How To Use Great Content To Engage Followers On FB

How To Use Great Content To Engage Followers On FB

You’re convinced you did a bang-on job coming up with great content for your social media posts. You made sure that it’s popping. Went through it, editing and proofreading it with an OCD-like perfection, and even ran it through the wringer just to name sure nothing escaped your naked eye.

The content is as informative as you want it to be. The creativity is in check. Nothing like a lazy post, but is the effort paying off?

Is the number of comments, likes, retweets, or the accolades rolling in worth the effort? So you continue waiting. But nothing impressive is happening.
Perhaps someone told you that doing all this will get more and more followers flocking in to bless you with accolades and more social media engagement. But that hasn’t been the case for the longest time you can remember. What gives?

Why is your content NOT attracting the Engagement you had hoped for?

This wouldn’t have been that much of a bother a few years back. But things have significantly changed since then – if your social media marketing strategy isn’t in line with your content marketing strategy, then there’s a whole lot you’re missing in terms of driving new traffic via social media.
There’s also a reason social media marketing has been widely reported as the strategy that’s likely to yield big results in 2019.

  1. One Caveat

Social media marketing is one of the most rewarding marketing strategies in 2019, particularly here in Singapore. But only if executed right.
A simple mistake on your part could also ruin your brand within a snap. So you have to approach it with caution.

Worth noting is that the social media marketing strategy is only working when it’s getting you the kind of engagement you crave for. If not, then there’s a huge possibility that you’re committing a grave social media mistake by doing any of the following:

    1. Denying your followers what they want.
    2. Your posts aren’t accommodating new followers or users.
    3. You’re too stilt on your engagement strategy and that you’re missing on the fun bit of it.
    4. Your content is fraught with grammar mistakes that are sullying your online credibility.
    5. Your posts are one-sided, with no room to get your followers to chime in.

Good thing is that any of these mistakes can be fixed with a little bit of calibration on the type of posts you make.

social media

  1. Denying Your Followers what they want

Singaporeans are social people, with a social media penetration rate of about 85%, according to a recent World Meters report. The report also goes on to suggest that more than 50% of millennials are active on social media. Which is to say they at least comment, like, or share a friend’s photo per day.

Hashmeta even goes ahead to break this report further by suggesting that 7 out of 10 Singaporeans are active on social media. On average, children up to the age of teenagers spend about 35 hours per week on the internet.
WhatsApp (with a 73% view rate) tops the list of the most visited social media platforms in the country, closely followed by YouTube (with a 71% view rate), and Facebook coming up third with a 70% view rate.

85% of the total Singaporean population is on Facebook, while 51% is on Instagram. Goes to show that, as a Singapore-based marketer, if you’re NOT pumping in a tremendous chunk of online marketing effort to social media, then there’s a whole lot you’re missing in terms of driving new customers to your website to take action.

Social Media interactions and brand engagement have also been reported to be on the rise in the country, with an upward of 50% of generation Xers and millennials following at least one brand in the country.

To put it quite simply, there’s never been a better opportunity to cash in on social media engagement. The trick lies in finding out what your target audience wants from their social engagements.

For starters, social media users are interested in what’s real. They want to engage with real people, cultivate real interactions, and unrestrained human interactions even with brands they engage with.

Meaning there’s no room for auto-spamming or bots. If you’re NOT doing anything to interact with your users on a personal level, then it’s almost impossible to get them to take action.

There’s so much your social media users expect out of your brand.
Worth noting is that they expect to see your brand coming to life on social media. They want to attach a personality to your brand on social media and engage with it on a personal level. This applies to almost any social media channel out there, including Facebook and Snapchat.

Don’t be too clunky. There are times when your users could immensely enjoy reading a post with a playful tone. When there’s a need for them to laugh, feel free to laugh with them. You’re also allowed to make fun of your own images or brand in general. Even more important is to never miss out on what’s trending.

All this is done to foster a strong sense of connection between your brand and the end-user.

Whatever you do, the customers you attract want to feel like they’re operating on the same headspace as you. They want to feel the chemistry and be convinced that you’re in a much better position to understand their needs and offer them the most fitting solution that snugly addresses them.
Trash talking your brand when you don’t mean it places your online users in the place of power, where they get to decide if your brand is anything close to what you’re trying to refer it to.

  1. Beyond Your Personality

Online users are interested in realness and honesty. But that doesn’t limit everything to your brand personality alone. Instead, they want to know a lot more about its position as a brand on some of the major world’s events.
You may feel the need to avoid throwing in a wrench in the interactions you have with your users by avoiding political stances. But deep down, your users want to know your stand on political issues, as well.

  1. Your Stand on Social and Political Issues

Users have identified immigration, education, and the environment at large as some of the most crucial elements that they wish to see brands take a strong position on. Of course, it makes more logical sense to take a neutral stance on all this or avoid them altogether. But stats seem to suggest otherwise.

Forget about professionalism for a moment and instead focus on what’s humanly right. Don’t be afraid to bash societal evil or laud what’s right for the fear of pissing off a few people. Whether you’re in agreement or at loggerhead with the heated political stance in place, go ahead and voice it as is, creating room for your users to chime in and poke holes in your point of reference.

The point is to have a subjective viewpoint that can either flow either way. But while at it, steer clear of the need to come off as the opinionated narcissist that wants to scream to the whole world about how right they are.

The best approach would be to frame your sentiments in such a way that it can stir a discussion. You’re simply inviting online users to question your standpoint. They don’t have to agree with what you’re saying. But they should at least know where you stand in all this.

In other words, their interaction with your brand should be worth their time. And the only way to achieve that is to personalize your brand by interacting with them on an emotional level.

  1. NOT Accommodating New Users

The social sphere is always evolving. It’s always changing. So don’t expect any new group of users you attract to your site to be content with your social media marketing strategy.

Plus most of the time new users will be trying to play catch-up. Meaning, you have to structure your social media posts in such a way that you’ll also be accommodating them.

The first thing to note is that the use of social media cuts across a broad range of age demographics. The majority of the users it attracted in the past were mostly the young generation, but as of now, the most rapidly growing group of users are adults of the retirement age. Before, social media was nothing more than a new-age fad. But as it stands, more and more people are beginning to view it as the platform that facilitates their connection with family and friends.

Meaning, anyone who wants to find out how their old friends or almost estranged family members are doing will be more compelled to sign up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to find out more about them.
Old age is also the least targeted group on social media.

So as a marketer, that’s one reason you might find it even more rewarding to recalibrate your online interactions to accommodate them as well.
Social media is no longer the platform for the younger generation alone. But for people of all ages. And it’s not like the old generation reacts very much differently from their younger counterparts. Neither does it mean that they can be targeted the same.

What’s different is the manner in which you can connect with them. As with the rest of the users, the old generation also uses social media to foster personal connections and to stay in touch with their family members. They also have a proclivity for keeping their life private.

The only difference is that they’ll be struggling to suppress some extraneous information and stimuli. Some of them have reduced short-term memory, short concentration spans, are easily distracted, or simply lack the time to lurk around social media channels, digging through random content like the younger generation.

So the best way to target them is through moving GIFs, busy images, or anything you can come up with that makes it possible to overcome their cognitive overload and make it easy for them to interact with your social media content in the shortest and most straightforward manner possible.
Don’t take them through hoops. Once in a while, if there’s a product you’re trying to promote, take the plain route and word your promotion in black and white, allowing them to decide on whether or NOT it’s a smart move on their part to consider checking it out.

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In short, try to make the post both simple and visually compelling. It’s also crucial that you try to avoid making your post highly saturated with more than the required amount of visuals or any other type of content at one focal point.

  1. The Fun Bit of it

Social media engagement is mostly about recreating your social media posts to be more fun and interactive on the platform. When you think of it, social media itself is all about escaping from the harsh realities of this world. Its users want to log into the platform when they’re dispirited and suddenly laugh or feel connected with the rest of the world.

That’s the experience you must be willing to create. Not one that’s desperate to get them to buy something, but one that’s looking to connect with them and assure them that they’re NOT alone. You could even talk of some of the difficulties you face as a brand.

You’re simply trying to create the much-needed fun through the content you post, and it’s upon the users to digest it and feel good about themselves. Soon or later, the same users will start associating your brand with good feelings, and in the end, have an easy time making the final decision to go through with a purchase. If you’re NOT making it fun for your online users, then you’re missing out on one very crucial aspect of social engagement in a big way. Where possible, consider sharing relevant videos with your followers. The video doesn’t exactly have to be custom-made. But just a random link to relevant video content that’s either a showstopper or supplement to the type of content you post or your brand in general.

  1. Simple Errors that Sabotage your Online Credibility

Learn to read through your social media posts, over and over again, proofreading and editing it through until you’re sure it’s free of any grammatical error that’s likely to taint your credibility as a brand.

Ever published a Facebook post, only to come back hours later and find out that the post had a glaring typo that you hadn’t noticed before?

You may try convincing yourself that it’s just a typo, but online users are a judgmental lot – and a good number of them are likely to fall off simply because they can’t wrap their head around the fact that a professional brand like yours can’t simply find someone to edit their posts before publishing.

Spelling errors can also tax your engagement or even poke holes in the quality of products or services you offer.

2 Best Ways To Boost Facebook Engagement In 2022

How to Boost Social Media Participation on Facebook?

Many businesses have no idea why their social media campaign isn’t getting much attention. However, there is always room for improvement.

These 2 methods will assist you in increasing interaction on Facebook and all of your other social media platform.

Using wit and humour is the first step.

No one has to toss down the foundations to understand why social media has become so dominant in the internet sector. You can already see that the competitiveness is massive because of the rise in the number of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and so on.

It seems that despite all their campaigns, advertisers are still experiencing difficulties with their social media activities. There is, though, one niche that has escaped the bullet and emerged victorious in this struggle.

How many of you recall the last time you saw an ad on social media that stuck in your head for days or even weeks? Ads for humour. You’ve ever pondered how amusing advertising are shared and kept interesting by the people who see them?

Humorous postings have a way of making your social media accounts more enjoyable and enjoyable. When used in a positive way, humour may be a useful technique for promoting pleasant feelings in others. When it comes to social media engagement, using emotional triggers and humorous advertising to pique interest is a sound strategy.

Seeing funny stuff is much simpler than making it. Many people don’t realise how much work goes into creating such stuff. 

So, do you want to add some wicked humour to your advertisements? What’s the best way to keep your social media audience entertained and engaged? You’ll learn some excellent, hand-picked methods that will help you create advertising that is both entertaining and effective on social media.

Humour and social media engagement may go hand-in-hand!

One of the best ways to get your audience’s attention is to surprise them.

Have you ever sat down and attempted to come up with funny jokes? If this is the case! Surely you can give it a go. Advertisements with a funny touch are not the same as the laughs and chatter that occur in ordinary conversations with friends.

Content, titles, and many other aspects of your social media presence are well-known to your followers. As a result, they may be able to predict the content that follows.

Take a risk and liven things up because when the prediction goes awry, the hilarity takes centre stage. In order to make people laugh, the ad must first create a preconception in their minds about what the product would be like.

It is essential to create a clear boundary between how much and where to utilise comedy. No question that humour is a great way to get the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Including a hilarious tagline at the beginning of your video may have a huge impact.

As a result, you must also keep in mind that your brand’s fundamental message should always be at the forefront of your mind. This is when things become a little more difficult! Your ad’s Intro should not be amusing at all times, but it should still convey the main point of your ad. Your social media postings might benefit from a few snarky remarks, which can make your audience laugh and create a lasting impression.

Make sure to include a final dose of comedy at the end of the film so that the viewer leaves with a positive impression and a lasting memory.

Know Your Audience’s Favourite Jokes

A couple of things to keep in mind are the giggling and reacting points, respectively. It necessitates an examination of your target audience’s preferences in order to assess whether or not your social media strategy is working. If you don’t know what your audience’s loves, hates, and mindsets, you’re setting yourself up for doom. Nevertheless, if you do it correctly, you will get the perfect reaction possible.

So avoid sensitive issues, complicated concepts, and bad-taste jokes in favour of avoiding them together. Some visitors’ attention may be drawn away from your advertisement’s major argument due to the advertisement’s confusing comedy.

Sadly, there are no social media indicators that can tell you about your audience’s sense of humour. You may, though, use tools to assist you to seek a trendy hashtag, viral news on social media networks, and more. You can obtain a thorough picture of how your competitors are engaging with their customers on social media to help you improve your own social media campaigns.

Relevant Content

Let me begin by asking you a question. What does it mean to be engaged on social media? Likes, comments, and shares are all that matter in the long run. I’d want to ask you one more thing.  Are you more of a social media user than a traditional one? Isn’t that what you and your best buddy talk about the most or connect to the most.

When it comes to social media, relevance is essential. The more relevant your social media posts are, the more successful they will be. Make an effort to throw a spotlight on situations that the audience may identify with. 

You may reap a slew of advantages by using humorous advertisements in your marketing campaigns. Everything has its drawbacks, of course. In the same way, comedy has an element of risk. If your advertisements aren’t done correctly, your audience may get a false idea and react negatively. 

When deciding on a strategy focused on wit and sarcasm, the following downsides should be considered:

In addition to the subjective element of comedy, your viewers may view your ad as rude, immature, or cringe-worthy because of it! At the end of the day, the audience’s reaction is the only genuine indicator of success.

The difficulty resides in the diversity of people. We are tied together by a variety of threads and life experiences. Identifying what could cross the boundary is one way to prevent this problem. How did this happen? Be mindful that what you consider entertaining to you may not be humorous to others.


Two Mistakes: 

Who says the audience and the person who created the comedy can’t have a misinterpretation? Each person’s interpretation of the message may vary from the one intended for them all.

Laughter and crying with laughter aren’t the only ways to be funny. But it also comes with a tiny degree of responsibility and a few angry replies. Your years of hard work might be ruined, and your social media engagement could sink like a cliff because of this.

You can’t risk leaving your audience misinformed about a product in the advertising sector, no matter what their emotions are.

What if I told you that you could simply address these situations by following a few key principles that any advertiser would overlook.

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Your punchlines should include some clues to give to the audience, so they know what you’re attempting to communicate. Also, if you have an issue that is a little controversial, but this portion in your ad.

It is usually a good idea to heed the indications and be precise with your views before any idea is misconstrued. The commercial can’t be pulled, but if things go awry, go out and battle tooth and nail and convince your audience that you are worthy of their trust. Maintaining a sense of misunderstanding is always preferable to the alternative.

Because its comprehensible, advertisers have ceased relying on comedy in their campaigns. Advertising on social media platforms is now routinely accompanied by a dose of light-heartedness. 

In fact, 91% of the viral advertising that lingered in an individual’s mind were those that were too funny to bear. Despite what you may think, comedy has a global appeal when it comes to viralising your ad material.

One of the best ways to connect with a target audience is by using humour as a marketing technique. It has already been used by a large number of companies in their marketing initiatives.

Video Content

Video content is one sort of content that generates the most interaction on social media. The public enjoys seeing visually stunning videos that delight, encourage, or motivate them. You must continually come up with fresh video content ideas and post them online if you want to draw your viewers to your media content.

The most essential thing to remember is to tailor your content campaign to the platform you’ll be using to distribute it.

YouTube is a fantastic tool for sharing videos. Other social media networks, unlike YouTube, do not allow you to explicitly search for videos. Because the videos show at unexpected times on the newsfeed, you must grasp the value of capturing your viewer’s attention in the initial few seconds. Ensure to have eye-catching information within the first few seconds of browsing through your feeds so that people notice it.

Your movies should also be made in such a manner that they keep you interested even if the music isn’t playing. To guarantee that your content is international, you can insert captions/subtitles to it.

The most difficult part is coming up with great content ideas for various social media sites. First and foremost, it is critical to maintaining your core demographic in mind at all times. You should produce content that your intended audience will like watching.

At the same time, you should use a social media analytics platform to monitor your video data on a regular basis. Which of your social media videos were the most successful for your business? Which videos have higher retention rates among viewers? You can come to a decision about the sorts of videos that will perform best for you depending on the answers to these questions. 

Adapting content ideas from prior videos is a smart move since it raises the likelihood of increased interaction. It’s critical to have a good video content strategy since it has become one of the most significant forms of content on social media. We’ve put up a list of recommendations to aid you to get started with different sorts of films that you may share on social media.

Take Inspiration from Your Blogs

Pulling inspiration from your blogs is one of the finest ways to create video content for social media. Your website is a great source of video content ideas. Choose a blog topic and create video content around it. A decent video that explains a blog main point is more successful than anything else.

You may also invite your audience to suggest which blog entries they’d like to see featured in the videos. This will assist you to increase interaction on the platform in question.

Organise Q&A sessions

Interviews with actual experts, professionals, or brand representatives can be included in social media videos. Such video should typically be performed in a live streaming mode, so that viewers may obtain real-time answers to their queries. You may, however, encourage your followers to post their queries on your social media platforms, and then react to them in video style.

Q&A sessions are an excellent choice for material. They help you raise brand recognition while also allowing you to engage with your audience. You may also compose questions in advance and ask those to the panel during the discussions. Your audience enjoys educational information, and with such Q&A sessions, you may contribute to their knowledge.

Use Videos to Promote Your Products

What better method to advertise your items than to demonstrate how they can be used? You may show your audience how to utilise products by posting videos of product demonstrations. You may also demonstrate the many uses of your items to your audience.

In the after-launch phase of a product, it would be a smart option to broadcast and promote such films. Use videos of freshly released items to entice your customers. Through video footage, emphasise the product’s USP, any distinctive characteristics, and the many applications of the product.

Take your viewers behind the scenes of your production.

You may use this video content concept whether you operate a cafe, a real estate firm, a B2B service, or offer popular products like phone cases. In fact, putting your viewers behind the scenes might help to create a feeling of mystery.

Opting behind the scenes might help you capture many distinct elements of your company. Do you have a big corporate event coming up? Are you organising a pop-up at your restaurant or store? 

You may also offer your consumers the human part of your brand this way. This aids in the development of a stronger relationship with your target audience.

Hold live-streaming events

Live-streaming may also be used to create interesting video material. You may connect with your audience in actual environments by using live videos. It is possible to do live-streaming on social media in several ways.

Use the live video feature on social media to provide your followers with coverage of live events, events, pop-ups, and the like. Get in front of a live audience to interview industry experts or brand ambassadors from your company. Your audience will be more engaged if you respond to their questions and comments in real-time.

Your Social Media Accounts Should Be Taken Over by Influencers

An influencer marketing campaign with video content is a winning combination. Allow Influencers to take control of your social media accounts for a certain amount of time and reap the benefits. Many brands’ Facebook Stories are taken over by Influencers. They will upload short videos and also post it in their own account.

You may work with Influencers to make and upload videos from your platform in a variety of ways. One method to handle video content is to have Influencers use your products in videos. It is possible for influencers to spend a day at your organisation and deliver a tour to the viewers. You may also use social media influencers to do engaging live streaming videos. Build video content on social media using Influencers and their large followings.

Publish Videos Created by Others

Let user-generated videos showcasing your items speak for themselves. It’s a great way for you to get the word out about your products and services. A product review or a film featuring your target audience in action might be used to make such a video. Customer testimonials can also be shown in user-generated videos.

Publish Tutorials, Instructional Videos, and Guides 

Content that adds value to the viewer and is educational is always welcomed by the audience. So, how-to and tutorial films are a terrific way to keep the audience engaged.

Your viewers will be captivated by this type of video material. Furthermore, it lets you develop your reputation as a knowledgeable source on social networking.

Post and share the most popular and viral videos on your social media channels.

Ideas for video material come from breaking news and topical topics. Twitter users are particularly fond of videos showcasing breaking news and trending topics. You can publish or post videos of your project’s news or promotions. You may also make videos based on the most recent news or trends in your field.

It’s no secret that video is a hugely popular kind of social media material right now. When it comes to creating video content for social media, it might be challenging to think out of the box. We’ve put together a list of video content ideas that you may use as a guide. Video content may be created utilising a variety of various sorts of content.

  • Interview people 
  • Product demos are a great way to showcase your brand and products, and to emphasise key features.
  • Product demos are a great way to showcase your brand and products, and to emphasise key features.
  • Build a feeling of fascination around your brand by documenting everything that goes on behind the scenes.
  • Improve your communication skills in real-time by broadcasting all of your videos live.
  • You may grow your audience by sharing videos that other people have made.
  • Use instructional films and tutorials to educate and enlighten your target audience.
  • Share and upload viral videos and popular videos that are relevant to your business or company.

Let’s wrap it up here

The days when people treated their social media engagements as an after-thought or something you can wing is now in the past. Nowadays, if you’re NOT strategical about your entire engagement approach or at least planning in advance, then there’s a whole lot you’re missing in terms of engagement and social media conversion.

You can significantly boost your online interactions by delivering quality content that’s more focused on connecting with the intended user. This is no child’s play, but it’s quite possible if you’re willing to put in the hours and effort.

For more help regarding social media engagement, contact us today with your query and our customer relations team will be glad to attend to your needs.

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