Why Hybrid Strategies In Paid And Organic Social Media Are The Way To Go

Hybrid Strategies In Paid And Organic Social Media

Effectiveness of Hybrid Strategies in Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media is about more than just brand identity. Now, lead generation, retention, and customer service all take place on social media. Social is still the best place for growing brand awareness and connecting with customers, but with so much going on an organic strategy is insufficient for most brands in 2020. We’ll take a look at how you can hybridize paid and organic strategies to take social media by storm.


Why Organic Strategies Are Struggling

Organic social strategies have been at the heart of the business’s relationships with social media for years. Connecting with your customers on a free platform has always been a holy grail of marketing, and social platforms seemed to offer this service. However, recent changes to the way that posts are boosted by algorithms have seen diminishing returns on organic strategies. That doesn’t mean that organic strategies are dead in the water, as we’ll see, but to maximize returns on your marketing investments you’re going to need to hybridize your strategy. Later in the article, I’ll enumerate some tips for how organic strategies and paid social media marketing can work in harmony.


The Maintained Value Of Organic Strategies

 As noted, organic strategies are seeing diminishing returns on social media, but they are still a valuable component of any marketing strategy. Brands with a pre-existing social media presence can still leverage this, and it’s not too late for your business to develop this strategy.


Boosting Brand Awareness

Social media still rules for spreading brand awareness and it isn’t time to give up on an organic strategy for boosting brand awareness. Your social pages are an opportunity to show people who you are as a business and what you stand for. In short, it’s a place for some personality. “Consumers are tired of businesses pushing promos on social media, but they love interacting with anyone on their feed – brands and friends alike – as long as they’re seeing great content,” says Christopher Martin, social media marketer at Boomessays and Assignment Writing Service. “Sharing practical tips for engaging posts that aren’t in-your-face promotions can still be a successful organic strategy for social marketing.”


Reaching Out

Consumers have become accustomed to reaching out to brands on social media and getting a quick answer. Maintaining an organic social media presence as part of your customer service programme can help manage the community that has been built around your brand. As a free channel and a direct line to consumers, social media will always need to be one arm of your customer management programme. This is especially valuable when it takes place in the public eye – offering great customer service for all to see can strengthen your brand and build trust that pays dividends when you start leveraging a paid strategy.


The Best Customer-Minded Content

The community around your brand is one of your greatest assets, and an organic social strategy can leverage this community without costing you a dime. Generating discussion on social platforms by picking customer’s brains is a great way to build your brand and online reputation. You can also share customer photos and other content created by your users on your social feed. The key to the organic social strategies is that it doesn’t feel too commercial, and content created in collaboration with your users is perfect for this.


When To Leverage A Paid Strategy

So the value of an organic social strategy is out evident, but it remains a fact that on today’s competitive social platforms, where the algorithms are doing you no favours, that an organic strategy is simply insufficient for an ambitious brand. Paid content is the best way to take your brand to the next level.


Focussing On Your Demographic

One thing that an organic social strategy fails to do is to target a specific demographic. If you want the best return on investment for your marketing campaigns, the easiest way to do this is to make sure the right eyes are falling on your content. Bessie Anderson, tech expert at State Of Writing and Oxessays explains that “social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have so much useful information that you can create incredibly specific targets for your ads. Whether this is geolocated or sorted by age or interest, you can ensure that your content is being seen by the most relevant demographic.”


Promoting Killer Content

Paid marketing on social media is the best way to guarantee your content gets seen, so if you have some major content that you need to get in front of an audience, it could be time to shell out. This is a great option for those pieces that you know are going to give you the boost your brand needs, whether it’s promoting a new product or a lead magnet that’s going to optimize your leads for future conversion. Don’t take the risk with an organic strategy for these pieces – paid social media strategies will give you peace of mind.


Deeper Awareness

Ultimately, the organic reach can only get you so far before you start hitting walls. Paid ads can extend your brand to new audiences, which is especially important when trying to expand into new markets. These markets might be out of reach through organic methods and these strategies inevitably leverage the social media “bubble” that you’ve built. Break out of the bubble with paid ads.


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Organic And Paid In Harmony

A good social media strategy will use organic and paid social media together, with each backing the other up. Organic social media can lead you straight to the posts that connect the best with your audience, and you can use these to guide your paid strategies. The greater an organic presence your brand has, the better you can run a paid campaign.

The social world is changing fast and gone are the days when a perfectly orchestrated organic social strategy was sufficient for selling your brand online. Businesses can’t afford to neglect to build an organic presence, but a paid social strategy is essential for ambitious brands looking to grow. Combining paid and organic is the winning strategy for social media.


Katherine Rundell is a writer at Academic Writing Service and Essay Services. She is a digital marketing strategist and speaker. Katherine is also a blogger at Marketing Essay website.



What is Organic Social Media

Organic social media is a natural post on your newsfeed which can be seen by your followers and audience without paid promotion.

What is Paid Social Media

Paid social media is a method of advertising where you will pay for placement and reach. Marketing your brand messages on popular social media platforms.

What is Hybrid Paid and Organic Social Media

Hybrid social media is a combination marketing strategy of organic and paid social media marketing.

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