Smart Ways to Optimise UI of your Business Mobile Apps

how to optimise the UI of your business mobile app

Are you looking for information on how to optimise the UI of your business mobile app? A recent report revealed that Singaporeans spend more than 3 hours per day on mobile apps. The apps are gateways to the main websites, and since they can access all the information they need on the mobile app, request for services, and even order products, they prefer using them instead of visiting the website.

However, competition is stiff since most businesses have custom mobile apps for their clients and even employees. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your mobile app is unique and stands out from the rest to connect with millions of mobile device users in Singapore.

How can you make your mobile app unique? What exactly do you need to do to give the app a higher cutting edge in the competitive digital marketing industry in Singapore?

Here are six wise nuggets on how to optimise the UI of your business mobile app.

Involve the Entire Team

Right from the first phase of development, it is imperative to have a clear picture in mind of the result. One of the best ways of doing this is to create a one-page with details of all the processes you want the app to perform. The entire team, that is, customer care, UX research, design, and development should be involved in the process.

Delegate the task to a project manager who is conversant with the mobile app industry. The manager will help the other team members to understand the concept and foster teamwork. Sketches and images can help the team to visualize the navigation flow and other important aspects of your business.

Allow the team members to contribute to the process openly to get the best results. Be sure to create a prototype before launching the app to be sure that it is working well. A/B tests should also be done to identify areas that need to be tweaked before the official app is launched.

Maintain a Uniform Design

With a  image of the overall design of the mobile app you want to create for your business in mind, the next step that you need to take is to maintain the same design throughout the app. That means, if you decide to use one color, do not introduce a different color in another screen of the app to avoid overwhelming the users.

how to optimise the UI of your business mobile app

The most successful business mobile apps have a consistent design and have the right aesthetics in every section of the mobile application. Consistent app design is the only way to offer the best user experience to potential clients.

Create a Visual Hierarchy of All Contents

Visual hierarchy of the mobile app contents will greatly help to enhance its functionalism. The layout of the text and icons must form a whole without adding empty spaces inside. Dispersion can be significantly reduced if the various essential elements that you decide to include in the app are correctly integrated. This kind of integration will also create a sense of continuity. Breadcrumbs will also be beneficial within the interface.

Choose the Right Colour

Colours play an important role to not only your website but also the mobile application. This is based on the fact that different colours elicit different emotions to users. Make sure that your mobile application has the right colour schemes.

It is recommended to opt for a business app development model that does not involve the use of too many colors. Otherwise, multiple colours will cause visual saturation to the users whom you are hoping to convert into customers. Most of the professional website designers in Singapore and app developers work together to make sure that the colours in the app are similar or the same and those on the website.

Strive not to exceed three colours; otherwise, going overboard is risking your credibility and user experience. Note that the colour scheme should also put into consideration the logo but be as consistent as possible at every stage of the app development process.

Another important fact that you need to consider is the amount or density of the colours you use. If possible, steer clear of strident colours and consider using colours that blend well together. A professional mobile app developer in Singapore can do this without charging you an arm and a leg.

Most of the high performing business apps in Singapore have warm colours that provoke positive emotions and sensations to users such as confidence and tranquillity. Follow psychology of colours used by the most reliable Singapore website developers to optimise your business app.

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how to optimise UI of business mobile app

Eliminate Unessential Functionalities

The first thing that you need to note is that 80% of business mobile app users in Singapore only make use of 20% of the elements in your application. The 80-20 rule works in mobile app development as well as other facets of digital marketing in Singapore and abroad.

Having too many elements will not only compromise user experience but also slow down the mobile application. Therefore, spend time studying the performance of every element on the app to know which ones should be deleted. You might find out that one element can perform multiple tasks.

If you already launched the mobile application and want to gauge the quality of user experience that it is offering, check the user usage data. If most of the users are using a particular feature, it means that it is essential. Any feature that is not used often should be deleted or combined with the high performing features.

Consider the Button Design

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Tell the users exactly what will happen if they click on a particular button by providing a brief description. This information will make it easy for them to know the specific buttons they should click on to find the information they are looking for or to complete the process.

Think about the accessibility of various sections of the mobile app and optimise it accordingly. If the description text is not clear or legible, the users will not be motivated enough to click on the buttons.

Optimise UI of your business mobile application if you want to get a firm footing in Singapore. Make sure that the content presented through the app is accurate and consistent with what is posted on your website.

The mobile app should offer the same if not better user experience as your website. One way of achieving this goal is by hiring the best website design team in Singapore. Get in touch with us for affordable website design packages for your business in Singapore. We will also give you additional tips on how to optimise the UI of your business mobile app.

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