Should I Use Website Templates For My Singapore Business?

Should I Use Website Templates For My Singapore Business_

Is it advisable a site using a website template? There is nothing better than running into a site that offers cheap or free templates for site designs. If you are lucky, you might get various sites that provide prepackaged site designs. All these websites are sincere, but they only offer products that cannot influence your brand the way a custom website designed by a professional can do.

By doing so, they try to lessen their work, but they lose out on a customised layout that offers positive outcomes. Even worse, these mass-produced websites can destroy your SEO efforts thus preventing you from engaging with your target audience.

If you want to establish an excellent online presence for your company, make content your primary focus. However, the material will not satisfy the needs of the clients if your website is low-quality. Sure, choosing a pre-designed website template for your Singapore business might be cheap, but it does not offer lasting results.

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Below are some reasons why it is not advisable to design websites using templates:

Complex User Interfaces

Predesigned site templates are crafted for mass usage. They are created for large numbers of people. So, they contain too many options that are not needed – they only confuse the customer. Some options also cannot be deactivated, so they remain on your website purposelessly. The possibilities can become a significant hindrance in managing the content on your website and can even cause low site speed due to their overstuffed coding.

Customised sites, on the other hand, have a smooth and simple User Interface (UI) that contains only the features required by the clients and is developed with the tastes and preferences of potential clients in mind to offer a great User Experience (UX).

SEO Problems

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Site templates only provide a body for your website. They are not enhanced to attract large numbers of people for you. It is your role to accomplish this using the content you publish on your website. A site that includes too much flash animations and graphics may appear attractive but will not rank well on the SERPs because of the increased loading time. So, even if your website has awesome flash features, it might have a lower ranking on the SERPs.

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Inadequacy of Skills

Site templates must be familiar with image optimisation for pages to load faster. If you don’t have the required skills and image editing software, you have to hire a web developer to enhance your website loading time.

Software Issues

Even if some templates are simple to update, change, and customise, there exist complex models that only function with the assistance of web design and photo editing tools. You may not possess the expertise needed to update, change, or customise your site. At such times, you may need to hire the services of a web designer to upgrade and customise your template.

Affects Your Brand Negatively

A website template cannot enhance the appearance of your brand to your potential clients. Your website represents your brand. Naturally, a site template reduces your ability to publicise yourself efficiently by adopting another person’s creativity.

If your website represents your brand, it will enhance your marketing and increase your conversion rate. If you want your site to reflect your brand, don’t use a web template.

Poorly Optimized Graphics

In the current era of digital marketing, website design involves more than crafting an appealing online space. Your site should reflect your content and your business. If you use web templates that contain similar graphics as other sites, visitors will not come to your website because they have nothing special to attract visitors.

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The performance of your website gets boosted when search engines can easily read its content. In a site template, graphics don’t match with your company or website content. It is just a façade that impedes your SEO efforts. Also, when you use templates, the metadata and coding of your graphics will not be in line with your goals. Optimizing the site graphics is a challenge to several businesses. Relying on templates to design your website limits your opportunity to increase customers and boost your ranking on the SERPs.

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Not Easily Customisable

Predesigned templated don’t provide any freedom of action for both front-end and back-end customizations. Amateur web developers and consumers always disregard this issue. Sure, there are various customizations that you can add to the WordPress dashboard to improve the functionality of your site.

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However, you should not stop there. Offering an excellent UX is not all. You have to take charge of your site and create customisations that are simple to retain for longer.

Inferior Coding

Templates that are poorly coded can cause weird outcomes in the product cycle. They are like a vehicle with a faulty electrical system. It results in issues and security threats that are not easy to trach and manage. Site template web developers don’t have the necessary skills to determine whether a template is well-coded or not.

Its Similar for All Users

Some online stores offer WordPress themes to site developers. Each of the stores offer a limited number of templates that are common and bought by several consumers. So, each theme gets used repeatedly for all the website types on the web. This indicates that your website might be similar to that of your competitor. A custom website design ensures that you look different from other sites out there and no area of activity that looks similar to others.

Forceful Adaptation

A site that is thoughtfully designed for your target audience with an attractive layout is likely to pull more customers than a standard website template that is used to add your company logo later. Regretfully, even the most excellent templates are intentionally suited in the design and result to a constraining business effect. This isn’t the right way to go.


If you look forward to offering value-added services to your customers, then you must avoid using mass-produced templates. You should concentrate on developing an excellent UI using by creating custom sites with a team of experts who will successfully implement your designs. Try to consider the long-term needs of your customers. A website template will seem cheap now, but it will later turn out to be expensive due to the required customisations and upgrades.

Ensure that you design a customised website from the start if you want lasting scalability. Even though a custom website needs a little bit of investment, it is the most cost-effective and appropriate design in the long run.

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