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How To Market Resorts And Vacation Stays In Singapore

Market Resorts And Vacation Stays In Singapore

According to STB Marketing Strategy publications in April 2016, Singapore is facing a wide spectrum of challenges. Because traditional industry methods of marketing no longer work effectively, a new fresh approach is needed to market resorts in this area.

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Therefore, to replace the old and usher in the new marketing initiatives, Singapore Tourism Board is deploying a new marketing strategy that will encompass a 3 strategic thrust. The 3 strategic thrusts include telling a great story, targeting the right fans and enhancing the marketers delivery.

So, for those of you who are interested in knowing more, here are some tips and recommendations on how to market resorts in Singapore.

Telling a Great Story – Utilizing the Singapore Brand

Just like any other service or product, you always need to develop a great brand. With Singapore itself representing the brand, the story that’s told can be centralized within a local area or widespread throughout Singapore. Whatever the case, Singapore’s story has to be engaging enough to attract tourists from near and far. For instance, when posting promotions online via digital marketing campaigns and social media marketing platforms, stories about Singapore town’s, culture and the people should hook them in and then lead them to the process of making reservations for the entire family and friends.

Targeting the Right Fans via Social Media Platforms Locally and Internationally

Another big part of creating a winning marketing promotional strategy for resorts is to target the right fans. Even though the Internet has a monumental audience that marketers can cater to, identify the right audience will help to maximize the time. For instance, if you want to send digital marketing campaigns to working millennials and business travelers, you are often designing campaigns for the groups that have more discretionary money to spend. Therefore, when launching a new site for a Singapore Resort site, you should make sure the site meets SEO or Search engine optimisation requirements so that the internet marketing initiatives are successful.

Enhance the Marketers Delivery By Allowing Fellow Singaporeans to Tell their Own Stories via the Internet

In this internet marketing age, fellow Singaporeans can take advantage of the innovative tools that can be used to market resorts to specific target audiences. In particular, the communication vehicles that allow everyone to give their special stories to fans that they want to market their resorts to. The online marketing campaigns that they create may be meant for the locals in the area, especially if the marketers are promoting a discounted weekend excursion in the area.

On the other hand, if the resort is being marketed across the globe, the story that is being told may be relayed through Youtube channels, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. All of which are great communication vehicles for delivering messages that can easily go viral. For instance, when these campaigns are done right, the theme of the marketing campaigns can deliver messages in a manner that makes Singapore resorts the best places to be on the family’s vacation, Spring Break, special events and much much more.


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