

Foundry is recommended for a business that wants to pass their message across boldly.

WordPress: The Ultimate CMS for your business

To recap, WordPress is the right CMS to launch your business. It has an array of advantages from affordability to functionality. However, it should not be mistaken for a free pass to guaranteed website success. You require to invest your time and patience to develop any successful business website. Contact MediaOne on how we can make this happen for you with our decade-plus experience.

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