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How Do I Build Great Product Pages

Build Great Product Pages

If you want to sell your products to your clients in Tampines, Clementi or any other town in Singapore, you need to have great product pages. Here are five proven tips on how to come up with great product pages.

Fill Them With Great Content

Great content will help connect and pass information about your products unique selling points to potential customers well. Instead of just publishing a block of text, include original HD images of the product as well as descriptive videos that the clients can watch to get insights on how to benefit from the product fully. Set yourself apart from the crowd by making sure that the content is unique and different from other companies offering same or similar products. Note that duplicate content will get you penalised by Google.

Page Design and Layout

An ideal product page should have three columns with the most crucial content placed at the center and left the side of the page and as close as possible to the top section. Doing so will make it easy for customers to read and understand what the product is all about. You should also make it easy for them to add their product to the shopping cart by providing a button that they can click on. The checkout buttons should be positioned close to the videos or images and away from comments and other user-generated content that you have little or no control over.

Unique and Comprehensive Product Descriptions

The product descriptions should be detailed, unique, and accurate to avoid misleading potential clients. You can make them more appealing and effective in motivating customers to convert by including fun facts, charts, graphs and any other element that will show the client that the product will meet their needs amicably.

Optimise the URL Structure

Get targeted traffic from search engines by including the product name in the page URL. Doing so will help the search engines to know what the page is all about. The page will also be more relevant to the target audience and search engines if you include the product name as well as its category.

Add Rich Media

Examples of rich media are videos, images, and charts. Research has proven that they are very effective in spurring engagement and reaching out to a wider audience. Just like the other text description, make sure that the media is original, not stock and generic videos that the audience has probably come across already online. Be sure to include a link in each of the media content to get more traffic if it goes viral. That is, clients should be able to access your site by just clicking on the image or video description.

Get down to work and come up with winning product pages. Be sure to carry out A/B tests to know which descriptions are delivering the expected results and which ones are not.

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