How to Use Case Studies to Market Successfully In Singapore

How To Use Case Studies To Market Successfully In Singapore

Looking for information on how to use case studies to market successfully in Singapore? First, do you know that your clients are more likely to trust a case study compared to a regular ad? In fact, case studies are reported to be the best form of word-of-mouth marketing and are ten times more effective compared to other traditional marketing techniques.

Statistics indicate that case studies are the fourth most popular marketing strategy in Singapore after eNewsletters, blogs, and social media marketing.

Furthermore, at least 77% of Singapore marketers agree that case studies are an effective marketing technique that can drive sales. This is partly due to increased internet penetration in the country.

Currently, Singapore has the highest internet penetration in the entire South East Asia region. According to various industry studies, internet penetration in Singapore currently stands at 80%.

Case studies provide marketers with an excellent way to tell the world how valuable and useful their products or services are. A good case study goes beyond simple customer testimonials since it shows a real-life example of how your product or service was able to satisfy your client’s needs and help them accomplish their goals.

With well-designed case studies, you will be able to highlight your business successes in a compelling way that will make your potential customers trust your products or services. However, not all case studies are created equal, and not all case studies can attract potential clients to your business.

If you want to use case studies to market successfully in Singapore, you must come up with a compelling masterpiece. Don’t waste your time and resources promoting a case study that isn’t so powerful and persuasive.

Tips On How to Use Case Studies To Market Successfully in Singapore

Create a Dedicated Case Studies Page on Your Website

There is no better way to promote your case studies in Singapore than using your official business website. With the increased internet penetration in the country, you can be sure that a lot of potential customers are visiting your business website every day.

Various reports indicate that at least 42% Singaporeans rely on the Internet to research products and services and always compare choices before making a buying decision.

Make sure that you create one webpage on your site exclusively for highlighting your case studies. It doesn’t matter whether you call this page “case studies,” “examples of our work,” or “success studies.”

However, you need to ensure that the page is strategically located on your site and visitors can easily find it. The structure of your case studies is also critical.

Start by highlighting the initial challenges that the customer was facing before you proceed to explain how your product/service helped to solve the problem.

Highlight the process you used to solve the problem and show the actual results. This is the best approach that will help you carry your potential client from the start to the end of your case study.

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Post about Your Case Studies on Social media

Various studies have also shown that at least 3.21 million Singapore residents use mobile devices to access multiple social network sites. Approximately 98% of the country’s internet users have at least one social media account where they spend an average of three hours every day. This shows you how powerful social media is in Singapore.

Fortunately, case studies make for perfect social media sharing material. First, you can share a link to your case study and tag a customer. The trick here is to post your case study in a unique way that attracts the right people to click through. Avoid generic messages such as “here is a link to our new case study.”

Make sure that the message accompanying your social media post explains the challenge that you overcome or the specific goal that you helped your customer accomplish.

Remember to include the primary statistics associated with that specific case study.  For instance, you can include something like “175% increase in Y “, or “3x lead follow in two weeks.”

You can also update your cover image on Facebook and Twitter showing a happy client. Luckily, there are lots of social media cover photo templates available online that can help you accomplish this task. You should also include a link to your case study in your list of publications on LinkedIn.

Write a Story that Your Ideal Potential Customer Can Relate To

Do you know who your ideal potential client is?  If it is someone in the higher education sector, then make your case studies about your satisfied university clients. If your ideal potential client is someone in the automobile industry, then make all your case studies about car parts or car manufacturers.

The primary goal is to ensure that your ideal potential client can read your story from the start to the end. Doing so will make the client more comfortable reading your story.

Before you start designing your case studies, make sure that you understand your industry’s specific needs and tailor your case studies around these needs.

Know how to provide targeted results and persuade your clients to trust your business. Think of your case study as a smaller and simple how-to blog post that you are designing.

The most critical thing to keep in mind is that your case study should be designed with your customer’s needs in mind.

Remember the fact that people are more willing to read specific information that provides solutions to their unique needs. The same thing applies to case studies. People who read about actual results attained in their industry will most likely feel like the same products or services will work for them as well.

Share Your Case Studies with Your Business Partners

Business owners in Singapore who want to use case studies to market successfully must appreciate the fact that businesses don’t run as isolated entities. Various individuals who work for you as suppliers, agencies, vendors, freelancers, and influencers are all part of your business.

Statistics indicate that some businesses in Singapore generate more than 40% of their revenues from alliances.  If you want your case studies to attract potential clients to your business, make sure that you don’t ignore your business partners and alliances.

Tell them about your latest case study and share your findings with them in a non-promotional way. Start appreciating the fact that your partners are your business’s best friends. They are willing to share your case study with their friends to see your company grow.

Don’t ignore your partners even if they are in a different niche since they can share your success story with their friends and relative who might be your ideal potential customers.

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Equip Your Sales Team with Case Studies

Tailored content is becoming increasingly important to sales representatives in Singapore as they look to offer value on the sales call. Several reports estimate that Singaporeans go through 75-90% of the buyer’s journey before contacting a business.

This means that the customer is more informed than ever before. Sales representatives no longer have to spend a lot of time explaining to the customer about the benefits and features of particular products. The customer will most likely have this information before contacting your business.

Sales representatives now need to be armed with valuable information that fully addresses each stage of the buyer’s process. This is where case studies become a powerful marketing tool that can drive sales.

Your sales representatives need this information to show prospective clients how successful other people within their industry have benefited from using your products or services.

Therefore if you want to use case studies to market successfully in Singapore, make sure that your sales team is at the core of your plan.

Create Videos from Your Case Studies and Share Them

According to reports by the APAC Consumer Barometer, over 50% of Singaporean internet users love watching videos online. This shows how critical videos can be to your case study marketing strategy in Singapore.

With Internet services improving every single day, more people find themselves consuming more and more video content online. In fact, digital marketing experts in Singapore say that consumers are two times more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy case study.

Therefore, if you have sufficient resources and experienced video experts, start creating videos of your case studies to entice prospective clients.  Videos also present a powerful tool for communicating your value proposition.

Build a compelling video story for your case study that highlights your goals, processes, and results. Apart from watching, your potential clients are three times more likely to share your video with their friends and family which increases your reach.

Run An Outreach Campaign

If you are looking for a case study marketing technique that will help your business acquire important backlinks to help improve search engine rankings, then you need to run an outreach campaign. However, this might be a tedious task that requires a lot of determination and patience to succeed.

First, you need to convert your case study into real statistics. For instance, if your well-designed project management app helped one of your customers in reducing the time they spend on a project by a given percentage, you need to convert the information into a nice statistic that can appeal to your target audience.

Once you have converted your case study into a statistic, find high-traffic blogs, websites, resource pages, and other online forums that either share case studies or statistics. Such sites are relatively easy to find, and that shouldn’t consume a lot of your time.

Send your case studies or statistics in no more than a couple sentences to all the sites but be sure to avoid your competitors. Potential clients who love evaluating studies will most likely see your statistics and reach out for further enquiries.

If you are lucky and your case study is added to one or two of the sites, your business will get valuable backlinks with decent exposure.  You will get a free backlink from such sites for anyone who cites your case study. But, it all boils down to how powerful and persuasive your case study is and how it appeals to your target audience.

Tell Your Story from the Start to the Finish

People love reading a good story. Your case study is your success story, and you should find a way of telling it from the start to the end without boring the reader. Keep in mind that your case study will allow your prospective client to get to know the customer in the story and start associating themselves with their success.

Make sure that you bring out the customer in your case study quite vividly. Highlight what their goals and needs were and explain how you satisfied their needs and helped them to meet their goals. This is what your potential clients want to know.

If you tell your story well the people reading it will want to try out your products or services. You should also remember to follow up with the client in your case study a few months later and update your story to show how your products continue to benefit the client.

This will give your prospective clients the opportunity to see that your primary goal isn’t just to help with immediate needs but to ensure long-term results.


Case studies are an essential marketing tool that explores how your products and services have affected specific customers. They serve as a powerful proof that your product or service can really do everything that you claim. They are proven marketing strategies that can drive sales.

Various reports indicate that a staggering 75% of Singaporeans use case studies, especially online, to make a buying decision. This is what makes it one of the most effective marketing strategies in Singapore.

However, not all case studies are created equal, and not all of them yield similar results.  For you to reap the numerous benefits of case studies, you must make sure that you come up with a masterpiece that is powerful and persuasive.You must create a compelling story and use it properly to attract potential customers to your business.

We can help you get more customers in Singapore by creating the ideal digital marketing campaigns and strategies for your brand. Get in touch with us for more details.

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