How to Fix Product User Retention in Singapore

How to Fix Product User Retention in Singapore

Working on product user retention in Singapore is a crucial aspect of a company’s sales strategy. If a company cannot retain the users or customers, they currently have means that they will spend a lot on marketing every month to acquire new users. There is a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer and a 20% chance of selling to a new one.

For a company to be good at product user retention in Singapore, it must be willing to put in the time to research and evaluate their consumer behavior. A lot of tactics can help repair this part of a company’s function in Singapore and here are eight that you should consider.

Get to the Aha Moment as soon as Possible

A 2020 projection analysis done in 2013 showed that customer experience is soon to overtake product and sales as the main factor for brand differentiation. This shows how one can make or break a brand’s name by one click of a button.

If a customer in Singapore is not satisfied in the first few minutes of their interaction with your brand, they may never come back no matter how often they see the brand. The user needs to experience the promise outlined in marketing as soon as they interact with your brand to give them that aha moment. This way you will have exercised a strategy for product user retention in Singapore.

Exercise Product User Retention in Singapore from the Beginning

It is easier to build traffic in Singapore, retain it, and then use it to test other stages of a growth hacker funnel. After the testing, you can invest more in increasing this traffic other than getting traffic, using it, and then starting from scratch to build Singapore traffic again.

Product user retention in Singapore should not be a last-minute project. The right business person comes up with their product user retention strategies as soon as they start building their business plan and execute these strategies as soon as the company is up.

Using Alerts and Notifications

This is a strategy that is mostly used by mobile application owners in Singapore. It has also worked for software developers and website designers in Singapore. Some of the creative ways of going about it are not only having a push notification but one that is attractive and helpful to the user.

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As a way to fix product user retention in Singapore, you can include badges on unlocking a particular product. This can pop up every time a visitor is scrolling through your eCommerce website in Singapore. You can as well put sales notifications on display on your site or brand banner.

Increase Value

A lot of products in the market in Singapore depreciate with time. From phones to clothes, beauty products, etc. With the entry of more competitive products in the market, a business person still needs to exercise product user retention in Singapore.

product user retention in Singapore

There are two ways to increase a product’s value in Singapore. These are adding and removing features from a product. Using a phone as an example, adding more features such as a front camera and removing features such as having a slimmer design can add value to the phone. An evolving product will not only retain your current customers but attract new ones as well.

Email Marketing for Product User Retention in Singapore

Did you know that you can make $38 out of every $1 spent just by having a good email marketing strategy? This is true and a lot of marketers today who have already tapped into email marketing making people get too many emails hence reducing the attention paid on one email.

Email marketing is not necessarily a flooded tactic. Many people in Singapore go through their emails within the first few hours of their morning. A marketer who is able to create a captivating email will remind a one-time buyer that there are more in store for them. Marketing emails range from, drip campaigns, general notifications and event-based notifications.

Make sure you also make use of audience targeting and retargeting for your emails to remain relevant to the recipients. Bad email marketing strategies reduce product user retention in Singapore. Singaporeans hate having too many notifications that fill up their inbox.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

An excellent way to make your regulars feel appreciated is having promotions that only target them. This is an emotional strategy that makes a user feel known by the company. It also encourages one time buyers in Singapore to buy more often so as to enjoy the same privileges as regulars.

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You can roll out your red carpet by including discounts, prices, budges or even a gala dinner for subscribers thus fixing product user retention in Singapore.

Invest in Customer Care

Over 70% of customers in Singapore stop transaction with a brand due to a rude staff complaint. 50% of these customers in Singapore will not only leave but also go to the company’s competitor. Lousy customer care is not only bad for your business and it a way of giving free marketing to your competitors.

A customer that feels valued and taken care of will not only convert to a regular but also act as an evangelist for your company. Sound strategies for product user retention in Singapore does a lot of emphasis on customer focus. When the customer is happy, the business thrives.

Take Part in Community Development

Singaporeans love doing business with companies that have a sense of community building and advancement. When a person looks around and sees a children’s home sponsored by a particular company, they will feel the urge of buying that company’s product. This makes the person feel as if they have contributed to the community as well.

During times of need such as a storm, drought and hunger, companies need to contribute resources at least to help the community as a sign of appreciation for their royalty. This gesture goes a long way, helping stabilise and then improve the company’s sales in that community; hence retaining customers.


These tips for fixing product user retention in Singapore will help any company keep and acquire more regulars. You need to keep testing and improving your approach to keeping up with the market change. People in Singapore appreciate companies that care about them more than they care about making profits.

All in all, mastering these strategies will save you a lot on marketing. The resources can be channelled elsewhere hence improving all-round company’s operations. Do not hesitate to look for experts in this field to help you improve as well.

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