How to Level-Up Your Sales Personnel in Singapore!

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Business has changed with the advent of technology. This is to say that today’s consumer is likely to be even better informed and adept at making informed decisions when out shopping than the generation before them. As a business owner, you have a lot to gain by directing your workforce to embrace online sales and marketing as a tool for growth. Your sales team has to stay ahead of the consumers and anticipate their consumer habits well in advance. Only then can you be assured of remaining afloat in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Technology and sales growth are so closely intertwined. Research conducted has shown that 63% of businesses that embrace technology and online marketing tools end up reporting increased profits. These statistics are a stark reminder to any organization on the importance of having a robust online presence. The internet is the new frontier, online is the new battlefront for customers and profits. Any business that doesn’t acknowledge this fact risks being outfoxed by competitors.

Below, we have pointed out tips on how commercials can help your business migrate from the analog market to a digital one. As a result, success comes when you penetrate the online, digital form of marketing.

Exhibiting Effects

At the moment, more than half of consumers are well-versed in regards to the internet’s operations. Before attempting to buy anything, they’ll quickly turn to their Smartphones and other handheld devices, to research about the good or service. This could be by visiting sites like Facebook, Google, Bing and many others. It’s very important that your product or rand has a very robust presence, available on top of the major search engines if possible.  

Despite many brand names existing online, positive impact on sales is only realized when the online existence is utilized to influence clients in the purchasing business. Take Netflix and Pampers global companies for instance. The firms have continued to nurture their online presence and keep increasing their target markets. They have over 39 and 17 million Facebook followers respectively. They still have more people that sign into following their online pages each day.

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Sales with promotion and operation link

Thorough market analysis has to be done by the sales group for online success. It helps to research on what has created greater impact amid top-linked clients.

For a fully functional sales field, promotion and operational forces must be in line with selling. The major role is to streamline the individuals, systems, and know-how into one seamless team. Together with marketing which provides information required by sellers to fulfill their online purchasers’ needs, sales function correctly. Finding out what consumers like most will assist marketers in presenting the appropriate information using perfect tactics that customers will embrace.

The sales and marketing team will need to regularly inform the operations team about what proves to work and what does not. With this, sales will function well since information will transform into acting to provide clients what satisfies them.

“Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Their needs and wants impact every aspect of your business, from product development to content marketing to sales to customer service.”- John Rampton

Capitalize Internal Capacity

In most cases, firms do not know talents, abilities, and expertise of their employees until they exploit them. Towards sales digital migration, organizations should prioritize on analyzing their salespersons’ strengths and abilities to utilize them for the organizational sales and marketing competency.  Additionally, the sales team can go through relevant guidance that matches trending technological aspects to be embraced by an organization.

Appropriate Employee Coaching

Studies and research done have all revealed that training and career growth is fundamental. 84% of international executives listed employees training as the most significant step in driving productivity. They say that every dollar invested in online training results in a $30 productivity increase. As part of the larger workforce, sales and marketing are no exceptions in the online training of its employees.

Since the digital world is ever evolving, organizations should aim at providing continuous training, coaching, and guidance to the sales and marketing team despite their qualifications and experiences. The current aspects of technology are so diverse such that the most experienced or qualified professional or expert may still require additional knowledge through coaching.

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“Spending on corporate training has grown to over $70 billion in the United States.”

Deem Escalation

Going step by step is significant in building an internal social sales force that will create a positive influence on others. The best place to start from in deeming escalation is on a navigator plan. When growth and positivity are consistently evident among the sales team, the scheme can expand upon based on the increase of the group. Microsoft has benefitted from escalation.

Focus on Accounts Sales Growth

Dividing sales team employees and having each group practice and adopt certain strategies is important. Digital trends give several tactics for sellers- to find out the finest accounts to focus on and thrive at, based on online information with success stories- in marketing co-operative. Some of the practical methods to employ in achieving this involves:

  • Utilizing variety contact points
  • Maximizing CRM to trail engagements
  • Finding out potentials and stumbling blocks in their businesses
  • Using social media to connect with possibilities and tracking their actions
  • Recognizing relevant account contact points
  • Using marketing data to align with the right people with relevant information
  • Forming an online client group that thrives

It is advisable to focus on devoted customer-ship. The relationship goes a long way.

“To build a long-term, successful enterprise, when you don’t close a sale, open a relationship.”- Patricia Fripp

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You can capitalize on strong online customer loyalty through channels such as Facebook. Discussions can happen and customer value created by sales professionals. The persons in contact can be the people to direct the sales professionals to a third party who may be the target sales group. Therefore, the sales team should establish an online community that suits its organizational market needs.  Every tactic involved should aim at fulfilling customers’ market demand and desires. Before building on an online group relation, sales professionals should use their time well in identifying the best platform to capitalize.

Create Measure Scale Values

The sales team can produce great results by utilizing measurement points to analyze themselves. Hence, in using the right test range, an organization will know the aspects that are working well and giving results that satisfy both the customer and the organization. There are various scales of measurement to use. However, it is best if a team finds out the specific analysis tool that works correctly for the particular organization. The analysis tools may include:

  • Numerals of followers
  • Online activity returns
  • Number of website visits
  • Figures on likes and comments on a post
  • Fresh approved deals
  • Connections formed
  • Social selling indicator
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