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How to Market Property Agency in Singapore

How to Market Property Agency in Singapore

The property business in Singapore has fierce competition – there are 28,571 agents registered as of January 2018 according to PropertyGuru. If you are seeking to have a presence in the industry, you need to have marketing skills that will set you apart from others. Most customers are seeking to know more online before involving experts.

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There are many property marketing strategies everywhere. Suppose you are in the property business, you may not have enough time to analyse all the marketing strategies to determine the one that works best. You need well-defined steps to expand your audience, and turn them into actual customers, and assist them to buy or sell a property. If you have that, much of your time will be spent on doing what you love most – property.

The steps outlined below will assist you to increase customers and earn an income doing what you enjoy most.

Step #1: Create an SEO Website Design

Your website is the central station for your property business. It is the place where you direct your potential customers. From here, individuals can learn how you assist your clients to buy and sell the property. They discover your property specialities and strategies. They also obtain advice and come to trust you – even if you have never met.

A good website assists you tell your audience about yourself and what you offer in a manner that will attract them to connect with you. The rest of your property advertising strategies gets determined by how well your website works. Gaining social media followers or running ads without first concentrating on optimising your site is wasting your money.

Personalize your property business website

One of the best ways to market your business is through your property website. The cutthroat real estate market in Singapore calls for a robust online presence. SEO tactics to increase SERPs listings must be well utilized to allow your site to show up at the top levels when customers search for it online. Personalizing your property site makes it more appealing and attractive for website visitors. Creating relevant content that includes; about me profile, client testimonials, linking the site to your social media platforms, property blog, your listings and a live chat with a realtor is a simple but effective way to market your property business.

SEO is a combination of approaches that you use to gain visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It contains two primary mechanisms:

  1. On-Page SEO – It is what you add to your website to offer an outstanding experience for both Google and the user. The aspects to consider include fast site speed, ease of use, valuable content, etc.
  2. Off-page SEO – It is what you do off your site to demonstrate your authority in your field of business.

The factors to consider include social media, networking with other relevant websites, etc.

SEO Web Design Vs Retrofitting SEO

The best SEO sites are developed from scratch and optimised over and over again. It is possible to apply SEO strategies on a website that already exists. However, it will take you a long time to attain the results, and some issues might not be fixable.

Here are some steps that you can use to grow this step of your property advertising strategy:

  • Analysing Competition

When creating an optimised website, you need to determine your top online competitors. Use the information from the analysis to learn what is not working and come up with ways to outperform these websites.

  • User Experience

Design your website with your visitors in mind. Think about the elements they need your site to have and how they will use your website.

  • Mobile-friendly

Over 80% of internet users in Singapore use mobile devices to visit social media sites. If you use social media advertising to market your website, it has to be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you will get a higher bounce rate which works against your ranking on Google’s results pages.

In addition, you should consider integrating mobile into your property marketing experience through mobile document reviews, mobile payment, mobile chat, mobile virtual walkthroughs, and mobile apps.

Today, individuals use their phones as part of their life. Hence, you can enhance your property marketing approaches using your mobile site. It is worth the investment!

  • Intuitive Navigation

If a person visits your site and they cannot find what they are looking for, they are more likely to leave. SEO entails optimising the navigation experience using tools like expandable text, search boxes, and streamlined menus to guide individuals through the website.

  • Fast Loading Times

47% of individuals in Singapore currently expect your website to load within two seconds. 11% of these people leave your site after every additional second. This is a great reason to establish your SEO site from scratch. It is simpler to design a fast site than to improve its speed after creating it.

A slow site will hurt your conversion rate.

  • Ongoing SEO

The highest-ranking websites are developed from scratch for SEO. However, it does not indicate that SEO is a one-time show.You will need to maintain your site to enhance your online visibility.

Google always adjusts its algorithm for ranking websites. You need to adapt to all the changes by updating your site regularly.

  • Content Creation

Posting blog articles on a regular basis are one way to update your site. Blogs are an excellent means of letting your potential clients learn about your business without getting too much sales impression about you. They offer a reliable, friendly, and casual environment that keeps your customers engaged.

Posting on your blog regularly assists your site to become more visible when users are searching for something. Also, you get something to post on your social media pages to direct people to your website.

Determine the type of content that will keep your target audience engaged and work to develop more of it.

Invest in good photography

A thriving property marketing business heavily depends on photography. Bad photos will reduce interest even in the excellent of properties. It is, therefore, critical to have professional and attractive photos of your properties. Hiring a professional photographer who has experience in homes and architecture photography is a good decision. Photos create mental images that stick with your customers for an extended period. Showcase the best that your area has to offer, with beautiful, high-quality pictures of the area landmarks and natural sites near your property.

Step #2. Enhance Your Presence on Social Media

Most likely, you have a Facebook page for your business. However, you realise that it takes much effort and time to gain followers and convert them into real customers. For this reason, managing your social media marketing is very crucial to your property business.

These strategies can assist you to increase your social media presence:

  • Selecting the Most Excellent Platforms

First, you should choose a platform that you understand very well. If you have a social media platform that you can’t live without, that is probably the best choice for you. Since you have used the platform, you know how your target audience can use it and the kind of content that will keep them engaged.

However, you should consider your target audience. Almost everyone owns a Facebook account, but they may use more time on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

It is a good idea to conduct competitor analysis and understand the platforms they are using and their success. You don’t need to mimic them, just get ideas and do better.

  • Fill Out Your Profile

Ensure that you fill out your social media profiles completely. It represents you and your customer base.

  • Increase Your Following

If you want to increase your followers on social media, do not try to impress everybody at the same time.You obviously have some aspects to sieve out your clients; like the area and price range. Start there and then improve if you find out that the group is competitive or too small.

Be active on social media and develop a regular posting schedule. Join groups to enhance your networking with other experts in the property business.Your content should educate and entertain your target audience.

You can also use social media ads to increase your reach to new potential clients. Using targeted ads campaigns is one of the most significant ways to enhance your social media following.

  • Engage Your Followers

Developing your social media following brings about people who see your posts organically. If the followers are active, they might share your content with their friends.

You can use the strategies below to keep your followers engaged:

– Following what is popular and publishing more of it

– Posting links to blogs and videos that your audience is looking for

– Posting brilliant visuals that will attract users to like and share

– Reply to comments and direct messages

– Run contests

– Post interactive content like quizzes and surveys.

– Share photos of your satisfied clients (with their consent)

– Share the most recent records.

Give your audience a reason to follow you and your existing followers a reason to keep following you by creating content that they will like and share.

  • Generate Leads

Social media marketing is a great way to reach your target. However, turning your followers into real customers needs a more personal focus.

Every property business needs to convert followers into customers. Otherwise, you will not get an ROI on social media marketing. Seeing tangible results from advertising on social media is very hard.

A typical lead generation funnel on social media starts as an ad or a post. Then it goes to your landing page where you offer the user with something in exchange for their necessary information and email.Then you nurture the relationship using email marketing until you get a new customer.

Here are some ingenious methods of generating leads on social media:

– Running contests. You get the email in exchange for an opportunity to become a winner

– Running lead generation ads containing videos

– Using a property estimator tool

Step #3. Target Your Potential Clients Using Social Media

Almost every property business is on social media. What makes the difference? Social media should not scare your business. A decision should be made on which social media to use. The content should be tailored, engaging, responsive and informing depending on the target audience. Social media offers savvy property marketers opportunity to create leads, close sales, build trust and connect with clients, friends, and partners.

Now that you have a schedule of publishing content, its time to take social media marketing to another level. This step entails creating and running social media ads.

Relevance score

Facebook Ads Manager, which controls Instagram ads too, utilises relevance criteria to determine the amount you should pay for your ads. If Facebook finds out that your ads are not relevant to the audience, they increase the cost. You end up paying more for an ad because it is not relevant to your audience. That can hurt your property marketing strategies and your budget.

How Does Facebook Measure Relevance?

Facebook determines the percentage of individuals who click on your ad and compares it with those of your competitors. Your relevance is high if you outdo your rivals. Facebook takes it as poor users experience when people don’t click on your ad.

To maintain a high relevance score, you should develop ads that have compelling formats. Also, you should create your ads based on the needs of your target audience. You should also ensure that you limit your search to a particular metropolitan area or zip code from where your potential clients come from.

Test your ads and increase your budget on the ad that features the best results.

Step #4. Utilise Search Engine Marketing

Search engine advertising is another great way of attaining more customers quickly. Individuals searching for property online have a very big intention.

You’ll want to appear on the SERPs when people search for what is contained on your site. Since SEO takes time, search engine marketing is an effective and fast way of getting at the top of the SERPs. The common name for search engine advertising is Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Like Facebook, Google uses relevance to rank your website.This is called Quality Score when using Google Ads.Here are some ways to maintain a high-ranking quality score:

  • Research on your keywords carefully to determine the keyword phrases you need your ad to appear in
  • Include your keywords in your ad. If the ad seems irrelevant, it won’t get clicks.
  • Create a unique landing page for your ads to keep your visitors engaged.
  • Split test your ads to determine the most critical ads.
  • Include negative keywords to show Google the words or phrases you don’t want your ad to appear for.

Monitor your ads closely to learn the words that are used with your words to change the query and remove them to achieve a good Quality Score.

Step #5. Generate Leads by Email

This step involves taking the fans of your website or social media and converting them into paying customers.The first element in this step is to understand where you get the leads.

The best way to create an email list is politely – asking for permission. Studies show that permission-based email advertising in Singapore is 40 times beneficial than purchased email lists.

Automation and Triggered Emails

They are existing emails that are sent when a user undertakes a specific action. Here are some of the most common triggered emails that you can use to engage your leads and turn them into paying clients.

  • Welcome Emails – They are sent to welcome new customers after signup. Include information about your property business and discounts to start building a lasting relationship.
  • Information Emails– Send them emails with pictures of some houses to show and inform them when a new property is available.
  • Re-engagement – Imagine someone inquired about the property, but didn’t answer your calls. You can set up automated emails to understand if they are still concerned, or they need to look at other options.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an excellent method to keep your subscribers informed about the property market. You should send emails showing the local events, buying and selling tips, links to your new blog posts and YouTube videos, and interactive content like quizzes and surveys.

You can use email segmentation to separate your subscribers based on various traits. It allows you to send the most relevant emails to the right individuals.


Talk to a top SEO for real estate today: MediaOne. If you use newspapers to advertise those just bring you 24 hours of exposure. But with digital marketing, your keywords for your agency, the new property launch will be up there day after day without any additional costs. Internet marketing is now super important for the property market in Singapore because buyers now check out the latest launches, resale and rental spaces – make comparisons before they call. You absolutely cannot do without digital marketing and SEO.


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