Should I Use Visual Composer For WordPress?

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There isn’t enough insisting as to why you should be running your website or blog on WordPress.

In addition to being one of the most preferred choice of Content Management platforms, it’s one of the simplest CMS’s to use, boasting loads of features and a stability you can only imagine of with other CMS options.

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Among the features that strike out, there’s the visual composer plugin, which allows you to give your selected theme a complete overhaul.

As a DIY web developer looking to create your own website, you have the option of choosing a premade theme that you’ll only be installing and running the demo content. After which, all you’re required to do is to replace the dummy texts and images with your own content and that is it.

While these themes provide an easy solution to someone who wants to set up their own website without worrying much about how to proceed with it, they’re NOT the best option to settle for if you’re looking for a custom design. Of course they’re nice and super-fast to set up, but they do lack the adaptability factor. And that’s exactly where the visual composer fits in.

Besides featuring a broad range of customisation options, visual composer offers an array of graphical tweaks. Essentially, it allows you to work around the canned theme and move things around for a custom design. For instance, you have the option to move your logo from the centre, left or right to anywhere you see fit on the theme or just move everything around until you’re satisfied with the final design.

Just like Elementor or Beaver Builder, the Visual Composer is a great builder plugin that you could use to turn your website around for a design that’s closest to what you had earlier on envisioned.

So what exactly is Visual Composer?

By now you should be well aware that there exist a number of WordPress builder plugins for you to choose from. Visual Composers just happens to be one of the best from all the builder options at your disposal.

What most developers do is go through the list of web builders and select a number of themes that happen to match the design they have in mind. They’ll then test each of the themes out until they’re finally able to settle on one that snugly matches their brand.

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And that’s exactly where visual composer steps in. In the event that you need to adjust your preferred design to match a theme, you can play around with the theme and customise it according to the idea you had in mind.

What Sets Visual Composers Apart from the Rest of Builder Plugins?

Visual composer isn’t just another run of the mill builder plugins you’re likely to stumble upon online while browsing. If anything the plugin stretches beyond making web designing a cinch.

First it boasts a simple drag and drop feature for almost any designing element you can think of including boxes, rows, columns, call to action, accordions, images and text boxes to name a few. While you can easily achieve this with any other builder plugin, visual composer does it seamlessly. That’s besides stacking an endless list of other customising options.

As it stands, visual composer is ranked as one of the most selling builder plugins on WordPress. From the intriguing functionalities to an upward of 50 predefined layout options to choose from, you can literally pull anything up or turn your design around, 360 degrees, using the builder.

Using the Plugin

First and foremost, visual composers strives to make web designing a no-brainer. You don’t have to worry about a thing or spend sleepless nights digging through tutorials and blog pages for user guide.

Arriving with the plugin is a set of predefined layouts that strive to bring the best out of your WordPress powered website. Even better is that the plugin has been designed to get all this done without slowing down your website as with many WordPress plugins.

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Every single one of the predefined layouts the plugin arrives with tries to enhance your experience as a WordPress developer. It does this by first ensuring you have all the categories you need to play around with your theme for a more unique design.

You have the option to play around with the WordPress widget and move around the text boxes and columns, each of which arrives loaded up to the gill with topnotch features for an enhanced WordPress experience.

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To avoid unnecessary confusion, the theme tries to present the layouts in the simplest way possible so as NOT to overwhelm you while choosing the theme. First, the theme features a great interface that’s organized in a manner that makes it easy to navigate, add new section and even delete the old ones without struggling so much with how to go on about it.

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What makes it Cooler?

Visual composer has the coolest of the builder features you’re likely to come across online. Other than that, the theme comes equipped with lifetime updates and support just in case you encounter some issues while using the plugin. You’re also allowed to reach out for support in case you find it hard working around the builder or any of its included features.

Front end Editor

Perhaps one of the most unique and rich features of the plugin is the front end editor.

With this features, you can jump right into the designing bit of your plugin and tweak your site around as you preview the changes. Not every theme you know supports this feature. So it’s important that you settle on a theme that actually does.

Loads of Extension

Your design options are NOT limited to the features the plugin comes with. If anything you have the option to extend the functionalities of the plugin by incorporating your own crude code.

That’s without mentioning the broad selection of customizable extensions that comes loaded up in the plugin. By taking this and everything else into account, it’s safe to say visual composers is one of the best page builder you’re likely to come across online.

Getting Started with Visual Composer

Nothing is complicated about visual composer. To get started with the plugin, just head over to their website and check out the possibility of using the plugin on your theme.

What’s next? Sign up for the premium version of the theme and work around it for the magic.

It’s a Wrap

Visual composer allows you to raise the ante by picking up an entirely unique design for your brand or business. You certainly don’t want your site to look like every other website out there – so make visual composer your lifelong friend.

If however you still find yourself stuck or confused about anything regarding the builder, don’t hesitate to reach out to MediaOne today with your query.

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