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 How do you successfully promote a YouTube channel in Singapore? The problem is that most people do not know how to utilise the various YouTube channel marketing resources available properly.

You should leverage on the various means of growing your subscriber base to achieve the desired viewership and to meet your goals. This article looks at the various strategies you can use to promote a YouTube channel in Singapore. 

Focus on Retention

The primary task of any brand using a YouTube channel should be to engage viewers to watch the video until the end.  The logic is that the longer users view your videos, the more ads they will see. 

For this reason, YouTube favours videos that offer a high retention rate, which should be one of your goals. If your channel already has traffic, you can use YouTube Analytics to check the necessary metrics. 

If you have a retention rate that is lower than 35%, then YouTube is not the proper marketing channel to pursue. However, a retention rate above 35% means that you have a better chance of success when you decide to promote the channel.

Use a Powerful Intro


The introduction to your videos is vital to improving your channel’s retention rate. You could use a brief intro or outro, or bumper to boost viewership. However, a majority of the videos lose a minimum of 20% because they execute the introduction wrongly. 

The best way to optimise your introduction is by experimenting with short titles and sound clips on your videos and having background music. Studies show that a majority of the people will stop watching if the video did not capture their attention by the third second.

This goes to show that, if you cannot capture the viewers’ attention, YouTube itself will not care much about promoting your videos. 

How to Minimise Viewer Loss

For you to succeed at promoting your YouTube channel, you need to approach the exercise strategically. Here is how to do it:

  • Reduce your bumper to no more than 3 seconds
  • Add a preview section of what the viewers can expect from the video
  • Invest in a professional theme and format of your videos

This might seem like a simple way to minimise viewer loss on your channel, but the results will not be immediate. This will call for patience to get it right.  

Know Your Audience

Typically, there are four sources of traffic you ought to know when you promote a YouTube channel:

  • Direct search
  • Search requests
  • Relevant videos
  • Links

However, the source of your traffic will vary based on the theme you choose for your channel. 

Direct Search

Logically, the more subscribers you have, the more traffic you will attract based on views in the new video notifications and feed section. Ideally, the viewers’ begin their watching experience directly on your channel. However to leverage on direct search, you must improve on other sources of traffic. 

Search Requests

Studying search requests is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your channel. You will be able to see what prospective viewers are searching for and start creating similar content. You can begin by monitoring Google Trends to see what is trending in the searches. 

There are also several SEO tools that you can use to find the best performing keywords used by searchers in your industry niche. Better yet, there is an increase in the number of third-party tools that allow you to see what people are searching for on YouTube. 

Google Trends also suggests the keywords you should use, and how to configure the location settings to get better keyword suggestions. The goal here is to get the search requests that are not as competitive but can deliver good traffic. 

You could also create a video that is yet to start trending. For example, iPhone X is already out, and there is a high likelihood that there will be an eleventh iPhone coming soon. By making a video for the 11th iPhone, you will be on hand to beat the competition to the market. 

Relevant Videos

One of the ways YouTube uses to promote content is by linking videos that have a similar theme. The chances are that there is someone producing related content to yours and you can feed off this traffic to grow your viewership base. 

You can follow this trick:

  • Identify a clip with high views and make a video with a similar icon, description, length, and name. However, you should strive to have content of a higher quality
  • Write comments on the description section about the selected video and invite users to watch your version 

However, there are no promises that your videos will get into the recommended videos list. If you continue with this strategy to promote a YouTube channel, at least 10% of your videos will make a list.


Linking is one of the best strategies to promote a YouTube channel. However, it takes a lot of time to execute. It involves leaving links in various popular blogs and hoping that they do not get deleted. For example, if you have a channel about insurance in Singapore, find several frequently visited blogs and leave a link to your channels in the comments section.

Another way to use links to increase traffic is by writing guest posts on the popular blogs in your niche. Moreover, you should also look into your competitor’s channels and see how they have optimised their YouTube channel marketing strategy. You will be able to note their mistakes and improve on them to increase views and subscribers. 

Promote YouTube Channel Often

Another of the best ways of how to promote a YouTube channel is to promote new videos within the first 24 hours after release. When used correctly, this method is very useful, and you can set aside approximately $20.

It is recommended that you promote at least 30% of your videos that have a high chance of receiving good traffic within the first few days of posting. If you have great content, you are sure to get the video in the recommended list on the main page. 

Post Frequently

The number of posts on your channel could make or break your channel’s success. You need to create a content marketing strategy that looks into when you should post and how frequently.

However, the trick is to have consistency in your posting schedule. Sporadic posting will cause a drop in uninterested, especially when you go for long periods without any new content. 

Repost, Like, and Comment

Comments show how likeable your videos are to the public. This means that if the public does not like your videos. YouTube will not appreciate them either. This reduces your chances of making it to the recommendation list on videos or YouTube main page. The best way to increase interaction is by engaging the viewers who have commented on your videos.

You should also ask the viewer to like your videos, subscribe to your channel, and leave comments. You could also run contests to help your videos receive more reposts, likes, and comments. 


These are the top avenues you can use to promote a YouTube channel in Singapore. However, it will not be easy, and you need to try different strategies to rise above the competition. Moreover, it can get tricky trying to keep up with the trends and competition.

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