Should I Copyright My Website Against Copying And Infringement

copyrighting website content in singapore

The anti-plagiarism tools which are proliferating all over the Internet are not guarantees that your website will be protected in the current digital world of constant hacking and copying. The internet is rapidly developing with every passing day. As you find new ways to seal loopholes on your site, hackers and internet thieves are also developing new ways of infiltrating your website. However, copyrights grant you exclusive rights to your website so you can decide on the best way your content will help online users.

Copyrights are located on the bottom corners of apps and sites. The copyrights help control how an author’s original work can be reproduced, derived content and redistributed to constituent users.

In a nutshell, copyright screens you from future disputes that might arise from disagreements on ownership of a site. But you do not have to stress yourself anymore with the thought of online hackers who want unauthorised access. Reinforcing your website with copyright ensures you have total control over your site. This article will focus on methods of copyrighting your work and tips for copyrighting your content by yourself.

Importance of Copyrights

The moment you deploy your blog, it becomes automatically copyrighted by your service provider. Thus, it is the ideal way for websites to secure their online investment.

  • A copyright gives you an exclusive testimony of ownership. Copyrights provide you with proof of ownership for your content. In case of a problem with ownership of your intellectual property, copyrights are a sure way of reinforcing your argument on ownership.
  • Better protection for your content. Copyright underpins the protection your website gets from unauthorised personnel. Copyrights make it paramount for you to regulate those who have access to your digital platform.

Content Protected with Copyrights

It is essential to note that the work you can protect with your copyright is limited to some parts of your website. The limitation is owed to the fact that technology is improving at a very fast pace and it becomes an uphill task to stay abreast with changing copyright laws to keep up with the continuous change in the digital space.

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However, copyrights cover numerous features of your website to give you an easy time consolidating your investment. The specs include:

  • Authentic composed work
  • Code templates you have legal rights over.
  • Images you have created
  • Authentic work of art
  • Attached video to your site that you have legal rights over

Websites powered by WordPress have specific content that does not enjoy protection parameters afforded to other parts of your page. The grey areas include client’s critique, plugins and layout.

Copyright Your Website

The tips that will be provided below ensure you reinforce your security to cover all avenues unauthorised persons can gain unrestricted access to your website. It is not paramount to execute all the tips. However, they are easy steps to deploy in protecting your site.

  1. Insert Copyright Notification to Your Website

Themes on websites hosted by WordPress are laced with a copyright notification. You can alter the name of your site on theme settings or altering the name on the footer of your blog.

It is crucial to keep your copyright notification uncomplicated. It requires the date of launching your site, name of your company and copyright logo.

Updating your copyright notification is your primary strategy of defence.

  1. Include Terms of Engagement Page

Inserting a copyright notification to your website should suffice in keeping your site safe. However, for guaranteed protection of your pieces, it is critical to add Term of Use post is the right strategy. Inserting a Term of Use page is very mechanical. Platforms like Formswift and Termsfeed help you generate a page for Term of Use for your website. You need to add necessary information on the platform, and it produces the page for your website automatically.

WordPress’ Automatic Terms of Service and Privacy Policy plugin is another tool that will simplify how you generate Term of Use posts. It automatically produces the content that you add to your site by short code.

  1. Enrol Your Copyright

Whenever you develop content, it is afforded automatic copyright protection. However, to guarantee your security you are required to register every page of your site.

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The registration is done by the US Copyright Office. Registering bulk post with the copyright department is possible.

It saves you money you would lose from unauthorised access to your website.

  1. Secure Your Website Content

Copyrights protect your content from being accessed without your permission. You realise copying content on some website is very difficult. It is because they are employing a plugin that limits this feat.

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In the event you are posting your original work, it is crucial to restrict the copying of the written and graphic material on your site.

  • Securing Images

In the process of submitting your authentic work to be posted in your site, accompany it with a watermark for distinction. Graphics editing software allows you to add a watermark that distinguishes your content. It limits people who access your images and art.

It is essential to protect your website from hotlinking. Hotlinking is the use of your material and network resources with another blogger without your permission. You should protect yourself from hotlinking by using a plugin like Cloudflare to activate your protection.

  • Securing Blog Content

Blog content is generated to help in the facilitation of communication. It becomes paramount to highlight and copy the content you need. However, some individuals use your written content for their blogging. Therefore, you should purpose to protect your written content by using a plugin like Prevent Content Theft.

  • Secure Against Scrapers

Scrapers use bots to locate great content on the internet that they pirate for their site. The material is always accessed on your RSS feed. In counteracting scrapers, Yoast SEO helps you add a different caption with your name to show ownership of content.

  1. Trademark Your Blog Title

When you post relevant content, your blog is bound to increase its popularity. Copyrights secure your entire content. However, the trademark secures the name of your website.

It guarantees your blog’s name will not be accepted with your website host because another similar website with the same name already exists. It is popular with established blogs on the market.

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To trademark your website’s title, register with your local IP and patent authority – in the case of Singapore its the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore.

  1. Cease and Desist for Encroaching Material

At this point, you must have realised another site is using your authentic image or written material.

The next course of action is contacting the infringing party and drawing their attention to using your material without permission, and you would prefer they take down the material.

In case the encroaching party is not cooperating, you can hire a lawyer or use digital tools like Wonder Legal to generate a cease mail for copyright infringement.

  1. Invoke DMCA

In the event, the cease and desist letter does not bear fruit, use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA). DCMA furnish you with authority to give a takedown order to sites using your material as their own without permission.

DCMA is has a far-reaching capability. The platform allows you to takedown sites without having to trace the web owner who is a difficult task.

You need to enter the info on Whois Lookup to expedite the process of locating the infringing party.

It is also possible to contact the web hosting provider so that they can assist you with your problem.

Secure Your Blog with Copyright

In conclusion, that sensation you get when someone exploits your content to generate income or boost their reputation without your consent is very frustrating. Ensure your online revenue stream is protected from busybodies by copyrighting your website against copying and infringement. If you are not sure how to go about it – contact MediaOne for assistance today.

About the Author

Tom Koh

Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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