Should I Get My SEM Agency In Singapore To Use Bing Ads?

get your sem agency in singapore to use bing ads

Bing Ads hasn’t always had the best reputation. In fact, most people have considered this PPC platform to be hard to manage–even with a great amount of invested effort. But things are starting to change on the Bing Ads front. Not only is it easier to manage but those who consider themselves to be search engine marketing agencies in Singapore can look forward to an excellent return on investment. Let’s discuss a few reasons you should consider pursuing opportunities on this ever-evolving platform, as well as which tools can be the most beneficial to you.  


Six Year Growth Proves That Bing Is No Longer The Underdog

SEM companies have hectic schedules that are constantly filling up with new tasks, so they rarely have time to search for new platforms. Sure, their lives may be largely automated with tools like Optmyzr, but their attention is often split between the most popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Amazon. In fact, if an ad platform has a management system that isn’t user-friendly, is too new to have established a solid reputation, or has little traffic and few leads, they will likely ignore the platform altogether.

Unfortunately for Bing, its past lack of traffic and leads is what caused it to continuously be overlooked. However, times are changing and Bing Ads should no longer be considered “too small.” Over the last six years, its share of the search market has grown exponentially. In fact, according to ComScore, in July of 2017 alone, its Network had over 100 million unique searchers. What’s even more interesting is that this platform is reaching the searchers that Google cannot reach on its own.

And this growth doesn’t just apply to big markets like the U.S. According to ComScore, other countries have felt the benefits of these changes as well–Canada with a 17% increase in reach, France with an 18% increase in reach, the UK with a 25% increase in reach, and Australia with a 12% increase in reach. The fact is, Bind Ads can have just as big of an impact on your Ad campaign as Adwords. Compare these two on a dashboard like Optmyzr MCC, and it’s easy to see.


Bing Ads Has Made Its Management Platform More User-friendly

While the market share has shown drastic improvement, this still leaves many advertisers to wonder if its management platform has followed suit. Is it still complex? Does it still require a disproportionate amount of time to create an outcome that is actually profitable? Well, these are concerns that Bing addressed when they performed a complete overhaul of their management platform.

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Bing wanted their management platform to be reflective of the market share growth they were experiencing, so the search engine duplicated the look of Adwords. They realized that by making it look identical to Adwords, users would be more comfortable working with it because it would be more familiar to them. In fact, its features are so similar to its competitors that advertisers can import their account into Bing and sync everything. And many are using the Optmyzr tool to streamline the process.


Use Bing On Its Own

In some cases, syncing your Adwords account to Bing can be beneficial. However, if you’re doing ad work for your own client or as part of an in-house SEM agency team, then instead of syncing here and there, consider using Bing on its own. Optimise with the unique information that Bing offers. Here’s why: though the interface may be the same as Adwords, Bing’s marketplace and audience are completely different and distinct. A sizeable portion of searches are completely unique to the Bing Network, as evidenced by Microsoft’s July 2017 internal data. If advertisers assume that the two are the same, their account may not be well-optimised. In fact, even ads tend to resonate differently depending on which platform they appear. So instead of using Adwords as a qualifier for Bing, use Bing data in combination with a tool like Optmyzr to create the ideal ad text.

How searchers respond to ads isn’t the only difference between the platforms; there’s also a difference in competition as well. So consider changing your bidding strategy. Don’t just copy Adwords bids, deploy bids based on the data that Bing offers. If advertisers want to move up and at low increments, they should use tools like Optmyzr to find these CPC opportunities, use rule-based optimisation to create a custom bidding strategy, or invest in traffic that offers keywords that convert well.


Supplement Gaps With Other PPC Tools  

Despite all of the progress Bing Ads has made, not everything is completely perfect. There are still a few gaps that advertisers need to be aware of. Just as is the case with Adwords, whose users have requested improvement in geo visualisations, n-gram reports, and historical Quality Score access, Bind Ads has a few short-coming as well. And this means that advertisers need to supplement their campaign with other PPC tools. Tools like Optmyzr can help you save time by addressing these gaps.

For instance, if you download an Excel user location report, you will soon notice that it’s not interactive. Unfortunately, this makes it more difficult to gain much insight because you can’t ask any questions. You will never be able to discover things like the unusual geo performance of different campaigns. In this particular case, if the advertiser were to use a tool like Optmyzr, they would optimise with the use of Geo bid adjustment.



The key to getting the most out of your Bing Ad campaign is to not rely too heavily on results that come from Ad words. Digital marketing agencies and advertisers must realise that though these two platforms have similar interfaces, they are unique. This means that advertisers need to focus more on what tools they will use to fill in the gaps that Bing has.

When Bing’s interface, Power Editor and third-party tools such as Optmyzr are used simultaneously, managing Bind Ads becomes extremely easy. And with the increase in Bing’s market share, advertisers have a major opportunity to find high-quality leads. These are tips that every advertiser should keep in mind when creating their SEM PPC strategy for 2018.

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