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How To Market Laundromat In Singapore

Laundromats have become popular in the modern world. This trend arises from the fact that laundry services help busy customers get clean outfits almost instantly, saving on time. The business mainly handles clothes that are not hand-washable. Cleaning services require few staff, a low capital investment to start, offer no capital stagnancy and provide a monopolized service. Singapore is mainly occupied by working class individuals from multiple races and nationalities. Cleaning services cater for this kind of demographic, assuring them of clean outfits without squeezing into their busy schedules. This article outlines the most suitable marketing strategy for a dry-cleaning business targeting the working class in Singapore.

Product (Service)

We shall use the speed and quality to market the service. Since Singapore runs on a fast-paced economy, ‘Same Day Service’ will attract the most clients, especially those who need their clothes cleaned fast. Research shows that most clients going into personalized services, such as laundry, are more inclined toward convenient service, and not the price. Thus, we shall market laundromats based on how much time and effort we save the client. The company will advertise this convenient service through the use of brochures, newspaper advertisements, banners and through groups whose members fit the targeted demographic. These strategies will let the intended customer base know about the existence of our dry-cleaning services.

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Our service will position itself as a trustworthy and professional laundromat service. To achieve this perception, we shall develop a dependable and skillful workforce. Before hiring, we shall train the workforce on cleaning procedures, teamwork, ethics and customer relations. We shall educate our human capital on the clients’ expectations and equip them with the knowledge on how to exceed these expectations. We shall also enforce the use of cleaning products that are both fabric and environment friendly. This caters to most clients, who are conscious about the environment and the durability of their outfits. This image of uprightness and competence will help further the reach of this cleaning service.

Brand Growth

After creating awareness about the service and creating a customer base, we shall use strategies to position our service at the top of the laundry cleaning market. First, we shall build customer loyalty by offering quality service and incentives. We will then use special discounts on referrals, large orders and repeat customers will build client devotion. We shall then use digital advertisement platforms to give the company an online presence. These platforms include: company website, social media handles and targeted e-mail programs. To increase our brand reach, we shall also engage in cross-promotion programs with other corporate organizations. This will help generate traffic from companies and organizations such as restaurants, hospitals and gyms where members wear uniform.


By observing the strategies mentioned above, we can achieve product awareness, a client base and market growth for the dry-cleaning service.


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