How to Tell Your Brand Story in Singapore

How to Tell Your Brand Story in Singapore

To be a successful business owner in Singapore you need to know how to tell your brand story. As much as the main aim of your Singapore business is making profits, it is dependent on person-to-person interactions. This is what makes telling your brand story important.

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A good story gives a voice to small ventures, making it relatable to the Singapore target audience it seeks to serve. If you master how to tell your brand story, you might be surprised at the reduction of effort to market your products.

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What is Brand Storytelling?

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A brand story is a reason or the passion behind the existence of a brand. In a brand story in Singapore, you need to tell why the business came to be, why your team and employees wake up every day to get to work, who is your target customer, who runs the company in Singapore, and who the company is.

Many Singapore online marketers get stuck in this area. You do not need to worry if you are an engineering or IT company. How to tell your brand story should come naturally as it is something we do even without realising it. An effortless way to go about it is letting the customer tell your story through comments and product reviews.

If you are not sure how to tell your brand story, here is what you need to do.

  • How to tell your Brand Story by Building a Message Architecture

You need to understand putting in the right amount of seriousness and effort to share your message in Singapore is very vital. An excellent example of such devotion can be illustrated by Tiffani Jones Brown, Pinterest’s lead content strategist. She has assembled a list of five people as part of her team to build and execute their message plan. For businesses in Singapore, this should not differ in any way.

A good story in Singapore is not born out of the blues. Someone needs to collect the message and put it together in a way that speaks to the public. Your message architecture needs to be precise and have clear points and goals. It should have a pitch focus, a customer focus, and a brand focus. These three will direct your tone and line of thought.

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Start with the origin of the brand and then add the success stories to give it a community touch. If you wait too long to connect with a potential prospect, you risk losing the business.

how to tell your brand story in Singapore

  • Forget about Marketing

To be able to tell your brand story authentically, you need to forget that you doing so to market your business. Singaporeans have heard all the marketing noise for too long, and they tend to turn away from companies that only talk about themselves. How about you stop trying to hide your personality.

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As contradicting as it sounds, a good marketer in Singapore should stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like a potential client or customer. This is the only way they will be able to know how to tell your brand story without overthinking it. Share more than you sell, and you will eventually sell more. Tips on marketing will agree with this concept.

  • How to Tell Your Brand Story by being Conversational

Trying to hide your humanity in an official tone will not work well for you in Singapore. You need to build a conversation. Tell your actual story. Do not worry if it is emotional. In fact the more emotions, the better the relations in Singapore. Write what you want to write instead of adding a team of robots to fake a story.

In Singapore, people are able to detect a fake story from miles away by how it has been presented. Also, stop trying to beat around the bush and get straight to the point. A good brand story needs to be short, one that can be easily be comprehended.

  • Choosing your Words Wisely

As part of any storytelling in Singapore, paying attention to the words you use means that the entire story has been keenly outlined. To master how to tell your brand story is to master the game of words. However, do not confuse this by cooking up a story that you think Singaporeans want to hear.

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Your words need to speak to the target audience in Singapore succinctly. For example, if you have an audience of millennials, and you need to know their preferred way of communicating and the online platforms they frequent. The story does not change in this case, only the delivery mode.

  • A Unified On-site and Off-site Presence

The image you portray in public should be that same image person in Singapore see when you are not all about your company’s business. Many people have destroyed a company by painting a false image in public. People from Singapore do not take being lied to lightly. Once they discover that the way you tell your brand story is not true, they can take their frustrations to extreme measures.

Sometimes, the brand story might be true but the lifestyle of the person behind it totally different. This inconsistency can cause ruin the company’s reputation. You cannot run a company that is about healthy living and then smoke behind the scenes. People in Singapore will not question their neighbour who smokes but will question your integrity if they find out that you do in this scenario.


No one will know how to tell your brand story as well as you can. As much as you might not be a good writer and will need an editorial team to help you out, the focus remains on the content and not the missing commas. A good brand has a voice that speaks to many of those who do not necessarily need the product the brand sells.

Having a brand in Singapore is nice, but only a few are able to maintain it in the long run. A brand story gives a brand a natural push and reduces the marketing budget by a significant amount.

Get in touch for more tips on how to tell your brand story in Singapore. Our digital marketing team will assist you to do it right and achieving the best results possible.


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