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Best Ways To Use Social Media To Get Leads In Singapore

Best Ways To Use Social Media To Get Leads In Singapore

Social media is among one of the most crucial tools for sales and marketing for today’s businesses. Social posts can help you generate and convert lots of new leads using relevant and timely posts on social media. However, the way you approach developing and sharing your content is crucial. If your posts are not authentic and organic and feel too salesy, you will not get a hold of your potential clients.

Google+ has more than 50 million users, Twitter has more over 200 million users, and Facebook has over 800 million users. Everyone is blogging, posting, tweeting, and sending messages utilizing mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. And businesses are using social media to reach their potential customers and create conversations. But what about B2B dialogues? How can you start a dialogue using B2B prospects on social media?

While the old models of sales were about cold-calls, demonstrating sales, and generating leads, the current B2B communications mean that you require to utilise social networks to target new prospects, show them how you can assist them to develop their business, and promote them through content.

Social media usage growth has been a significant element in the reason for social media selling being adopted. Research shows that 94% of B2B prospects in Singapore do some research online before deciding, with 55% of them doing an online study for more than half of their acquisitions.

Why Use Social Media?

In the Business to Business field, the dialogue is obviously different. While Business to Business clients have very strong participation in social media in Singapore, their primary objective in social networks is to establish themselves as experts and develop connections for lead generation in the future. Social media is grounded on relationships. Connections assist in making B2B purchasing decisions. Whether offline or online, the most effective method of advertising is by word of mouth. In the world of business, referrals and personal affirmations authenticate business decisions.

The main concern of business marketers is to shift to a communication channel that is cost-friendly. That is the reason why social media is so engaging: the capability to generate an audience of pre-qualified brand campaigners on a media channel at a low price.

How to Get Started with Using Social Media to Prospect New Leads

Are you interested in understanding how you can generate leads on social media using B2B prospects in Singapore?

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The steps below will highlight what you need to seek when using social networks for prospecting accomplishments.

  1. Identify and Research Your Prospects

Before starting your engagement with prospects, conduct some online and offline research to create a list of the types of clients you are seeking. Generating leads on social media does not indicate that you choose an account and message the owners your offer. Your message will likely get classified as spam, and that indicates you have failed.

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Look for prospects whose followers are similar to your existing customers and who you would like to have but might be quite hard to get or are out of your direct reach. Prospecting using social media creates a personalised pitch for the prospect, and trial is excellent practice for future leads.

Use your list of prospects to determine their profiles on various social media platforms. You can do that by simply typing their name into the search boxes on the respective social media platforms or visit their website and click on the different social media icons if they are linked.

Look for B2B prospects who are in the same niche as you, and who have the clients that you would like to have. This step can even be taken further by determining the specific group of individuals that you need to talk to.

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Look for the prospects’ “About Us” or “Our Team” sections on their website to get information about them and biographies of the primary stakeholders in the companies. You should determine if they have company social media pages and follow them; ensure that you include LinkedIn in your search.

  1. Don’t Introduce and Market Your Business Directly

Just to remind you: social media is excellent for generating leads and opening conversations. That means that it must be used together with other methods.

Most of the times, business owners and marketers take only a single method seriously. For instance, they might be replying to emails and ignoring LinkedIn messages.

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Utilising at least three social media platforms makes sure that you infuse your leads enough to get a response. Using social media to generate leads is an excellent way to begin, but it is recommended that you put the data in a tool to fill in the holes like the email and physical address of the prospect.

For example, you can conduct some background study on the potential leads through social media and send your prospects an email and them. Identifying and following your prospect on social media alone does not guarantee a great pitch to send to your prospects or your readiness to engage with them. Keep in mind that generating leads on social media in Singapore is not the same as contacting through the phone. That means that you need to create a customised pitch to raise your chances of getting engagement.

At this point, you need to determine the behaviours of your prospect on social media. Observe their type and time of engagements online through their social profiles. What time are they more active and what types of posts do they engage with most? The other aspect to consider is the types of information they post online. Do they create most of their posts or do they outsource their posts from their other social media platforms? Do they approach ideas and comments from their followers personally and actively?

Keep in mind shared posts in company social media profiles go in line with the values of the business or include something that is related to their brand or that supports the company.

Companies utilise social media not only to promote their values and brand but also to engage with other related businesses. If your target prospect interacts with clients on their social media pages, it is likely that their amount of social media marketing expertise will fit well in your prospecting strategy.

Understanding the time when a prospect engages on social networks also assists you in determining when you need to compose your pitch and send to them. It is not easy to know the number of messages your prospect gets daily or how regularly they read their messages, but their likelihood of reading your messages is higher if they are online and actively interacting with your followers when you send them.

  1. Create A Customized Pitch

You can now familiarise your prospect with who you are. It is crucial to think through every word of your opening message to send to the prospect and also how you customise your pitch to become consistent with how the prospect utilises social media. And they might have followed back after following them. That means that they are interested enough to listen.

Or, they might have posted an article about the services and tools they utilise to ensure that their company is functional, and you happen to have of methods that can assist them in doing it even better. You need to note such elements during your research step since they are essential when creating your pitch.

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Think of how you can use social media to get a company that can offer you the services that you require. Think of yourself as the prospect. What do you think your prospect needs and can you assist them in becoming better at the way they operate? Even if that is the ground for your pitch strategy, do not forget to customise it.

On social media, individuals love the human element behind the digital accounts, and nobody wants to get the impression that they are getting sold to by a robot.

  1. Dialogues Emerge from Relevant Conversations

The primary intention of social media is to become social; you cannot contact a prospect with a general sales proposal that you could utilise just to anybody. You need to look at their content to determine if they are social media influencers and find out if they have a large following. Do they publish blogs regularly or participate in social media engagements like hashtags? Those are excellent chances to reach them and start your dialogue.

It is highly possible that your prospect would want to get feedback on their posts or add more to their articles. What you need to ensure is that your offer is honest. Nowadays, most individuals can easily distinguish a promotional pitch, and their likelihood of getting back to you are low when they know that was the only reason you reached out to them.

Keep in mind that you need to give your prospect soothing valuable, and an excellent method of achieving that is through dialogues that assist in understanding them more. If your interest in their content is sincere, you can share the posts if they are relevant to your business interests and values.

The genuineness of your pitch and the significance that you stand for to your prospect as an associate is what will push the dialogue.

  1. Utilise Social Media to Underscore Your Values

B2B prospects can also come to your business organically on social media – even grounded on your posts on social media. Do you interact with your customers regularly on social media? Do you post articles that are relevant to your industry regularly?

If your prospects are likely to convert, they will research about you when deciding. The more active you are on social media, the more genuine you are when starting dialogues with a prospect using social media. Exhibiting the value of the service you offer is a sign of your relationship with your existing clients. If you have a customer who posts an achievement or news, you should repost their post on your social media pages. That shows that you care about your connections with your clients and the achievements of the people you work together.

To succeed in engaging and connecting with prospects on the social platforms, you need to show that you can give the value and services that you provide on the various social media platforms that you utilise.

If you require to get further, endorse your prospect through your business social media platforms to show them that they have done something valuable to you. What other way is better to introduce your business to prospects than to appreciate their work?

  1. Utilize Your Prospect’s Language

That means you use the language of your prospects, not your own. It includes your dialogue being based on their circle, not yours. That indicates you need to create a conversation grounded on the aspects that will assist your prospects in solving a problem. And it necessitates that you avoid all the common industry slangs and speak utilising terms and languages that are relevant and natural to your prospects.

You need to listen keenly to their language. Unless they are totally convinced by all the slangs, they come across daily; they are not likely to use most of the slangs. Use what you have learned to your message and in your blog posts. Create content that encourages your prospect to aspire to learn more and to get into a dialogue with you and make sure you do not waste your opportunity by letting your prospect reject your offer because of using clichés.

Final Verdict

The traditional rules of getting prospects still apply. The methods that you utilise to get new customers have only evolved. However, ensure that your pitch is not salesy, and don’t forget to start a conversation that is mutually beneficial and does not waste time.

Even if the steps above might seem relatively lengthy, they can reduce the time needed to complete your process of selling since the initial conversations and research assist in developing the first official sales business meeting.

Social media is an excellent tool for processing sales by establishing a lasting relationship and showcasing the services that you offer. Your profiles on social media can give your prospect the validation they require to start a dialogue.

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