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How Do I Market My Training Workshop In Singapore?

Training Workshop

When you want to market an event, Training Workshop or an E-learning course, you will want a few tools from the bag to play with.

The first important factor before you proceed, whether this is your first workshop or the 50th, is the target audience.

Who should come to your training workshop? That’s the question. Honestly, you’d like to say everyone but let’s be real. If you are offering a “Fiction writing” course, then it would make no sense to market to a baseball player or even an autobiography writer. You want to narrow your audience down, and after you do that the tools and tips we will list in this article will make it much easier in marketing your training workshop in Singapore.

Here’s how.

A Few Non Online Ways

By far, thanks to its scope and reach, online or digital marketing is the preferred way to go. You could even be selling an online workshop. For this article, your workshop will be held at a physical venue and you have empty seats.

Creating a vibrant and engaging brochure, that is creative, catchy, and will captivate the targeted audience member is a must. Aside from being flashy, it should be informative with all the right details included.


Asking those who have attended your past workshops is another great way to build up trust and show the potential customer what you have to offer. A reference or review can go a long way in promoting your workshop.

Also, consider marketing to those who have attended. It’s never a bad thing to add more value to a future workshop and make sure your graduates or past guests know that something new and exciting can be learned in this workshop.

Work With Groups

This works as well when you offer a group or organisation a kickback from your membership or brand in exchange to utilise their marketing list. Ask the group, how they can help you, how they will market your “Fiction writing” workshop, and what kind of kickback they want in return for doing so?

Digital Marketing Your Workshop

There are so many different ways to market online. If you are accredited and can offer your enrollees certs, then you will always want to list what benefits are in store for them upon completion. You can also steer them in the direction of getting subsidies or funding if they qualify. Groups like Work Skills Qualifications offer subsidies to people looking to advance and better themselves in Singapore.

If you aren’t accredited, and therefore can’t offer any certification, then it is best to promote your brand or product by telling the potential enrollee why your experience is relevant and important to their needs. What can they learn from you? Listing your qualifications and degrees is a good start, but this is about the person attending more than it is about you. List benefits on these platforms.

Facebook Event Page

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It’s free, it’s easy, and the number of people you can reach out to is innumerable. So why not start a Facebook event page and send out friendly reminders to those who meet your target audience?

This is also a good way to get a feel on how many people will be attending the event. Facebook has all of the options and features to give you the kind of information you need to know when promoting your workshop. Make sure you are very clear and detailed about the event. Consider time, place, what it is, why they need to go, and how they can go. Price is also good to list.

Tweet It Out

If your workshop is a month away, consider tweeting about it by putting the event on a meme or backdrop. People tend to gravitate towards memes and pictures the most.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t create a normal tweet. You can. Do both. Most experts agree, if your workshop is a month away or so, tweet it out twice a week. Find the best response time and when people are most active.

Email Newsletters

If you have subscribers to any list or site, now is the time to utilise it. Even if you don’t—gather all the emails from the targeted audience and send them a friendly email to remind them of your training workshop. Consider downloading a plugin from your app store so you can generate an idea on who is saying yes or who is saying no.

Create Events Page

The first thing you need to do after you know your audience, is to create an events page on your website or blog. List everything you want the audience to know about the workshop. Talk about the price, and if it’s free, make sure they know about that too. This is an added incentive to go. Free value for their time. Of course, you could offer a free workshop and then promote a book to your audience to sell.  

  • Time of event.
  • Venue of workshop.
  • Cost.  
  • How long the event will be.  
  • Breakdown of what the audience will learn. Be descriptive and use sub-headings for easier reading.

Blog About It

Do you blog for someone or do you have your own blog? That’s free advertising right there, and one you shouldn’t pass up. Blogging is another effective way to promote your workshop, especially if it is SEO conducive. Talk about past and future courses, different ways e-learning can benefit the person attending, etc.

Hint: A list blog always reaches more of an audience. People enjoy list reading and it’s easier to read. “7 ways my workshop will make you the next Mark Twain.”

Advertise With Banners On Your Site

If you are advertising on your website, then one great way to promote your workshop or courses is by creating banners at the top of your homepage. When they click that, it should take them to a page devote to the event. That’s where all the prudent information about your workshop should be.

Have Your Social Network Share It

This may be one way of the best ways to getting the work out there about your workshop. If you have a bunch of Twitter followers, or Facebook friends, and connections on Linkedin, never hesitate to exhaust their services. Tell them exactly how you want them to help you in exchange for a free course or product.

However you need to barter with a social networking giant of a friend, feel free. The more mouths opening up about the workshop, the better.

And Finally

Of course, if you don’t feel like doing all of the hard work yourself, there are digital marketing consulting groups out there in Singapore that will do it for you. They also understand one of the most important factors in promotional work… SEO.

Whether you create a Facebook page, a tweet, a blog post, or banner, having the right keyword placement and density will make or break your search engine presence. Always practice good SEO so your articles and promotional work will rank in the search engines.

Pay attention to what groups like Wealthy Academy and Creativity Workshop are doing. They even list their prices, the time of their events, and whether or not the student or enrollee can receive grants, certs, or subsidies.

Keep your workshop focused and timely. You don’t want to be all over the place and be stepping over time limits.

Final Words

Using a few tools from the past and conventional way is still a productive way to promote your training workshop. However, thanks to the extensive reach of social networking and online digital media, the best route to go, that has been found to be more cost and time effective, is digital marketing.

If you haven’t created an events page, a Facebook profile, and utilised all of the social media benefits, do so now. This will take a few empty seats to your workshop and make it a sell out in no time.


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