How to Manage Your Singapore Digital Marketing Project Team


The Singapore digital marketing sphere is rapidly changing, and the practices that worked perfectly 2 years ago will not work today. For this reason, you need to effectively manage your digital marketing team to stay ahead of the competition. 

However, not every business has the ability to have an in-house digital marketing project team. This leaves them with one option of outsourcing digital marketing services in Singapore. In either case, you must adopt the best practices for managing your digital marketing team.

In this article, we look at actionable tips that will come in handy to manage your team. In the end, you will pick up several points on how to do digital marketing in Singapore. 

Create a Singapore Digital Marketing Team Strategy

There are numerous options for structuring a digital marketing team in Singapore, depending on the scale of your business and industry niche. This requires that you research the various structures and job descriptions from your competitors to know how to constitute and manage your Singapore digital marketing project team. 

With that said, you will need to communicate the company’s preferred marketing strategy clearly. For example, if you are pursuing SEO as your Singapore digital marketing strategy, you will need to manage the team differently from a company that focuses on PPC advertising.

Understand the Different Team Roles

With the strategy complete, you can then move on to thinking about the people you want to fill the different roles. For example, you need to know the difference between a web developer and an onsite SEO analyst, among other roles. This will help you create synergy between the team members to excel. Moreover, you will figure out how to do digital marketing in Singapore in the face of changing trends and user behaviour.

Identify Your KPIs

You will also need to understand how your company measures digital marketing success before embarking on project team management. If your goal is to boost brand engagement, you need to hire more content creators to provide you with enough marketing material to disseminate information across various online channels. 

On the other hand, if you are focused on increasing sales, you will need a team of professional SEO experts who can undertake website split tests and measure the KPIs to improve your conversion rates. 

Choose Between In-House Professionals or Freelancers

It is pivotal to your company’s success that you pick a team that knows how to do digital marketing in Singapore. You will need to consider whether you need full-time employees for long-term projects and campaigns. You could also consider whether you need specialised skills for short-term projects, and this is where freelancers or independent contractors come in handy.

Test the Potential before Hiring

Before you add a new member to your Singapore digital marketing team, consider giving them a test project to demonstrate their skills. The main reason for this is that anyone can sound good on paper, but lack the necessary skills to be a good fit in your team. It is, therefore, necessary that you test their skill set to see if they can deliver.

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Analyse The Team’s Weakness

As you expand and mentor your team, you will need to identify the team’s weaknesses. For example, the team may be strong in PPC advertising but lack a strong link builder or a creative person to run your content marketing campaigns. 

As the project manager, you need to be aware of the deficiencies in your team. This will help you identify any new hires you need to make or to incorporate training programs for the existing team on essential and new skills. 

Ask For Referrals

The chances are that your employees or independent contractors know other digital marketing experts that could make for a great addition to your team. This is one of the sure ways of cutting down on the hassle of making widespread job postings and scheduling for interviews. 

Balance Your Technical Priorities and Vision

For and effective Singapore digital marketing team, you require an overarching vision of success that is in line with the technical planning. Both of these factors need to be balanced to bring about success. 

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Creating a balance between these factors will guide you on how to allocate the available resources. Moreover, it will help you to look at the bigger picture and hire detail-oriented employees. When it comes to assigning tasks, ensure that you keep an eye on both factors on an on-going basis.

Create an Onboarding Program

Many a time, we have seen Singapore digital marketing managers throw new employees in the deep end of the pool without explaining the team’s workflows and objectives. The result is that the team will not work effectively or enjoy their work.

For this reason, you need to create an onboarding program where you introduce new team members on your preferred projects and practices. This ensures that each team member delivers high-quality work and giving the new members a solid base to ensure that they contribute more to the team and the company.

Define the Performance Deliverables

Irrespective of the type of team members you are working with or the size of the project, you must specify the specific deliverables. When employees know what is expected of them, they are sure to give high-quality work.

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Moreover, they are less likely to waste time trying to seek unnecessary clarifications. By defining the deliverables, you will be able to implement the ‘Result Only Work Environment’ principles. They are closely linked to higher levels of satisfaction compared to the employee in a traditional work setting without defined objectives and deliverables. 

Pick the Right Project Management Tools

To ensure that you are getting value for your money, it is essential that you use project management tools. Some tools will fit the size of your company, whether the team is in the office or different areas. 

Irrespective of your organisation structure, ensure that these bases are covered:

  • A CRM system that tracks relevant client information 
  • A project management system that allows workers to share project files and status updates effectively
  • An internal chat tool for team communications without the distraction of phones and social media
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Learn To Speak Like a Developer

While the team leader and manager is not expected to code web development projects alone, it is expected that they know how to communicate with their team members. This means that you should learn the basics of several programming languages used in your organisation to communicate effectively with the technical members of the team. 

Invest In Training Programs

Digital marketing services in Singapore and the world are changing. This means that you need to implement on-going education and team training events as the Singapore digital marketing team manager for your organisation. 

For starters, you could encourage each team member to take at least 20 minutes every day to read relevant articles about their line of work. Moreover, you could invest in a learning management system that will help improve your team’s skill level. 

Over time, the investment will pay off since the employees will be up to date on the best practices for digital marketing in Singapore. 

Have a Scalability Plan

As you constitute your Singapore digital marketing team, you need to have a long-term scalability plan. This means that instead of training one person to complete a set of tasks, develop a centralised and repeatable process that can be scaled up to include new employees. 

The bottom line is that you need to develop internal systems that can grow as your organisation does. This way, you will minimise the typical teething problems synonymous with Singapore digital marketing teams. You will also decrease the amount of time it takes them to meet the organisations digital marketing goals. 

Follow a Template

The most critical aspect of managing a Singapore digital marketing team is planning, which will ensure that you do not miss out on any aspect of the project. This is where a template comes in handy. You can find a variety of project management tools templates, or you can create your own. 

You can consider the following for your template:

  • Initiating – This is where you define the project
  • Planning – This is where you establish the scope of the project
  • Executing – Complete the tasks established in the project scope
  • Monitoring and controlling – Her, identify where changes need to be made during the project to achieve success
  • Closing – Finalise the activity and ensure that the value of the project exceeds the expenses of running the project

By following these stages of project management, you are sure to have a team that works efficiently to deliver high quality work in the stipulated time.

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Project management is not as easy as giving out tasks to a team and expecting them to deliver exceptional results. There is always the threat that the team might not produce results as envisioned, and this will cause poor digital marketing service in Singapore.

With the above points, we are sure that you will learn how to manage your Singapore digital marketing team. Contact us today for professional digital marketing services in Singapore. Our support team is on hand to provide you with a free and non-obligatory quote 24/7.

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