Singapore Pull Strategies to Increase Website Traffic Significantly

Singapore Pull Strategies to Increase Website Traffic Significantly

Many e-commerce owners are trying to increase website traffic in Singapore. However, before you think about how to increase website traffic in Singapore, you need to know the three ways to get Singapore visitors. These ways can be summarised into three P’s; Push, pull, and product.

Pulling people to your website means enticing them to come where you are. It is more of a mind game. When it comes to pushing, as the name suggests, it is more aggressive where you have to find the people and then make them visit your site. Using a product is where one buys from you and then goes to your website for more information.

With the definitions being clear, let us get to how to increase website traffic in Singapore using the pull strategy.

1. Blogging

Statistics have proven that companies in Singapore with active blogs generate up to 55% more traffic to their websites. This is the main reason why companies in Singapore should consider blogging as a marketing strategy.

There is a compounding effect that is associated with blogging. The more you post blogs, the more chances you create for people in Singapore to visit your website. Blogging is also an excellent method to educate your Singaporean customers on your products. Other than that, it can make you look like a leader in the particular niche you write about and increase website traffic in Singapore.

2. Using Infographics

Another successful way to increase website traffic in Singapore is the use of infographics. To go about this, you first of all need to know what information you look to spread. Once you have that checked, look for data from Singapore and analyse it. You do not always have to have your own data; there are a lot of viable data sources.

Once you have analysed your data, it is time to come up with infographics that tell your story the way you want people to interpret it. Be creative and also invest in consistency in the way you design your infographics. Share these widely, especially on social media and in blogs.

3. Podcasting

People in Singapore have grown fond of listening to podcasts. Furthermore, audio has inherent inbound qualities. However, you need to be a bit cautious with podcasts since going to a site after listening to a podcast is not as easy as clicking on a link in a blog.

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To increase website traffic in Singapore through podcasting, one needs to include strategies such as, having an authority speaker mention your website, being very consistent in posting and having guest speakers that talk around the topics on the services you offer. This way, the website will be backed by a lot of information making a Singaporean want to visit it.

4. Using Social Media to Increase Website Traffic in Singapore

Almost 40% of digital consumers in Singapore research new brands and products from social media. Most people in Singapore trust that if a brand has taken its time to establish a good social media platform, it is, therefore, a brand worth doing business with. This is why you should pay attention to what your social media platform says about you.

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It is not enough to be on social media to increase website traffic in Singapore. You need to be active, updated and know how to use business tools on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can pay to boost your website on Facebook or boost a twitted link backed with relevant information.

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5. Guides, eBooks, and White papers

When it comes to eBooks and guides, people in Singapore have a way of visiting a site just to get a free eBook. This is why it is a good pull strategy. When executed well, eBooks and whitepapers spread through social media quite effectively.

These three documents are an excellent education-based marketing technique. As much as they will help you increase website traffic in Singapore, they will also give people knowledge about your products. However, be careful not to make them too bulky.

6. Speaking at conferences

Let the people of Singapore put a face to the brand. As much as a brand can be built without necessarily seeing the team behind it, speaking in conferences helps potential visitors to your website interact with you. This way, you can tell people more about the website and the advantages of shopping at your site, if you have an e-commerce business.

7. Using SEO to increase website traffic in Singapore

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways to increase website traffic in Singapore. With SEO you are making sure that your website is found on the internet when a person is searching for information that your site is able to provide. Google is said to have 79% of the world’s desktop search, followed by Bing, Baidu, and then Yahoo.

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SEO best practices can be diverse, but basically, you need to master what works for you. However, SEO trends keep changing with the content focus being one of google’s emphasized ranking methods. It is essential that when a visitor lands on your website, they actually find what they are looking for and not a dead end.

8. Leverage other people’s audience

Aside from trying to create your own fresh traffic, you can tap into someone else’s traffic to increase website traffic in Singapore. Some of the ways that you can use to do this are by guest blogging at someone else’s platform. Being a guest at a podcast, blog, conference, and social gathering is also part of this pull strategy.

Partnerships are a sure way to make sure that you have a long-term relationship with people who can help you build your website traffic. A partnership has a two-way advantage. It also enables you to increase sales just by associating yourself with a revered brand. This is a principle drawn from the saying that no man is an island.


All these pull strategies are flexible. Just as trends on how people in Singapore interact with the internet keep changing, so do these strategies keep advancing. The critical factor is to keep researching and testing the strategy you decide to implement.

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For a person who is new in the business, increasing website traffic in Singapore may sound like a lot of work, time, and effort. However, it does not have to be stressful. Consider using scheduling techniques for content posting and outsourcing experts to help you in this.

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