How Do I Find A Good Google Ads Agency In Singapore?

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Industry studies show that a lot of businesses waste about 25% of their budget for Google Ads Agency because of small mistakes. This is because Google Ads company does not employ the most excellent practices like clients’ account management and improvement of the relevance of ads.

As a marketing staff or a business owner in Singapore, selecting the correct agency to run your Google Adwords advertising services can be a difficult task. You may not personally understand everything about AdWords, but if you would like to invest wisely in your online marketing services, and it is no longer an option to use Google AdWords campaigns.

Hiring an exceptional Google AdWords agency in Singapore can offer you many benefits. But how do you ensure that you choose the best AdWords firm?

What should you look for?

Here are some of the issues you have to consider to determine how your experience with your advertising agency will work, and their probability of achieving your goals.

  1. Trust and Transparency

Some AdWords agencies are not transparent, and thus they do not give you direct access to the analytics of your AdWords account. If you realise such kind of character, you should avoid such an agency because it is a crucial factor when choosing a good AdWords agency to promote your brand.

Cooperation is one of the basics of a successful AdWords campaign, and thus both you and your agency should be on the same page on most critical issues. You should choose marketing agencies that provide you with full account ownership. That way, you will be able to access the entire history of your account and ensure that there are no hidden charges by the AdWords firm.

  1. Dedicated Account Managers

When hiring a Google AdWords advertising firm, ensure that you choose an agency whose staff work tirelessly to bring you the best results. Several firms hire other offshore workers or subcontractors and do not optimise your SEO themselves.

The problem with this type of contracts is that there are extra levels of authority and barriers, which can slow down the process, making it inconvenient for quick reforms. This kind of partnership can be disadvantageous when you want to know what is happening to your account quickly because of poor communication due to the long chain of authority.

You should select certified agencies that have dedicated staff. Ensure that you are comfortable with the expertise and services of your AdWords advertising firm.

  1. Size of Agency

The famous brands are increasingly going for smaller AdWords agencies to undertake their digital marketing processes because the large agencies lack innovation and speed. If you wish to progress faster than your rivals, you should consider hiring a small firm. Their exceptional expertise and personal connection are beneficial to your business.

The benefit of hiring a large agency, on the other hand, is that you can always get the marketing strategy of the whole company. Their disadvantage is that they do not dig into a particular group like Google AdWords. Being excellent in one category is better than being standard in different fields.

You should choose an agency with expertise in a specific AdWords category with experience in marketing various famous brands.

  1. High-Quality Outcomes

Determine if the Agency offering you their services has excelled the Google AdWords certification tests. However, certification does not indicate special competence – previous outcomes and experience are what matters most. You should inquire about the agency’s internal processes to learn more about their workflow and methodologies.

You should hire an agency that provides you with their internal workflows and processes for handling various tasks like optimisation, development, and communication.

  1. Past Experience of The Agency

It is not always possible to list all the names of the clients in an agency, but it is advisable that they provide you with some insights of the businesses that had previously hired them. You could even enquire if they can connect with any current or past clients so that you can learn about their experience with the agency. Client testimonials are a good indicator that you can trust your agency.

You should look for firms that are experienced in managing large AdWords Accounts, received good client feedback, and that can bring you profits.

  1. The Key Indicators That the Agency Focus on

The benefits of AdWords lie in the Return on Investment, ROI it offers. Good agencies generally focus on the significant outcomes they provide for their customers. You and your agency should jointly determine the aspects that are crucial in achieving your goals. If you come across an agency that just starts promising better rankings for your ads and more impressions at a cheap cost, you should avoid their services.

They don’t know much about how AdWords campaigns can be used to influence your customers.

You should seek for agencies who focus on enhancing your ROI, revenue, and sales while reducing your hiring prices.

  1. How You Receive Reports

The main aim of receiving reports is to ensure that the company is on the right track with its roles. You must observe the Google AdWords campaign results if you want to monitor the ability of your agency in increasing your sales. The agency should provide you with reports on a regular basis as per your agreement containing the critical performance indexes of your marketing.

You should hire an agency that uses analytics to improve their services, provides you with scheduled reports, and that can assist you with your more urgent queries.

  1. Transparent Pricing

Various AdWords agencies use different billing methods including flat monthly charges, hourly charges, and percentage monthly ad expenditure. These methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

You should choose an advertising agency that gives you value for your money. Ask the reason they have selected their billing method of choice over the various available options and determine whether the answer seems sensible to you.

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  1. The expertise of The Agency with AdWords Analytics

Good marketing agencies do not solely depend on marketing information offered by Google AdWords. They acquire insights about your ads and your website while still monitoring Google Analytics.

Wrong google analytics can result in biased and inaccurate results. These errors can eventually cause immense loss of money and time. You should choose an agency that has at least one expert in the category of AdWords marketing to ensure that your tracking functions well before starting your campaigns.

Now that you understand how to find the right Google Ads agency, go sort it out! You will be stunned by the progressive change that an excellent Ads agency can generate to your business.

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November 07, 2018

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