How to Market To Millennials In Singapore

How to Market To Millennials In Singapore

Looking for accurate information on how to market to millennials in Singapore? Just like anywhere else, Internet marketers in Singapore often target millennials. This is because they have the biggest online spending compared to other segments of the population. Research indicates that more than 80% of millennials own smartphones, and also spend a significant part of their day on social media. The heavy presence of millennials on the Internet and social media is something that digital marketers should leverage to market their goods and services to millennials.

Any serious business that intends to have a successful digital marketing campaign cannot ignore millennials. Even though marketing to millennials is quite tricky because they are more tech-savvy and informed compared to other segments of the population, penetrating this market is the surest way of succeeding in your industry. Here are some helpful strategies that you can use to reach this lucrative segment of the consumer market.

How to Market to Millenials in Singapore

Upload Engaging Content

When seeking to reach out to millennials, it is advisable that you use engaging content, which is relateable to them. This means that whatever content that you choose must resonate with them besides communicating the exact message that they want to hear. When marketing to millennials, you should also use a language that they understand best. Your posts should be engaging in the sense that it allows them to provide the response and air their feelings about you. When chatting with them, make it a point to mention your brand.

You also need to recognize that millennials like expressing themselves. In today’s dynamic digital marketing industry, self-expression is akin to branding your business. This highlights the significance of ensuring that your target market (in this case millennials) relates to your products that match their style and personality. Similarly, ensure that you connect your brand to the image that the millennials want. This will attract their attention, thus ensuring that they either purchase your products or choose your services.

Since the purchasing decision of millennials is heavily dependent on peer influence and word-of-mouth influence you should ensure that your brand and its marketing campaigns focus on enhancing the user experience. Come up with marketing content that not only increases brand awareness, but also the purchase intent among millennials.

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Millennials often want to be occupied with high-quality and engaging content. They tend to find themselves immersed in a whirlwind of entertainment. This means there are numerous opportunities that you can explore to put together engaging content for your marketing campaigns.

Target Specific Groups of Millennials   

When marketing to millennials in Singapore, it may look tempting for you to lump the entire target market into one homogenous group. In as much as this can work in general marketing campaigns, you won’t realize desired results in all marketing campaigns. You have to keep in mind that Singapore itself is a highly homogenous city nation. 42% of its population was born outside the country. With millennials forming a considerable chunk of the population, it is apparent that they have different life experiences and preferences.

Do not make the mistake of developing stereotypes about millennials. You should look at the diversity of this market as a springboard for diversifying your reach. You cannot target millennials using a streamlined strategy since they are at best spontaneous and unpredictable. Millennials will go for things that are in fashion and those that their peers recommend to them.

Therefore, you must reach out to specific segments of the millennial market in Singapore for your marketing campaigns to achieve the desired results. This highlights the significance of conducting in-depth market research to pinpoint the purchase journey and specific digital usage patterns of millennials.

Singaporean millennials are connected and highly-informed shoppers. Therefore, you can only market to them by anticipating their future needs, converting them into browsers, and thereafter, converting them into buyers. When selling to millennials in Singapore, you must know what exactly they seek and enjoy. This will help you drive loyalty thus enabling you to penetrate this lucrative market.

How to Market To Millennials In Singapore

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Focus on their Needs and Wants, Not Yours

When engaging with millennials, keep your content short yet precise. Millennials don’t love reading long content since they find it boring. Since most of them access the internet using their mobile devices, ensure that your content precisely communicates what they want to hear. Often, millennials desire to feel connected and involved in their purchases. Traditional marketing doesn’t encourage this kind of connection. You need a marketing campaign that focuses on what millennials need.

Millennials are more enticed by and demand personalized and customer-driven campaigns. Therefore, you must avoid company-focused and impersonal campaigns since, in the minds of millennials, these are void of substance. Use a mobile-first approach since most millennials use their mobile devices to make their decisions.

Millennials are likely to buy from brands whose campaigns promise spontaneous and unique experiences. They are also likely to work with brands that fulfill their desire to look sophisticated before their peers. You can entice them using branded VIP parties, particular influencer-only events, and exclusive sneak picks. Such events make them look and feel like trendsetters among their peers besides appealing to their sense of fun and adventure. Incorporating such strategies in your marketing campaigns will go a long way in helping you penetrate the millennial market in Singapore.

Ask Them to Talk About You

Word of mouth has been an effective method of advertising for years. You don’t need to capture the imagination of all millennials for you to market your products to them. Often, millennials’ purchasing decision is influenced by what their peers are talking about services and products that are being marketed to them. For this reason, you should provide top-notch services and products as you seek to penetrate the market. This will stir positive conversations about you. As they engage their peers, they are likely to refer you to them. Therefore, you should not just market to millennials, but also encourage them to talk about you on various platforms due to the influence that they wield over each other.

Generally, millennials define themselves by the kind of products that they use. Most importantly, they will talk about these products to their peers. Needless to say, when millennials develop a liking for a product, they will surely tell the world about it, be it on social media or in their face-to-face conversations. Millennials who fall in love with your products and services are the best marketing tools at your disposal. If well utilized, they will sell your products on your behalf. You only need to give them the means and a platform to do so.

Millennials are mainly are influenced by people that they relate to, especially their peers. For this reason, you should leverage the power of influencer marketing to reach out to them. You miss out on a great business opportunity if you fail to use influencer marketing to market to millennials in Singapore. The increasing popularity of influencer marketing is no fluke. Millennials are more likely to base their purchasing decisions on what influencers on YouTube and other channels say. Leveraging the power of influencers can help you market to millennials in Singapore.

Give Them an Active Role in Your Brand

Millennials value transparency. This could perhaps be attributed to the fact that they came of age in a period characterized by social and economic uncertainties. They cannot trust businesses that do tend to ignore feedback or companies that are cagey when it comes to their business dealings. You can only gain the trust of millennials if you are open about whatever you are trying to market to them. Since they also love being heard, the surest way of gaining the confidence of millennials is through direct engagements with them.

An easy way of making inroads into the millennial market is by making them feel like they are part of your business process. Keeping them in the loop will make them feel like they are partners and co-creators rather than just spectators. In this regard, you should endeavor to create a relationship that goes beyond the business engagements that you have with them. Millennials value the connectedness that comes with relationships. This does not just apply to brands but also people. They are often looking forward to feeling connected to companies that they buy from.

Incorporate a Warm and Human Touch in Your Campaigns

Millennials often get misinterpreted and misunderstood as being self-centered. However, the reality is that they are a group-oriented and civic-minded generation. Most millennials are apprehensive about companies that use traditional advertising methods. This is understandable considering the fact that they came of age at a time when the Internet and social media are the go-to sources of information.

Millennials tend to lean towards brands whose marketing campaigns have a human touch, and also reflect personal values. To market your company and its services to this segment of the population, ensure that your campaigns have a human touch. Besides this, you must show that you operate ethically and sustainably and that you have a serious commitment to giving back to society. This way, you will easily attract millennials’ support.

How to Market To Millennials In Singapore

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Use Event Marketing

In as much as the use of social media, search engines, and partnering with other sites is a good way of reaching out to millennials; it won’t help you exhaust the market. Besides the use of digital platforms to reach out to millennials, you should branch out to event marketing. This could entail hosting events in conjunction with like-minded partners or even attending millennials’ events. During trade shows, you should also look at attracting millennials. If you are starting out, those that you will draw during such events will form the basis of your market and act as a springboard for you to rope in their peers.

Offer Experience-Based Shopping

Millennials have changed the way brands do business. There has been an industry-wide shift in such a way that e-commerce businesses have replaced outmoded retail models. Technology-driven modes of selling, which are experimental, have also gained popularity. As a result, you need to offer millennials an experienced-based shopping experience since it will help your customer loyalty as well as build your brand awareness.

Millennials love experiences, and there’s no better way to offer this than using experiential marketing. This is an excellent way of targeting this brand-savvy segment of the population. You should aim at building your business around the concept of allowing clients to experience the brand more instead of just selling your products.

Be Creative in Your Advertising

To enter the lucrative millennial market, you should use innovative marketing strategies. Millennials are fed up with traditional advertising methods, which merely feed information to them without engaging them. Whereas they want information, they still want to select what suits them rather than having it forced on them. Simply put, millennials consume information how and when they want to.

Rather than choosing a campaign that targets the entire market, it is advisable that you segment your target market. You should keep in mind that millennials do not respond to the same message in the same way. Grouping the entire population into one huge marketing demographic won’t give you the desired results.

Consider segmenting your campaigns into different campaigns for your target market will make it easy for you to respond to your inquiries besides making their campaigns resonate. Even if it seems desirable to target age demographics to an extent, your targeting should also be granular. For this reason, you should directly look at the actual attributes of your customers.


Marketing to millennials to Singapore can seem like a daunting task as this segment of the population is highly unpredictable. As a result, you may feel confused and unsure about what to do when developing your brand strategies. Tapping into this market will go a long way in helping you establish a firm foothold in your market.  We can implement the above tips on how to market to millennials in Singapore by creating digital marketing strategies for your brand. Get in touch with our team of experts for a free consultation and more details about our services. 

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