Getting Site links to Appear In Google Search Results

Looking for information on getting site links to appear on Google search results? Site links improve the appearance of Google search results snippet? The improved appearance of your snippet will increase your traffic such as Click through Rates (CTR).

However, while you cannot have the final say on which site links appear on the search results pages, there are several ways of getting site links to appear on Google search results. In this article, we look at the ways that you can help Google pick your preferred site links for your website.

What Are Site Links?

Site links are the links displayed directly below the description of a snippet on Google search results, and they work to direct visitors to the inner pages of your website. They only appear if they are Google considers them useful to the user doing the search. The Google algorithm will automate sitelinks from your website and enhance your ranking on SERPs.

When you search for your company name, Google will display the links that it believes are the most useful and valuable pages on your website.

What Makes Up A Google Search Snippet?

A results snippet is made up of different parts including

  • Title
  • URL
  • Description
  • Sitelinks

By using on-page SEO, you can optimise your titles, make your URL SEO friendly, and provide a better description. However, Google will only show site links if the algorithm believes that the content on the pages will be useful to the users. The benefits of getting site links to appear on Google search results include

  • Increase in click-through rates (CTR)
  • More visibility for your internal pages
  • It signals that Google trusts your website
  • Sitelinks will improve brand awareness

Creating Google Sitelinks for Your Website

There are several ways of helping Google understand your website’s structure and the content, which in turn boosts your chances of getting site links to appear on Google search results.

Ensure That You Can Rank for Your Brand’s Name

In most cases, when you search for your brand name on Google, you will automatically appear in the top searches by default. However, if you are not appearing, follow these steps to fix the issue

  • Check txt and check that Google can easily access and index your website
  • Add your brand name to your homepage title
  • Ensure that your brand name is part of the text on your homepage and wrapped with the HTML H1 tag
  • Add more content on your homepage including information about your brand

Create a Simple and Understandable Site Structure

Your website’s structure is one of the crucial factors when thinking of getting site links to appear on Google search results. It is therefore essential that you provide users and Google with a simple and easy to follow site structure.

During the crawling and indexing process, search engines will visit your homepage and follow any links they find in your content, XML sitemap, and menu. With this in mind, you need to ensure that

  • You have a hierarchical site structure that does not exceed 3 levels
  • Ensure that your menu is in sync with the site structure
  • You include the most important pages of your website in the main menu

Link Important Pages from Your Homepage

Other than adding site links to your menu, you also need to add text links on the homepage that point to your candidate pages. The links should be in text, and wrapping the links in images will be a futile effort since Google will not understand them.

You should also ensure that you use the appropriate anchor text for your links. For example, if you want to link your Services page from the homepage, use the words, ‘web hosting services,’ or ‘Services’ as the anchor text and not any random word.

Use Proper Titles and Descriptions for the Sitelink Candidate Pages

Other than using the proper anchor texts, it is vital that you use the appropriate Meta description and correct page titles on your candidate pages. For example, if you want your Resources page as a site link on Google snippets, ensure that the title is labelled as that, ‘Resources’ and not anything else.

Use Proper Internal Linking Procedures

Internal linking enhances your site’s user experience, which improves SEO among other benefits. However, there are rules to internal linking you should follow during the process of getting site links to appear on Google search results. 

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  • Use the proper anchor text
  • Use text to create your internal links
  • Build as many internal links of your candidate pages

The Google Search Console includes an internal links report, and it shows that the number of internal links per page.

getting site links to appear on Google search results

Add Sitelink Candidate Pages to the Sidebar

One of the uses of a sidebar is to direct users and Google to visit the pages you want. You can also go a step further and add widgets to your candidate pages. This leads Google to believe that the sitelinks of the pages with the widget are worth appearing on the search results.

Create a Table of Contents

This is especially important for long-form posts with in-page links that point to sections on the same page. It is also essential that you use text links instead of image links and more importantly use the proper anchor text.

Optimise Your Website For On Page and Technical SEO

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Google’s algorithm will only consider high-quality websites, and this means that you must work on on-page SEO and technical SEO. Besides this, Google will ignore website if you have low-quality content that is not search engine optimised, or you are involved in spam behaviours.

FAQs on Sitelinks

Can I remove site links from Google Search?

In the past, it was possible to remove site links using “Demote Sitelinks” settings in the Google Search Console, but the option was removed as of October 2016. However, you could add a “noindex” Meta tag to remove the page completely from the Google search.

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How can I get site links search box to appear with my snippet?

A search box can enhance the appearance of your site links. Google will show the search box as part of the site links in your snippets. However, you need to have appropriately structured data markup and a working search engine on your website.

getting site links to appear on Google search results

What should you know about site link on mobile websites?

Google treats mobile pages differently from traditional web pages. This should not be of concern if you have a website with responsive design; otherwise, the structure and content on your mobile website should be very similar to your desktop-oriented website.

For example, if you have any links on your desktop homepage, you should have the link on your mobile homepage. If you do not do this, Google will not show the same site links for mobiles users.

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Sitelinks improves the appearance of your snippet in Google search results, which then translates to more traffic and clicks to your website. Although you do not have any say on which site links Google picks, the above points will help you in get site links to appear on Google search results.

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