How To Level Up On Your Social Media Marketing In Singapore

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Running an effective social media marketing campaign is proving to be even more difficult now than it was a few years back. In Singapore alone, about 88% of all businesses are using social media to market their products and services. That’s some heavy competition. So how do you get heard amid all that social media noise?

Well, figure out how to stand out. Stop doing things the same way as everyone, and instead come up with a tested strategy on how to get this done right. This is no easy feat. But there’s a handful of social media marketing tactics that can you use to cut through all that noise and be heard.

In a recent study, conducted by Constant Contact, brands that are active on social media are more likely to increase their revenue by about 20 to 40 percent. From Facebook ads, to live videos, to partnering with an Instagram influencer, there’s so much to gain from leveraging the power of social media.

However, the problem comes with knowing where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few solid pointers to help you take your social media marketing campaign to a whole new level:

Go Beyond Social Media Monitoring or Listening

Much has been written about social media monitoring, and the role it plays in providing you with invaluable insights on how to wade through the muddy waters of social media. But things are changing, and social media listening alone is not enough.

As a marketer, you have to learn to look far beyond. With listening, you’re only interested in taking notes. There are two parties involved, and your role as a social media listener is to pay attention to what social media users are saying.


That used to work until it became apparent that social media marketers can be trendsetters too. You don’t have to listen and adjust your message. For all we know, you can be an active force in this.Learn to engage. You can do this by responding to some of the questions your prospects have. Look out for brand loyalists putting in a positive word for your business and give them a shout out.

Or how about you talk to an upset customer that’s busy throwing a tantrum on social media following a bad experience they had with your business?

Most marketers approach social media with a reactive mindset. But in actuality, they should be more proactive instead. Every time a prospect engages with your brand, it’s part of your job to amplify that voice and let the world know what has been said, whether good or bad. Echo their sentiments and respond to them in a manner that shows you’re responsible for the experiences your business brings.

Engaging allows you to personalise the experiences of your customers, influencers, competitors, and prospects. It also allows you to obtain the opinion of your customers to find out what topics your brand is spiking so you can know what to address.

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So while social listening is still important in this, it pays more to be proactively involved in what’s going on within the social walls of your industry.

Simplify the Engagement

Taking a proactive social approach is not easy. Your eyes and ears must be all over the place, and your fingers must always be on the keyboard, ready to respond to some of the concerns your social media connects have.

But that’s not how things are supposed to be. Not when there are tons of tools and platform that you could use today to simplify the whole process.

You have platforms such as patchwork quilt to grease your social media engagement. But as your business grows, and find that you also need to grow your team, these platforms lose their effectiveness.

It’s at this point that you may want to also check out with social media management tools. Look for tools that can cover all bases of a solid social media marketing strategy. From social responding to social scheduling to routing inbound queries, to publishing your content, the social media marketing tool you choose must be multifaceted and capable of helping you handle a wide range of your social media marketing activities.

In other words, figure out how to use tools and the latest technology to simplify the whole process of engaging your prospects on social media.

Learn From the Best

You don’t have to come up with an original idea or strategy on how to achieve success on social media. Not you can learn from companies that have had tremendous success on these platforms.

Study their approach and break it down into small chunks you can replicate bit by bit. As difficult as it may sound, there exists a long list of companies that have proven that they’re capable of consistently churning out mindboggling social media posts the online community can never get tired of.

Find the best of these companies and jack their strategy. Find out how they do it, and run with it, giving it your own spin along the way.

A classic example of a company that’s managed to pull this off is Tesco mobile. They’re the masters of witty banter. They’ll never let a comment pass without jumping on it with a witty rejoinder.

In so doing, people have started to associate Tesco with a funny personality – and to say the least, the strategy appears to have worked for them.

Enhance Engagement through Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Great social media content can only propel you so far. You have to figure out how you’ll be encouraging your followers to engage with your content.

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The first thing you’d want to do is to keep everything succinct. Don’t force your followers to swallow huge chunks of content.

Even more important is to use a plain language that everyone can understand. You may be tempted to use industry jargon or serve your followers with vocabulary-laden content that’s more likely to fly over the head of a majority of your social media followers.

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But the fact that some people may find it hard to understand you based on the language you’ve used means you’d have failed as a marketer. Everyone needs to understand what you post, and it’s upon you as a marketer to make sure that they do.

Be consistent and distinct

Don’t follow the same path everyone is following. Instead, create something that only your company will be associated with. Even where you’re replicating another company’s strategy, you have to make sure that you’re giving it your own unique flair that only your company can be identified with.

In other words, your company has to reflect certain values and qualities. With social media, you’re given a platform to introduce your brand to the world. You have to make sure that you’re not only doing it in style but in a manner that will leave a mark in the world of marketing.

Also playing right into your online success is consistency. Every single one of the posts you make has to reflect a certain quality.

This should inspire both trust and loyalty among your followers. For instance, you have to be more consistent with the number of times you post on social media. Come up with a schedule and be sure to stick to it to the end. Don’t drop off social media, only to come back weeks later hoping to find your customers intact and patiently waiting for you.

Your customers should know when to expect your next post. This principle holds across all social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook.

Create a reliable Brand

Assuming you’re creating a new brand, there’s a fair chance your brand will elicit a lot of skepticism. In a world that’s populated with con artists and scammers, you have to work on winning the trust of your online followers. Give them a reason to trust you.

You can start by adding a human factor into your online presence. Your followers have to feel like they’re interacting with a human being with feelings and all that. If anything, they want to be sure that you’re not just trying to sell them snake oil.

Every time you’re exploring a new market, make sure the content you’re generating is one that verifies your brand authenticity. If you’re a manufacturing company, walk your followers through the manufacturing process. You can also talk about your location and everything that confirms you’re a real business.

Post reviews and client testimonials, and most importantly, get an influential figure in the society to vouch for you. This is also where you leverage the power of social influencers.

Track Your Metrics for Analysis

The first thing you do while marketing on social media is to devise a solid plan on how you’re going to handle it. The next thing you’d want to focus on is how you’ll be tracking the performance of your campaigns. You want to make sure that you’re tracking everything correctly.

You can start by identifying the goals you have. Make sure you have a few things in mind that you want to accomplish at the end of it all. You’re not just running the campaign on a humble. You have goals and objectives that drive almost everything that you do.

If you plan to make, say, $2000 every week in sales, that means your goal is to make about $300 every day in sales.

The next thing you’d want to do is to analyse both your social media and website metrics. Analyse your organic traffic, referral links, SEO ranking, and everything else. You have a vast array of social media management tools to help you out with this.

Measure your Return on Investment (ROI)

Despite what’s happening or the situation you’re in as a company, you want to make sure you’re well aware of how the numbers are coming in. Keep in mind that you’re not just investing money, but time as well.

So are the returns you’re getting worth the time, effort, and money you’re pumping into the project?

Be Sure to Incorporate Videos into your Content

Videos tend to do so much better on social media. It kills the ennui of scrolling down a long list of text content.

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With videos, you can easily convey your messages and tell your brand story in a manner that’s both entertaining and informative. It’s here that you might also want to take advantage of social media influencers by getting one of them to make an informative or promotional video for you.

The Final Thought

The most important part of any content marketing strategy, including social media, is having some metrics in place to help you with measuring the effectiveness of your strategy. So with every new idea, you give a try, be sure to track it down to the finer details.

Are you getting the results you’ve been looking forward to with your content or social media marketing strategy? If not, let the proficient teams at MediaOne Marketing help you out. No one knows how to build and maintain a thriving social media presence better than us. For more information, be sure to contact us or read more of our blog posts.


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