How to Use Social Apps to Market and Sell B2B Brands

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Many companies and Brands recognize the importance of utilizing online platforms in engaging with new and existing customers. Many brands are gradually moving from traditional online platforms such as email to the more interactive social media spaces. More brands are trying to establish a social media presence so as to easily connect with the majority of their customers.

For many years, the B2C companies have utilized the social media sites to engage their customers. However, B2B companies are now using the social sites to drive sales as well as nature business relationships. Most B2B marketers agree that the social sites will soon become the main sales platforms. 

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B2B businesses can now benefit from using a variety of social platforms such as:


Since its inception, WhatsApp has dominated as the best and most popular messaging service. With over one billion subscribers, the app is utilized both in the business circles and social circles. Businesses can easily connect with potential consumers through the WhatsApp as it has more than 170 million active users daily. The app is set up with easy-to-use features that allow businesses to interact with their consumers directly.

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The application is user-friendly with unique features such as, the broadcasting platform that can benefit social sellers like Singapore digital marketers. The broadcasting feature is especially popular as it allows one to send a message to multiple recipients at once while enjoying exclusive chats with each recipient. Social sellers can utilize the messaging app for essential communication such as:-

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  • Notification of sales and promotions
  • Receiving important company news updates
  • Links to new content
  • Promotions, contests, and giveaway
  • Easy access to technical support
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B2B marketers can utilize the application to reach out to a wider audience with similar interest. The application is also ideal for professional digital marketers in Singapore.


Instagram is yet another popular social site that connects people mainly through pictures, images, and videos. The site has over 300 million users who constantly share regular updates on their feeds. The site is not only used for social interactions, but also for business and social selling. Many brands have since come on board to take advantage of the huge global market provided by the social application.

Research indicates that more than 70% of Instagram users often search for brands online, while around 63% are avid followers of a particular brand. Businesses can use the platform to promote their goods with attractive photos. Today’s consumer responds better to brands that use pictures, images, and videos. In addition, Instagram has a unique marketing feature called Mailchimp that uses fun and creative ways to connect users to a particular brand.


Pinterest mainly focuses on high-quality images of brands or products. Pinterest is popular for image and ideas sharing among individuals as well as businesses. A business can benefit from using the app to showcase its product or brands. You can further engage with your customers and encourage them to share your product within their networks. You can also post your product using video exported from other sites.

Electronics mogul Philips is an example of a brand that efficiently utilizes the Pinterest application. The brand is consistent in its commitment to improving the lives of its customers by always providing quality and innovative products. The company uses the platform to showcase its products across the globe with beautiful and alluring images.

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For a long time, Snapchat was considered a niche photo messaging service used only by a few people. The social site has since evolved over the years to become a recognized social media platform with an impressive 161 million daily users. Although the majority of the users are between 18-24 years, many companies and brands are coming onboard to capture this demographic. Singapore online marketing can greatly benefit from the Pinterest social app.

Snapchat now has new functions that enable analytics such as image recognition, Bitstrips, and advertising to allow the site to be more open to the public. The key to a successful Pinterest presence is to use storytelling, which is the main appeal of the site.


Tumblr is a social site, where users share interactive content. The site has a massive 550 million global users, who engage with their networks mainly with video graphics, written content and other interactive media content. Lexus is an example of a luxury brand that utilizes the platform to showcase and market its brand.

Today’s marketers and social sellers can greatly benefit from the newly emerging social platforms. B2B brands can achieve success through constant innovation, creativity and remaining connected to the latest trends.

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