How To Increase Social Media Engagement In Singapore

How To Increase Social Media Engagement In Singapore

What is Social media engagement? This is a measure of the number of public likes, shares, and comments that a brand gets through its social media marketing efforts. Ideally, engagement is used to measure performance of a marketing campaign and not necessarily sales. This is based on the fact not everyone who likes or comments on an ad or post visits the website and places an order. 

Social media marketing started as the “next big thing,” a powerful fad that every marketer was expected to take advantage of with every little chance they got. Some deemed it as an impractical buzzword that would fade with time.

That’s because it appeared too quick, and most marketers saw it fit to shrug it off as some passing marketing interest, with nothing much to offer. However, the stats that followed it have been painting a different picture, giving all the naysayers and cynics a reason to reconsider their firm stand.

According to Content Factory, about 90% of marketers are quick to admit that social media has helped them increase their brand exposure and build trust. About 66% of these marketers spend a good 6 hours or more trying to grow their social media presence.

It turns out, regardless of what you are selling and how you’re doing it; social media can help you grow your business and immensely boost your sales. That explains why the world of marketing is in full praise of it.

At this point, the worst mistake you can ever do to your business is not having an active social media presence. Of course, a few marketers are still crippled by doubt. Nothing you say can convince them otherwise.

But what’s important is that 90% of marketers think social media is one of the greatest things to ever happen since the hula loop.

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Now that we’ve established that social media works, based on what other marketers have to say, how can you make it work for your business?

Well, read on to find out.

How to Conduct a Success Social Media Marketing Campaign in Singapore

It’s been said before that it takes more than 13 touches before you can convert a potentially interested buyer into a sales-ready lead.The process of converting a prospect into a sales-ready buyer doesn’t happen instantaneously. The 13 touches or more are necessary, and these are some of the reasons explaining it.

  1. It could be that your prospects are not just ready to buy the product. They’re interested but they’re yet to make up their mind and decide if they’re going to get the products or services from you.
  2. There’s the corporate fear of buyer’s remorse. The buyer wants to be sure that this is the best decision they can make at this particular point in time. If they decide to go ahead and shell out their hard-earned cash for your product, they want to be sure that there’ll be nothing to regret about this decision.

Buyers feel bad whenever they make a poor buying decision. Your business may not be affected in the short term, but this puts you at risk of losing this particular client or customer for good. You’re not just interested in getting the prospect to make a purchase; you want to take them through the process gradually. You want to get them comfortable, establish trust and, most importantly, address their fears.

At this point, you can only assume the prospect knows nothing about you to give out their cash for whatever product or services you’re offering. These prospects can prove to be pretty much elusive, and the only thing you can do – as a marketer – is to make them feel confident by inspiring their trust. Don’t make them judge the decision they’re about to make by constantly reassuring them that there’s a lot to gain should they decide to go ahead and purchase your product.

Your focus should be on two things – becoming known and winning the trust of your target audience. A successful social media campaign will not only help your company attain greater visibility over the competition that you have, but it will also speed up the decision-making process of your prospects.

It’s to be, however, noted that a successful social media strategy doesn’t happen by chance. There are six defining pillars that determine how successful the strategy is going to be, and they include:

Images Incorporation in Your Posts

Visual content is one of the powerful tools that can successfully promote your social media engagement. Research conducted revealed that images lead to approximately eighty-five percent Facebook interaction rate makes the shares of content higher by thirty-five percent. Most social media platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest, have survived through the use of visuals and images. Images are attractive and increase the chances of online users’ interaction with your posts. You Can use various visual content in improving the social media engagement of your brands such as the images of customers enjoying your products and services or images of new products. Use a short textual image with an engagement image to get highly shareable content. You should frame your pictures in a way that fits the particular platform to draw maximum attention from online users.

Make It Funny

Creative posts that incorporate humor goes a long way in attracting more audience on social media platforms. The majority of Singaporeans follow brands because of their funny content. Getting social media attention is a hard nut to crack. People might scroll down your promotional business posts. However, humor gives them a reason to follow your posts as it adds some flavour to their life’s outside what your business products provide. Funny posts put a smile on people’s faces and directly improves social media engagement. To avoid humor to backfire on your brand and make people hostile, it is advisable that you make social media or your brand the target. You should hence try and make your social media posts have some humor if appropriate.

Requesting for Reviews and Feedback

Customers opinion on your business brand is essential in improving your company. More so, asking for feedback and reviews keeps your customers talking like the majority of the people like chatting about the products. You can direct your online visitors to the review page or tell them to leave the reviews and feedback on the comments. Good reviews serve as valuable content for those people not yet decided to purchase products from your business site. Note that some social media rules restrict giving rewards in exchange for product review and which can lead to suspension of your social media page. This applies more to getting reviews from people who have not used the products. Just tell your visitors that you want to hear from them and use the reviews to improve or create new products.

Prompting Reactions, You Want with Emojis

Communication through text does not have a clear indication of the tone, especially in online posts. Emojis provide the perfect means to give readers an idea of your feelings. For example, a laughing emoji on a post set the stage for online users to provide humorous comments you wanted. Most social media platforms provide a library of frequently used emojis for you to save your favorites. However, you should not use too many emojis in your post as this makes them immature and difficult to understand. Two images that are appropriate for your brand are adequate in prompting the reactions you want.

Share an Amazing Statistic

Online users are amazingly engaged by sharing a surprising statistic that they never knew. Rather than just being entertained, the majority of people also want to be educated and learn new stuff. You can use the details of your business industry statistic or things of interest to your audience to get attract the attention of your online audience. The best statistics facts are contained in one brief sentence. Always use statistics and bits of data wherever possible in promoting intrigue and interest from your online visitors. Check on their comments and make sure that you like and respond to the comment.

Sponsoring Giveaways

Majority of people like free goods. This provides a perfect avenue for you to increase social media engagement. You can up your likes and shares by uploading simple business posts for people to like and share in exchange to win one of your business products. The post should include a high-quality image of your product to attract more people. You can further engage people by asking them to post photos that relate to your business brand together with a designated hashtag. Sponsoring giveaways in your business blogs across social media platforms gives the needed motivation for users to comment and share your posts

Use of Live Video

The massive social media traffic is generated through videos rather than texts and images. The technology has come up with a live video which engages more people as compared to long social media post. Research reveals that people spend three times more time as compared to the prerecorded video. Bars and restaurants are the perfect targets for live video posts. This can also apply to any other business such as during the unveiling of new products. More so the live video is appropriate for the question and answers session for you to engage the online users directly. The live video continues to engage people for months after posting.

Asking for The Reaction, You Want to Increase Social Media Engagement

It is essential that you ask for like, comment, or share in your bid to increase social media engagement in Singapore. Marketers tend to ask for a sale to get the reaction they want on social media. Statistics show that tweets ending with a ‘please retweet’ text get more retweets, shares, comments, and likes. Your replies should always be friendly as a social media showdown does more harm than good. Try and respond responsively to rude people and those with complaints. However, you should not ask for reactions in every post. More so, use a variety of engagement methods for your content to remain fresh.

How has this worked for some companies?

To run a successful social media campaign, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you understand your target audience to the bone. Understand their desires, interests, and how to best communicate with them.

The next thing you want to do is to make sure that you understand the message you want to pass across. The message must be clear to you and delivered in a manner that creates no confusion and is easy enough to be understood on first glance.

HubSpot is among the few companies that have grown as a result of leveraging the power of social media. Through social media, they were able to grow their turnover from $255, 000 in 2017 to a whopping $513, 000,000 in 2018. They’d begin by creating their marketing technique. They’ll then create their social media funnel that would see to it that they’re able to drive 400% more leads, and that’s been the basis of their exponential growth over the years.

Samsung is another beneficiary of social media marketing. In what appears like an effort to drive B2B sales, the company would use an emotional approach to target five major cities in the UK. The plan was to make them see sense in adopting their technology in their workplace. It worked, and that’s how Samsung was able to break the record that year with B2B sales.

Top Social Media Engagement Tools

The content that people upload on social media is far beyond what can be counted. On Instagram alone, about 500 million Instagram stories get published every month.

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Even if you keep refreshing your screen every minute, there’s a fair chance that you’ll still miss on something valuable.

The good thing with social media is that there exists some several programs and apps that may help you manage your tasks more effectively if you ever find yourself loaded up with work. Some of these tools can be used to curate content, schedule publishing, monitor different metrics, and discover new content from some of your users.

Examples of these tools include BuzzSumo, Loomly, SEMRush, Google Trends, and Hootsuite, to name a few. In which case, you might want to note that each of these options offers specific functionality for handling specific aspects of your social media marketing campaign.

So before you commit to any of these tools, take your time to study and understand it. Find out if it has the functionality that you’re more interested in, or if the functionality overlaps with another tool that you’re already using.

How to Measure Your Social Media Success

The most obvious metric is the number of followers you’ve managed to attract. You might also want to look at the amount of engagement your posts are receiving. How many of your followers like your contribution? Is the number of comments your posts are attracting impressive enough?

Some platforms reward users for high levels of engagement. Some do this by assigning more weight to the actions that you take. In other words, they start treating you like a more important person on the platform by giving your post more visibility and ensuring you’re getting more return on both your time and resources.

At the surface level, it appears like you can measure your return on investment by looking at the extra businesses that you’ve generated through social media. But in reality, the whole exercise is more difficult than that.

If you’re selling complicated, high ticket products, your goal should be on establishing a strong relationship with your prospects to the extent that you can pick the phone and make an appointment with a prospect via a call.

Social Media Marketing in Singapore

Singapore is among the few countries in the world that register a high number of social media users. That explains why social media marketing has always been on the rise in this country.

Picking a social media marketing agency in Singapore is not easy. Sorry to say that we can’t put out a positive word for any agency out there. So we advise you that you exercise the same caution as that of hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

Make sure the social media agency asks all the right questions that will make you feel like they’re at least trying to understand your business model first, as well as the industry you’re in and the customers you’re targeting before they can get into the act of marketing your business on social media.

Ultimate Guide on How to Increase Social Media Engagement in Singapore

Social media engagement is vital in the world of digital and online marketing. The more your content gets attention on social media, the more improved brand awareness; hence conversions led to enhanced company profits.

Social media engagements are not about “looking popular” on the internet. It’s about striking meaningful conversations online. Look at it as a networking forum for professionals who have come together to exchange ideas; it’s not about getting most business cards from attendees. It’s about encouraging conversations and building rapport.

A brand whose online presence attracts robust social media engagements has a positive impact on the market. The more you keep your followers engaged, the more you build a positive brand experience and develop meaningful relationships, leading to increased sales, customer loyalty, positive reviews, and earns your client’s trust. 

Social media engagement is measured using social metrics such as comments, click-throughs, likes, mentions, shares, or retweets, as those indicate the amount of engaged audience. Remember, to focus on quality, as opposed to quantity, you should be striving for as a business.

Here is an ultimate guide to boost your social engagements.

Analyze Your Social Media Engagements

Analyzing critical social media metrics reveals aspects of your social media marketing strategy. It gives insights on what areas are working and those that need improvement.

Tracking your social media metrics is a good measure for growth. Begin by jotting down the current metrics meaningful to you, like likes, comments, or the number of shares, and keep tracking them regularly; this will give you great insights into what’s working or what’s not.

These social media analytics tools can help you get started.

Determine Your Social Media Strategy

Every social media strategy depends on the company’s business goals. While some companies’ goal is to create content that builds a brand’s voice, others would be creating educational and informative content in specific areas. 

Depending on what your brands’ goals are, your social media engagement goals might include:

  • Changing the ‘voice” or perception of your brand.
  • Educating your audience.
  • Developing customer leads.
  • Collecting feedback on new products or services. 

Know Your Audience 

Knowing your online target audience will help you determine the language, tone, and resources that best suit and engage your online followers. 

 Creating a social media persona gets you to define your target audience. It will also help you determine:

  • What social media to leverage. 
  • When to publish.
  • The type of content.
  • The brand’s voice. 

 Create Valuable Content

To increase social media engagement, create content that your audience can engage with; it could be a video that people can relate with, a poll on Twitter, or photos that will encourage your followers to tag their friends. 

 Post content that will stir positive reactions from your audiences and drive emotional responses from them. The content should also address their needs, change their perspectives on certain things or entertain them. The point is to think “conversational” rather than “broadcast.”

 Depending on the type of social media platform you are using, it’s essential to understand what is best for each forum. Images for Instagram, long posts for Facebook, short descriptive texts for Twitter, and so on. 

Find out what type of content works for your brand and business. Constantly share, observe reactions, make changes and repeat until you get desired results.

To be creative in how you present or deliver content to your audience. Consider these pointers;

  • Ask questions
  • Conduct polls
  • Use animated gifs
  • Use social media stories
  • Use your clients as spotlights

Keep The Conversation Going

Online conversations about give and take. Brands should practice both reactive and proactive engagements on their social platforms.

Reactive engagements mean answering direct messages, incoming mentions, or comments. While proactive means you are the one sparking conversations online with an audience that could be talking about your brand.

You can track indirect mentions using the Hootsuite dashboard so that you do not miss an opportunity to contribute to timely conversations.

 Share Other People Content 

If someone on social media addresses and articulates specific issues better, make use of their content. If you can provide your audience with relevant, timely information, whether from you or not, they are more likely to be attracted to your brand and even end up hitting the follow button.

 Keep your content relevant and diversified from different sources. It is good to spice up your feed with other content from various contributors, do not shy away from hitting the sharing button. 

Reposting Clients or Follower Posts

It is important to share content from your clients and followers; this will not only make a client feel great about themselves, but it can also lead to them resharing that piece of content with their followers; this means exposure for your brand to new audiences. Hence increased brand awareness and engagements.

 Use Influencers to Share Content 

It is excellent to utilize well-established relationships with influencers in the market, such as bloggers and social media influencers. 

 Approaching well-known individuals in your area of expertise to promote your posts will have your brand seen by prospective customers through a trusted, familiar face. Create a win-win situation by offering something in return for the shares, and this makes the influencer gain value in return for collaborating. 

Guest Posting

Explore guest posting to drive and increase social media engagements by creating in-depth articles on blogs and news channels that can be promoted across social media, redirecting people to your site. Increased traffic to your site is an excellent way for improved SEO, backlinks, and website rankings.

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 Personalize Engagements

Driving conversations on social media does not stop at responding to posts. It extends to ensuring you personalize the responses by directly mentioning each audience, indicating that each reaction is crafted for each person, making the brand more friendly and humane, building customer relationships and loyalty. 

Ensure you create a fun conversation that is visual and interesting for other viewers to read and follow along too. It will be ideal to use emoticons in your posts’ responses.

Make Posts Visual and Compelling

Adding visual pieces such as images and videos to your social media helps you increase engagements and shareability. They provide much depth and context to a description or story, providing a much more immersive experience than writing alone.

 Furthermore, brains interpret images much quicker hence communicating your brand instantly. Using images is a great way to keep your followers interested in your brand. 

 Engage With the Latest Trends and Conversations

You demonstrate your social media presence, and value for your social happening goes beyond your business when you share, like, and contribute to the latest conversations and trends. 

 Responding and contributing to content that is valuable to your audience will help you strengthen your online reputation, spark admiration for your brand, and attract more followers on your social media.

Post Frequently

Ensuring your social media channels are frequently updated and active is vital as it indicates that you are on top of the latest trends. Your followers want to keep tabs on what is happening in your brand. 

 Keep them updated by posting regularly. Frequent posts and updates will not only keep your followers following you but will also attract more. On the contrary, you will lose followers as no one wants to keep following dormant accounts. 

Keep Your Responses Timely

Engaging your audience also means you respond to their questions promptly; this increases customer satisfaction, saves time, and increases brand trust. 

 Make sure your response tone is warm, friendly, and helpful. Hootsuite’s saved replies function helps you pre-composed responses to the most frequently asked questions. Utilize Hootsuite Inbox to manage all your comments and direct messages in one place.

Create Smart Schedules

Posting frequently keeps your content up to date and your social media active. Ensuring you post at the right time each day is also vital as you get a chance to maximize your audience’s attention.

 Take advantage of scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to plan and prepare posts in advance. This way, you will never miss a chance to post on your social media.

 A good social media best practice will be setting time to create and schedule posts and regularly curate reactive and proactive responses. 

 The Hootsuite dashboard features below can help you increase productivity and boost your social media engagements: 

  • Lists: Create Twitter lists based on hashtags, events and set each on in a stream for easy monitoring and spark proactive engagements.
  • Tags: this feature allows you to tag and track positive engagements.
  • Streams: Use streams in your dashboard to view incoming messages from social media platforms in one place. 

 Think Beyond Your Social Media Feed

Responding to comments and shares on your feed is a great way to interact and engage your audience. Also, responding to private, direct messages or story interactions forms a powerful way to engage your audience.

Social Media Engagement Tools

Social media management tools enable you to analyze, automate, and control your social media accounts. It helps you make better and informed decisions on creating engaging content for your audience. Thy also enables you to create content, schedule it for posting, and manage engagements across your social media. Let’s explore some of these tools.

Social Dashboard

A social media dashboard is crucial for managing personal or business accounts and coordinating social media presence across multiple channels on a single interface. Examples are:

  1. TweetDeck used for Twitter only
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Sprout Social

 Photo Editing

Canva allows you to create your unique content for each social media platform. It’s a user-friendly version of photoshop; you can drag, drop, crop pictures to exact specifications, and modify graphics to your liking. This tool allows you to create relevant content for your audience that can help boost social media engagement. 

Video Editing

Videos tend to get more social engagements than just posting photos and texts on the feed. For example, Facebook video earns the highest engagement rate than any other type of content, with a  6.09 engagement rate

There are many video editors out there; Funimate is excellent for Android users and the Clip app for iPhone users. They make it super easy to piece together a few scenes, add music and text frames.  


Gifs are a fun and playful way to create and drive conversations on your socials. With Giphy, you can access a massive library of animations to add to your text by typing keywords such as “annoyed,” “excited,” “tired,” etc. 

Also, explore the use of emojis to express different emotions in your content to evoke emotions. 


Using the right tools for analytics helps you get a general engagement overview. It enables you to track, analyze and generate reports based on your social media performance. In return, make informed decisions based on what social media tactics and strategies are working best and which ones are not. 

 Analytics tools are helpful when it comes to monitoring levels of engagements on social media. You can gather rich insights of data, track the number of views, link clicks, figure out optimal times to post, and the most effective social media to use for your brand or business. 


Final Thoughts

The above guideline will help you create a customer-centric brand that can help you boost your social media engagements and attract more prospects to your content, which will generate organic followers to amplify your brand online. 

 Social media keeps evolving, and therefore, it’s essential to stay up to date with the current trends and apply best social media practices to ensure you interact and communicate with the right audiences. 

 Keep in mind to humanize and stay authentic on your social channels. People like to interact with real genuine people, not brands, remember the goal is to build relationships. Also, you will find most of your clients online, so get a high engagement levels by being active and responsive on your social platforms. 

 Social media management tools also come in handy. Make sure you leverage their great features to gain optimum results. Also, check out the social media marketing services we offer to brands in Singapore and abroad.

If you’re looking for in-depth coverage on insights about your brand, audience, competitors, kindly get in touch with us, MediaOne Marketing, and see how our marketing team can help you boost your social media marketing strategy.



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