How to Get More Facebook Visitors to Your Singapore Website

Facebook visitors

The best SEO practices in Singapore will help you get more organic traffic to your website. If you implement the correct tactics coupled with a robust social media marketing campaign, your website will also get a plethora of Facebook visitors within a short span of time.

 However, you can get even more visitors to your site by promoting it on social media. You can capitalise on the popularity of platforms like Facebook to generate leads, boost traffic, and increase conversions and sales.

The best thing about Facebook is that you do not have to pay to get traffic to your site. All you need to have is a Facebook page for your business, coupled up with the right tactics.

Best Strategies to Get More Facebook Visitors

Here are the best practices you should observe if you want to get more organic traffic from Facebook.

Avoid Posts that Contradict the Facebook Algorithm

Facebook continually updates its algorithms. A tactic that worked in the past might not be as effective currently, meaning you have to stay updated.  

Posts that contradict Facebook algorithms hurt your marketing campaign. Instead of getting traffic to your site, you risk getting penalties.

The first type of posts that Facebook dislikes are click baits. These are posts that have a compelling title but withhold critical information or mislead the reader. For example, ‘this one trick helped me lose 5kg in a week’ is a clickbait. It is misleading and ambiguous, as it does not give clear information about the trick.

Facebook visitors

Click baits used to rank high on the news feed because of their high engagement levels. However, this meant that people got low-quality content, which tarnished the reputation of Facebook. As a result, the platform started to impose penalties on such content by reducing their reach.

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If you want to avoid such penalties, your posts should not contain words that trigger engagement such as ‘comment,’ ‘like,’ ‘vote’ and tag.

Another tactic that contradicts Facebook’s algorithms is sharing links inside the description of video and image posts. You should paste links plainly so that Facebook can prepare a preview showing the headline, a photo and brief overview of the content you are linking. If you include links in pictures and videos, Facebook will demote your post.

Analyse and Identify Links that Generate High Traffic Levels

Always ensure that your posts appeal to your audience and encourages them to click. There are a few ways of identifying the types of posts that will grab the attention of your audience.

The first method involves using Facebook Insights to measure the popularity of your links. In this regard, you need to post at least three times weekly for a month. The posts should link back to your website or third-party content that will appeal to your audience.

Once the month elapses, download the insights report and analyse it. You will notice the links that generated the most organic traffic, as well as the ones that performed poorly. You can use these findings to improve the quality of your posts and drive more people to your site.

Alternatively, you can use Google Analytics. This tool allows you to see the time that Facebook visitors spent on your website. High-quality posts usually have a high average session duration.

Research for Popular Topics

A smart way of getting site traffic from Facebook is by posting popular content. Your audience is more likely to click on your social media links if it is relatable to them.

Facebook groups are an excellent starting point for knowing what your potential customers like. You can easily find such groups by searching a keyword related to your business. Once you join the groups, build trust by answering questions and replying to comments. You could also create content on your site that addresses the challenges of the group members.

You can also get popular topic ideas by crowdsourcing. It is as easy as creating a list of the areas you wish to cover in your content and asking your audience to contribute.

Use Influencers to Create Engaging Content

You can increase the engagement levels on your content by featuring famous people. These individuals already have an established audience, meaning that they will boost your brand exposure significantly.

An effective way of boosting engagement is by posting interviews with experts and leading influencers. You can find these individuals by researching or asking for recommendations from your followers on Facebook. It is advisable to know the influencers online before approaching, as this increases the chances of acceptance.

Also, you can feature several people in your content. Look for a topic that is popular with your audience and ask industry experts to share the opinions on your website.  This way, you will increase engagement and get more Facebook visitors for your website. You can get more likes and share by tying such content to events and celebrations.

Although roundup posts are useful, they take time to create. You can save time by creating list posts. When you feature famous people in a listicle, you get access to their audience.

Lastly, you should offer freebies and other incentives occasionally.  People are more likely to click on a post that has a free offer than one that requires them to buy a product, especially if they are first-time visitors. Make sure that your incentivised posts direct users to a well-designed landing page so that you get many conversions.

Post Consistently on Your Website

If you want to get more Facebook visitors, you should post consistently on your website. A steady stream of fresh content makes sure that you have something to share to your Facebook page. It also keeps your audience interested in your site, as nobody likes reading the same thing repeatedly.

You can also get more website traffic by creating evergreen content. Such content remains relevant throughout, meaning that you can share it multiple times and get high levels of engagement.

Target ‘Likers’

Many marketers miss out on an opportunity to increase their site traffic by failing to target likers.

Likers are people who like your posts on social media but are not yet following your page. If a person already likes your content, they should not have any issues with following your page.

You can find the likers easily by clicking on the interactions below your post. Facebook usually has an invite button next to the people who reacted to your post but are not following you. Make sure that you send the invite. By doing this, you get more people to like your page, which potentially increases the traffic to your website.

Improve Facebook Post Targeting

The majority of marketers in Singapore are unaware of the targeting feature that is available for Facebook posts. As is the case with Facebook ad targeting, it allows you to share your posts to people who interested in it.

When creating your posts, click on the targeting button that looks like crosshairs. This will generate a popup where you can target your post to specific interests and locations.

Add Call-to-action to Your Posts

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The best way of getting Facebook visitors to your site is by focusing on people who already follow you on Facebook. You can do this by including call-to-action statements in your posts.

For instance, you could ask your followers to visit your page. You could also offer a free trial or a downloadable resource.

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Facebook visitors

Partnerships are useful in marketing, and you can also use them to get more organic traffic from Facebook.  You should first find a page in a complementary niche that already has an established audience. Look at their products and services that may benefit your audience but do not compete with what you offer.

After you identify the products that are relevant to your audience, start by promoting them. You can then approach the company and ask them to return the favour. This way, you will both benefit from the cross-promotion.

Add Links to Your Site

As obvious as it seems, there are many instances where you can link to your website other than the about tab. For example, you can include the links in the biography and personal information sections. The links in these sections should be to a viral post on your website or a landing page. 

You can also insert links in page milestones. Facebook Milestones refer to significant events in the development of your company, and you should feature them on your page. Milestones are particularly useful in highlighting important events and directing organic traffic to your website. They are not permanent, meaning that you can edit or delete them if they are no longer useful.


The tips mentioned above are the best if you want to get more Facebook visitors to your website. Keep in mind that Facebook will demote your post if it does not adhere to their best practices. Avoid using links in visual consent and creating clickbait content.

Similar to SEO, you should also create compelling content and post consistently on your website. This ensures that your audience does not get bored, and you always have something to share on your social media.


Lastly, consider hiring the best social media influencers in Singapore  as well as cross-promotion tactics to reach wider audiences and increase brand exposure.

Get in touch with us for more tips on how to digital marketing in Singapore and get more organic traffic to your website without spending a fortune or applying blackhat SEO strategies.   


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