How to Get More Google Website Traffic in Singapore

How to get more Google website traffic in singapore

Struggling to get website traffic in Singapore? Well, you are not alone. Launching an online business store is easy, but getting potential clients to visit it is quite a tough challenge. This is particularly more challenging to small and upcoming businesses.

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If you want to get insightful tips on how to get website traffic in Singapore, read on.

The Importance of Website Traffic

The number of unique visitors to your website is a vital parameter for gauging the progress made by your business. It is particularly useful in:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategies – more traffic means that your tactics are working.
  • Knowing your audience – when people visit your site, you get an opportunity to interact with them. You can use your website as a platform to learn the needs of your clients and make the necessary adjustments to your business.
  • Improving search engine ranking and site authority – more website hits automatically increase the popularity of your platform. If your site appears on the first pages of search engine results, your business is guaranteed more customers.
  • Generating more leads – the higher the number of visitors to your site, the higher the lead conversion rate. This, in turn, translates to more clients for your business.

How to drive traffic to your website

As mentioned above, getting website traffic in Singapore is no mean feat. Why is this the case?  Most website owners easily fall for unproven methods sold by self-labeled ‘marketing experts.’ 

For instance, you could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a ‘cheat sheet’ only to get undesired results. You could also watch the latest video series on YouTube and implement the mentioned strategies without getting the expected outcome.

The truth is, the internet is currently more competitive than it has ever been. As of January this year, the estimated number of websites on the internet slightly exceeded the 1.5 billion mark – this number is ever-increasing.  The massive nature of the competition makes it difficult for sites, especially small ones, to stand out.

To drive traffic to your website, you must have a basic understanding of the principles of internet marketing. There’s more to getting traffic than simply implementing SEO and raking high on search engine result pages. In this article, you will learn of additional proven methods used by top websites in Singapore not only generate more traffic but also to create authority over an extended period.

The many ways of generating website traffic can be divided into two broad categories; organic (or free) methods and paid methods.

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Organic Methods for Generating Website Traffic in Singapore

You don’t always have to fork out your dollars to attract more people to your websites. The problem, however, with this approach is that it takes a considerable chunk of your time – but it is worth it.

Here are some of the organic methods of driving traffic to your site.

Implement SEO

In this era, every website owner must have a sufficient understanding of the basics of SEO. The internet has many resources on this subject. 

The key to implementing SEO is knowing how to place target keywords and phrases throughout your website posts strategically. It should be naturally integrated into the headlines, subtitles, images and other strategic positions on your site. The keywords must also be relevant to the residents of Singapore.

Should you find it challenging, there are useful plugins to assist you with SEO. The most popular option for WordPress users is Yoast SEO that optimizes your webpages by asking questions related to your keywords.

Publish Amazing Content

It might be cliché, but the content is king. It is the main reason for people to visit your website. If you create insatiable content, visitors will keep coming back for more. They are also much more likely to share the post on other platforms or recommend it to their friends. This partially reduces the burden of advertising your site.

Contrarily, if you post mediocre content, nobody would want to come back. In fact, no one would read a boring piece to the last bit. Just like great content would be shared, visitors who find your content appalling will certainly discourage their friends from visiting your website.

Guest Posting

There are several approaches to guest posting. The popular and slightly more effective approach is having an authority site mention your blog on their platform. Usually, this involves such sites accepting a post from you. The resulting exposure to their often massive audiences can translate into more traffic to your site.

Alternatively, you could reach out to the top influencers in Singapore for an interview. Record the interview and later convert it into a blog post. People will certainly want to visit your site if you feature a prominent personality.

Lastly, you can try to post on already established blogging platforms such as Medium and Quora. Ensure that your posts on Medium link back to your website. With Quora, answer questions that are relevant to your niche and naturally link to related content on your site. The answers must also be understandable and accurate.

Make the Most of Social Media

Social networks are undoubtedly the most popular websites on the internet. The average internet user spends at least 116 minutes daily on these platforms. Out of the 4.2 billion internet users, more than 3 billion are active on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram and so on. Therein lies the opportunity.

Are you wondering how to drive traffic to a website from social media? It’s pretty simple. Just share links to your website on the networking websites. Remember, posting too often will count as spamming.

Additionally, you should create social media accounts. These provide a platform for prospective clients to learn more about your business. They also serve as the medium for engaging with your existing clients. Such interactions can potentially generate more website traffic in Singapore.

‘Refresh’ Your Content

You probably have heard of evergreen content – as the name suggests, this is content that remains relevant to the target audience for extended periods. This isn’t always the case with most websites. In such instances, refreshing your outdated content can significantly increase the visibility of your site on Google, translating into more traffic.

Email Marketing

In addition to keeping in touch with your clients, sending promotional emails and newsletters regularly improves traffic to your website. The messages should have useful information, accompanied with links to your websites where the customers can get additional information on your offers, products and services.

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Avoid bombarding your subscribers with emails – this kind of overenthusiasm often leads to disengagement, deletion without reading, marking as spam, and in the worst case scenario, unsubscribing from your mail list.

Furthermore, take time with the email subject lines. A poorly crafted subject will discourage the client from opening, rendering the message entirely useless.

Create a YouTube Channel

Similar to other social media platforms, YouTube is an excellent tool for online marketing.  Every day, people watch 1 billion hours of video on YouTube. Indeed, two of every three millennials prefer YouTube over traditional TV. Soon, most people, Singapore included, are expected to abandon paid TV in favor of YouTube.

Creating content for YouTube is free. Because of the fierce completion among content creators, your videos must have high-quality, detailed and understandable content to stand a chance. Moreover, you must consistently post videos to retain subscribers on your channel.

Host Webinars

Another effective way of connecting with brands and influencers operating in your niche is through hosting webinars. Just make sure that you have adequate knowledge in the chosen theme. Ideally, the invitees will each come with their own audience, and you will benefit from the increased publicity for your website.

During the webinar, use the time to pitch your services to your viewers. You can throw in a few offers and incentives to increase the appeal of your website.

Paid Methods for Generating Website Traffic in Singapore

The majority of existing businesses use loads of money to fund marketing campaigns.  In Singapore, there are numerous payable methods for improving website traffic. Such include;

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the number one social media platform with over 1 billion active users worldwide. Singapore currently has an estimated 4.1 million Facebook users. Essentially, advertising on these platform guarantees a global reach. There is also a provision for making ads targeting specific regions. The secret to a successful advertising initiative is creating a great landing page with free or low-priced offers.

Google Ads

Google is by far the most popular search engine. Enrolling your website to the Google Ads program automatically increases your ranking on search engine result pages. According to, sites that appear on top of search results attract 36.4% of Google’s traffic.

Besides the standard Google Ads services, you could certainly make use of Google re-targeting ads. Re-targeting ads are different in that they focus on users who left your site without completing a purchase or any other expected action. Basically, these ads are designed in such a way that they convince such users to come back to your site and complete the purchase.

Instagram Ads

Previously, Instagram didn’t have a clear revenue-generation strategy for businesses.  This has since been addressed, and businesses can use the platform for advertising using photos, videos or a collection of both.

The most significant advantage of the Instagram Ads services is its precise targeting options. This ensures that the message reaches the exact audience you want. Simply put, you can target your ads to a specific location (such as Singapore), demographic group, interests, behaviors, and custom audiences.

Display Advertising

Are you running out of ways on how to get traffic to your website? Display adverts are necessarily banners for a website that appear on other related sites. For example, if your business deals furniture, placing such an ad on an interior décor website will certainly generate traffic to your site.

Influencer Marketing

If you have a small audience, it is advisable to engage in influencer marketing. Influencers are individuals who have a large following, especially on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It doesn’t come cheap, but it can potentially drive up your traffic by a significant margin. If possible, the influencer marketer should be involved with your niche.

Use Outbrain and Taboola

The internet has several useful resources for promoting your business websites in Singapore such as Taboola and Outbrain. Usually, these platforms promote your site on thousands of related websites all over the world. All you need to do is establishing a sales funnel and have the know-how of tracking the visitors coming from such platforms.


Why you should Avoid Instant Website Traffic Generators

As seen earlier, there are proven ways of getting free website traffic – and it takes time. Some businesses, however, opt for the shortcut by investing in the so-called instant traffic generators. You must entirely avoid these, and here’s why;

  • It can negatively impact search engine ranking – because of the importance of ranking high, Google has strict policies against the use of underhand tactics to boost this metric. If they notice that a bot is generating traffic to your site, they will automatically decrease your ranking.
  • Your traffic will not be targeted – the primary reason for increasing traffic to your site is to improve ranking on Google and other search engines. If your visitors are not targeted, the rate of engagement on your website will undoubtedly decrease. This, in turn, translates into lower lead generation and conversion rates.
  • You risk getting banned – if you persist with relying on bots to generate traffic to your site, your ads will get removed from advertisement platforms. In the long run, Google will ban your website, and it will no longer appear on search results.



You are now equipped with strategies on how to get more website traffic in Singapore. The most important of all is optimizing your website, such that the content is fantastic and the pages are responsive to all screen sizes. You should only invest in the paid methods once your site starts picking up substantial traffic.

Bottom Line: building sustainable website traffic will certainly take time and resources. The good thing is that the benefits will repay your efforts.

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