How To Use Instagram Stories To Market In Singapore

How To Use Instagram Stories To Market In Singapore

Are you looking for accurate information on how to use Instagram stories to market in Singapore? Here is a comprehensive article to help you do it properly. Instagram Stories is a feature on Instagram, which allows you to post videos and photos in a chronological succession. Unlike regular Instagram posts, whatever you post as an Instagram Story will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

If you are looking to use Instagram Stories to market in Singapore, this is the best time to do so. Instagram Stories are a fun and creative way of engaging your audience. Likewise, you can use them to drive traffic to your site and social media pages thus building brand awareness.

The Instagram Stories feature gives you a platform to showcase your services and products to clients. They will feel that they are part of your business.

Here’s how to use Instagram Stories to market in Singapore.

Provide Value

Singapore has a highly competitive business environment. For your business to thrive, it must provide value to its clients. Your audience may derive value from the entertainment that you offer through Instagram Stories.

Besides entertaining your audience, you should use Instagram Stories to offer tips and advice through how-to posts or even inspirational quotes. Using your Instagram Stories platform, you could also do Q&A sessions whereby clients ask you anything they wish to. When using Instagram Stories to engage your audience, you can upload images or even a video to your page, accompanied by a captivating text.

The availability of dozens of text and image formatting options means that you can play around with your images, videos, or texts to bring out your creative side. The bottom line, however, is ensuring that whatever content you amplify via Instagram Stories resonates with the target audience.

Go Live

The Instagram Stories Live feature can allow you to engage with your audience in real time, thus creating conversations about your brand. During live sessions, you can easily take questions from your followers. If your audience is small, you can even collect some questions a few days before the live stream so that you address them when you go live.

How To Use Instagram Stories To Market In Singapore

Using the live feature, you can broadcast highlights and news about your business and its products. You can even teach a mini class via the platform. Whatever you choose to do during your live sessions, you should always aim at creating positive conversations about your brand.

Cross Promote Other Social Channels that You Own

Any social media-savvy Instagram marketer out there will tell you that cross-promoting other social channels that you run on Instagram Stories helps you gain followers across different social media platforms. It similarly expands your network, clout, and market reach.

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From your Instagram Stories page, for instance, you can give your followers a sneak peek of things that you share on Facebook. You could even use your IG stories platform to promote your YouTube video or announce an upcoming Facebook live post. The idea behind this is to direct your audience to your other social media network.

Be Real

When it comes to the use of social media, many people get tempted to falsely present themselves to fit what others want them to be. If you are using Instagram Stories to market in Singapore, you should try to be real as much as possible.

It is an excellent thing to infuse a touch of glamour to your IG stories posts. Nonetheless, avoid overdoing it since you will ultimately come out as inauthentic. Be professional and show your audience who you are. Being true to your audience will help you attract the right tribe. You will connect with people who easily relate with you, and those that you can quickly engage and work with.

Provide Variety

The secret to marketing via Instagram Stories is mixing things up. We live a time when social media users have access to tons of content. The only way to keep them glued to your IG page is by providing variety in your posts. Each post should have something new and unique.

No one wishes to click through 10 videos or photos about the same thing. It is a good thing to provide visual consistency. Even if you choose to post five pictures about the same thing, ensure that each of your images has unique and valuable information.

Give Shout Outs to Your Fans

One of the coolest things about Instagram Stories is that you can give shout-outs to fellow Instagrammers as well as your fans. Instagram allows you to tag other profiles in your posts and therefore, you can leverage this feature to give shout outs to individuals in your tribe.

These shout outs can be in the form of thank you messages to your most adherent fans, congratulatory messages to your main clients, or recommendations for complementary products or services. This way, you will not only be providing value, but you will also show your audience your human touch and that you care about your fans, clients, and other businesses.

Similarly, Instagram has a paid partnership feature that enables you to tag other businesses in sponsored Instagram Stories easily. In as much as this feature is currently not widely available, it’s expected rollout in the next few months will make it even easier for you to use Instagram Stories to market in Singapore.

Use Instagram Stories to tell Stories

Just like the name suggests, IG Stories is a platform designed to enable you to engage with your audience through stories. This is the best platform for you to share random posts with your audience. In marketing, spontaneity is a great thing since it helps people see who you really are.

When using Instagram Stories to market in Singapore, you should always ensure that the stories that you put out there resonate with your brand image. If you are an events organising company, for instance, you can use IG Stories to share behind the scenes videos and photos about what it takes to host a successful event.

You must keep in mind the fact that telling stories is an art. It might be as simple as sharing the highlights of your day with your audience or holding Q&A sessions. Therefore you should establish what works for your brand so that you can improve your storytelling ability as you continue using IG stories.

Use IG Stories’ Polling Feature

Instagram Stories’ polling feature is an excellent way to encourage engagement with people. With this feature, you can ask your audience what they want by holding a poll. These polls can give you an insight into what they feel about your products and services, and areas where improvement is needed.

Likewise, a poll can help you make crucial decisions about your business, or you even use it for fun. When launching a new product or services, IG polls can help you gauge the interest of your audience towards that product or survive. Simply put, surveys offer you an opportunity to conduct easy and real-time market research.

Utilise Location Tags and Hashtags

You probably know how to incorporate doodles, text, and other fun elements to your Instagram Stories. Not many people know how to geotag or even how to use hashtags in their Instagram Stories. Unbeknown to them, the use of relevant and popular geotags and hashtags can lead to an impressive surge in reach.

Anyone who searches for keywords that relate to your hashtags or location tags will see your IG story. Therefore, the use of hashtags goes a long way in helping reach out to Instagram users who do not follow you. If they are interested in whatever you are sharing through Instagram Stories, they could end up being your new fans.

Geotagging works particularly well for businesses that target clients in a particular region. If you are looking to attract clients in Singapore for instance, geotagging the city-state in your Instagram Stories will draw the attention of Instagram users in the city-state. This will not only grow the number of your followers but also opens your business to new opportunities.

Incorporate Links in Your Stories

Recently, Instagram introduced the ability for users to add links to their Stories. This is great news to businesses since they can add links that are different from the one on their bio. The ability to add links to your Stories means that you can direct your followers to specific landing pages on your website. Therefore, it is easy to drive traffic to specific and relevant landing pages.

Creating an Instagram Stories Business Strategy

You need a strategy in place once you decide to use Instagram Stories to market in Singapore. Given the fact that more businesses are using IG Stories to engage with clients, a good strategy will help you reach more clients thus generating more followers and business opportunities.

Instagram recently added the suggested Stories segment at the top of its Explore page. This means that Instagram users have a way of discovering stories just the same way that they discover ordinary posts. The Instagram Stories algorithm works the same way as the Instagram feed algorithm. It helps users to see your Stories even when they are not your followers.

This means that if you can get your Instagram Story featured prominently on the Explore page, you will undoubtedly draw the attention of dozens of potential followers. Incredibly, you can even optimise your Instagram stories to enhance the chance of appearing at the top of the Explore page.

How Often Should You Post Instagram Stories for Business?

Regular Instagram posts are often subjected to the picky Instagram algorithm. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your posts and videos will appear on the Explore page. This isn’t the case with Instagram Stories since the site never penalises or charges users for even when they post dozens of Stories at a go.

The fact that Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours could perhaps explain their ephemeral nature. As a result, Instagram doesn’t face too much pressure to prioritise some Stories over others on users’ feeds. You can take advantage of this to post as much as you want without getting charged or penalised. However, this could change in coming years particularly as more Instagram accounts start using Stories.

How To Use Instagram Stories To Market In Singapore

To reach as many people as possible with regular Instagram posts, it is advisable that post them when your followers are active. Nevertheless, this is not the case when using Instagram Stories to market in Singapore. Instagram Stories lasts for only 24 hours. This means that you will just be at the top of followers’ feeds for 24 hours.

Even if you post your Stories when most of your followers are offline, they will still see your posts at the top of their feeds when they log in to Instagram. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about posting Instagram Stories at particular times of the day. The idea behind Instagram Stories is for your content to be as current as possible. Even so, posting your Stories when your followers are active will ensure immediate engagement.

What Content Should You Post in Your Stories?

Just like regular posts, it is recommended that your Instagram Stories incorporate a mix of promotional content, lighthearted content, and fun. Therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from posting goofy Stories on your Instagram page.

The availability of numerous tools means that you can be as creative as you wish with your Instagram Stories. You can make your posts promotional without making it look like you are forcing your followers to buy your goods or services.

MediaOne Feels that the Trend of Instagram Marketing will Evolve into The Following Ways:


1# Authenticity will be the Secret to Connecting with Target Customers on Instagram

Just like other social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram algorithm is continuously being updated to offer the best experience to users. The algorithm will continue to accurately identify and delete pseudo and bot accounts in a bid to ensure that the legit Instagram accounts get the reach they deserve. Needless to say, without such stringent measures, the platform will not be effective in helping Singapore businesses connect with prospects.

How to prepare:

One of the obvious things you need to do is avoid buying followers. Fake followers will rarely interact with your content. Come up with smart ways of spurring engagement with the existing audience. One way of achieving this goal is by being real and authentic.

More importantly, keep track of each post’s stats to know which type of content best resonates with your audience. Check out the comments left by followers to understand their needs and expectations.

2# Instagram Influencer Marketing will Continue Gaining More Traction and Become More Expensive

At the moment, there are plenty of outreach services that are tailored to help businesses connect with influencers in Singapore. However, we project that the market will continue to grow steadily and more streamlined to offer the best results.

Instagram will continue to be the go-to platform for influencer marketers who want to run sponsored posts for their clients. We strongly believe that Instagram developers will introduce new features that will make it easier for the influencers to create and post.

How to prepare:

If you are yet to venture into influencer marketing, give it a try. Start with a small budget as you learn the ropes and also determine which influencer best suits your brand.

3# Pushed to Pay for ads to connect with Existing followers

Facebook is already implementing strategies that are designed to encourage marketers to pay for ads to connect with their potential customers. Instagram will soon introduce such strategies. We also think we will notice a gradual drop in organic reach and a strong push for paid ads in the near future.

How to prepare:

Start getting ready for this change and prepare accordingly. A majority of businesses that used to rely on Facebook for marketing had no option but to pay for ads when they noticed a drop in organic reach. Since then, Facebook ads have become very effective in helping businesses scale up. Engage with your digital marketing team to come up with plans on how to leverage Instagram paid promotions.

4# Stories will Continue to Grow in Popularity

Since their inception, stories have become Instagram best success to date. Businesses that are keen on leverage social media marketing are spending more on paid stories. We think this trend will continue and stories will become a prominent feature. Instagram will also introduce more features to make the process of creating stories user-friendly.

How to Prepare:

Keep testing different stories to know which type of content best resonates with your brand. Unknown to most people is that even the simple basic stories can get massive traction on the platform. We are currently carrying out tests in this area and will shed more light on this topic soon.

5# Successful Businesses Will Focus More on Engagement Levels

Currently, account growth is one of the primary objectives for most businesses. However, as Instagram evolves, the successful businesses will focus more on the engagement level. That is, engaging with the target audience will be their primary goal.

Already, we have noticed large brands not only here in Singapore but also abroad preferring micro influencers than large celebrities.

How to prepare:

Take advantage of this window of opportunity to promote your business on this platform more. Make sure that each post is of high quality to get responses from the target audience. Include CTA in each post to encourage the target users to take the desired action.


There has never been a better time for businesses to use Instagram Stories to reach out to clients. There are lots of cool features on Instagram Stories, which can help you personalise your posts. If you are marketing a small business, it is advisable that you tweak your strategy regularly so that you can try out new tools on the platform. You have to keep in mind the fact that with IG stories, you can easily test new content as well as find out what works for you.












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