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What are Facebook Likes?

There are two types of likes on the social network. First, a user can like a page, which equates to subscribing to its posts. This means that everything posted on the page will appear on their newsfeed.  Second, a user can like a post, which counts as a form of engagement, similar to commenting and sharing.

The foundation of a strong social media marketing campaign is having a page on Facebook, the world’s most popular social network. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are all useful, but none of them is a match to Facebook, which has over 2.2 billion active users. In Singapore, the majority of social media users have accounts on Facebook.

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However, setting up a Facebook page is only the first step of your marketing campaign. You need to get Facebook likes to ensure that people see your promotions, products, and services. That said, getting likes is not an easy task, as you have to compete with 60 million business pages on the social website.

The easiest way of getting more likes is by sharing content that is valuable and relevant to your target audience. You should also interact with users frequently, and more importantly, adhere to Facebook’s best practices.

Best Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

The following are the strategies you should employ to get more likes on your Facebook page for free.

Create Shareable Content

If you already have a Facebook page, it is highly likely that you already have some followers. You can take advantage of them by using them to promote the page.

When you create great content, your existing followers will share it on their timelines. This means that their friends will learn about your page and like it as a result.

The most popular types of content on Facebook are photos and videos. That said, you can still get many shares by posting quizzes and news articles. You can also get shares by asking your followers directly.

Another way of getting more shares is by creating unique content that grabs the attention of your audience. Such include posts that spark controversy as well as those that cover the latest trends.

Get the Timing Right

You also need to make sure that you get the timing right when posting on Facebook. This ensures that you only publish when your target audience is online, and the message is more likely to reach them.

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In most cases, people like using Facebook during the last weekdays and weekends. The reason behind this trend is that people are usually busier during the first days, especially Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. As the weekend approaches, the workload reduces and they get time to visit social media.

During weekends, people have the time to read your posts without distractions. As a result, they are more likely to share, like and comment on your content.

You also need to consider the location of your target audience. Because of the difference in time zones, it is essential to post at a time that is convenient for your followers.

Additionally, you must post consistently. If your followers expect you to post at least twice weekly, make sure that you adhere to your schedule. Inconsistently is likely to disengage your audience, prompting them to ‘unlike’ your page.

However, you should be careful with the frequency of posting on Facebook. Posting too often counts as spamming, and 46% of your followers are likely to unfollow your page.

Keep it Short

Nobody has the time to read long posts on social media. According to Salesforce, tweets that have less than 100 characters get 17% more engagements when compared to longer posts. The same applies to Facebook, as people like shorter posts than lengthy ones.

Another reason to keep your posts short is to make them attractive on smaller screens. A block of text on a computer will appear even longer on a handheld device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. This should particularly concern you because 3.2 million out of 3.5 million Facebook users in Singapore aces the network using mobile phones.

Always ensure that your posts are less than four lines long. If you are linking to an external resource, write a short description that piques the interest of the reader and encourages you to click on the link. Keep in mind that people are unlikely to follow a page that has lengthy posts.

Encourage Comments and Interact with Followers

When more people comment on your posts, you will get more Facebook likes. Commenting means that the friends of your followers see the posts, even if they are yet to like your page at that moment. This increased exposure increases the chances of getting more followers on your social account.

Moreover, interacting with your followers increases the level of engagement on your Facebook page. The best way of interacting with your audience is by replying to their comments. You can do this in several ways, including answering questions, acknowledging positive feedback, and replying to complaints.

It is impossible to avoid negative feedback. When you encounter such a situation, respond professionally and politely. Engaging in argument or a standoff with negative commenters is likely to tarnish your reputation. Even worse, it could make you lose followers.

Lastly, you should respond quickly. 80% of users expect a business to address their challenges within the first 24 hours after asking. Failure to adhere to this could affect the popularity of your Facebook page.

Comment on Other Pages

Similar to guest posting, commenting on other pages is a smart way of increasing exposure for your page. You should comment on pages that are similar to yours, to initiate a discussion.

When commenting on other pages, avoid posting spam messages. The messages you post should be relevant and professional. Publishing links to your page without any meaningful descriptions could hurt your effects to get more Facebook likes in Singapore.

Include Visual Content on Your Posts

An excellent way of boosting your Facebook likes is by using videos and images on your posts. Overall, video is the most popular content format on social media, getting 59% more engagement than other kinds of posts.

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By adding visual content to your posts, you get more likes, shares, and comments. This, in turn, translates to more exposure for your content and better performance for your Singapore Facebook marketing campaign.

It is vital to size your images correctly before posting them on social media. Make sure that they remain clear even after zooming. Concerning videos, make sure that they are short and concise. Nobody has the time to view a 10-minute video, and even they share it, others are likely to disregard it before opening it.

Use a Relevant Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Your profile picture and cover photo are always visible on your Facebook page. For this reason, you should choose them carefully so that you create a great impression for first-time visitors.

The choice of photos in your profile has a massive impact on the success of your Singapore Facebook marketing campaign. Your profile picture must be relevant to your business. It should also be unique to make your brand easy to recognize.

Regarding the cover photo, make sure that it has a clear focal point. More importantly, it should adhere to Facebook’s guidelines on cover photos. Uploading content that infringes on these guidelines could result in the deletion of your page.

You should change your cover photo regularly. For instance, you could update it based on an occasion such as Black Friday, your company’s anniversary, and so forth.

Offer Discounts and Promotions

The majority of people who follow brands on social media are usually interested in getting promotions.

You can get more Facebook likes in Singapore by offering discounts and promotions on your page. For example, you can give exclusive offers to new members as an incentive to like the page.

Also, if you have promotions on your Facebook page, your existing members are likely to invite their friends to like it. Promotions are an effective way of increasing the popularity of your page.

Post Relevant Content

The quality and relevance of your posts have an impact on the number of Facebook likes you get. You should always post recent news that is relatable to your target audience.

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Make sure that you avoid sensitive subjects such as religion and politics. Taking sides on such matters could affect your Facebook marketing in Singapore significantly.

Organize Contests

Besides offers and promotions, you can also get more Facebook likes by organizing contests. Competitions that require participants to post their content increase the level of engagement on your page, which in turn increases your number of followers.

For example, you could challenge your followers to pot their videos while using your products. This way, you will get more engagement and enjoy the many benefits of user-generated content.

Make the Most of Facebook Live

Broadcasting live videos s an excellent way of interacting with your followers on Facebook. You can use videos for several purposes, such as a Q&A session with your audience, product demos and so forth.

Live video sessions are useful in showcasing new products before launch. During the stream, make sure that you engage your viewers so that they feel you care.

Use Other Marketing Channels

There are several other channels that you can use to get more Facebook likes other than Facebook itself. For instance, if you have a website, you can include a link to your Facebook page on it. The same applies to your channels on other social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

You should also send a link to the page to the subscribers on your email list.  People on your mailing list are already interested in our brand and are more likely to follow your page if they learn about it.

Include a Call-to-action Statement

You can increase the number of Facebook likes by including call-to-action statements in your posts. The primary reason for posting on social media is to get engagements in the form of comments, likes, and shares.

You can get comments and likes by creating quality content. If you want to get more shares, consider asking your followers directly. People are more likely to share a post that includes ‘share this’ than a plain post.

Although Facebook CTAs are effective, you should avoid a similar statement in all of your posts. Too much repetition makes your content boring and predictable, meaning that the CTA becomes useless.

Invest in Analytics

 The quickest way of knowing if your Facebook marketing in Singapore is working is by conducting data analysis. You can do this way by recording the number of likes, shares, and comments you get on your social media posts.  The objecting of collecting this information is to identify the type of posts that are popular with your audience.

Once you know what your followers like, you can adjust your posting strategy to focus on popular content. This way, you will improve the levels of engagement on your Facebook page significantly.

The Importance of Facebook Likes

Facebook is Singapore’s leading social media network. By 2023, there will 4.5 million Facebook users in the country.

Number of Facebook users in Singapore


The number of likes on your page is an indicator of the popularity of your brand. The following are the top benefits of having many likes on Facebook.

Brand Image and Credibility

Although many likes show that your business is popular, it is the first step to a successful Singapore Facebook marketing campaign. You need to make sure that the content you post on the page is relevant and engaging to keep followers interested. Once they become fans, you can pitch sales ideas to convert them into customers.

Lead Generation Source

Every person who likes your Facebook page reads your posts regularly. A person who likes your page is similar to a subscriber on your mailing list. You can use the page as a source for generating leads that you will later convert into customers. However, you should care so that you do not spam your followers with too many sales pitches.

Gain Competitive Edge on Social Media

When you have more likes than your competitors, you are likely to succeed in Facebook marketing in Singapore. This is because you have a bigger audience, which means that your message reaches more people.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Search engines consider social signals a factor when ranking pages on search results. If you have many likes, your page might rank higher than your website.

Customer Feedback and Online Support

Facebook likes allows you to interact with your customers directly. When a customer likes your page, they have a channel through which they can access you. If they are facing any challenge, you can provide options and build the reputation of your company.

Human Mentality and Number of Likes

If a person notices a popular Facebook page, they are more likely to like it over a page with a few followers. Most people have the perception that a high number of likes is an indicator of authority and credibility.

The number of likes on your page tells a lot about your company. If you launched a company and get 10,000 likes within a month, it shows that you are social and welcoming. On the other hand, if you only garner 200 likes after being active for a year, it raises a question about your business.

Why You Should Not Buy Facebook Likes

As tempting as it is, you should not buy Facebook likes. Purchasing likes affect the visibility of your page an put you into a cycle of always needing to pay more to make it discoverable by your target audience.

Here are the reasons why you should no use money to get more Facebook likes in Singapore.

It Affects Authenticity

Social media users have a keen eye on the activities that occur on your Facebook pages. If people are familiar with your page, they will notice when the number of likes increases suddenly. Users who are visiting the page for the first time will know that something is fishy if your page has several likes and low engagement levels in the comments section.

Purchasing likes affects the authenticity of your brand. If your current and prospective followers discover that you are buying likes, they will not want to associate with your business.  

Low Engagement Levels

Facebook works to ensure that users see relevant and valuable content on their newsfeed. Their algorithms measure the quality of the posts, as well as the number of likes and followers on your page. Several factors determine the quality of a post, including the number of comments, likes, and shares.

When you buy likes, you do not get likes, comments, and shares. This means that regular Facebook users will not see your posts because nobody will share them. As a result, you end up spending money without getting the visibility you are after.

It Affects Marketing

Another way of boosting visibility on Facebook is by using sponsored posts. These differ from regular posts in that they are visible to your followers only. If you purchase an audience, the money you spend on sponsored posts will go into waste since nobody will see the message.

Useless Demographics

The data provided by social media users have several details. It is useful in creating targeted social media campaigns that often yield impressive results. However, when you buy likes, demographic information is likely to useless and fake.

It is against the Rules

All social media platforms are against the practice of purchasing likes. They have the resources needed to identify the pages that use such underhand tactics. If you go against their terms of service, you risk losing your Facebook page, which would hurt your entire Singapore Facebook marketing campaign.

Smart Ways to Spur Engagement With Your Facebook Audience and Get Likes

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A Facebook engagement refers to any activity that a user takes on your page. The most common forms include likes, shares, and comments. It can also include tagging your page in a post or checking in into your location. 

The most significant benefit of engagements on Facebook is growing your organic reach. When you engage your audience, they are likely to remain loyal to your brand.

The following are the best ways to engage your audience and get more Facebook likes in Singapore.

Publish Valuable Content

Your audience will stick to your page if you post content that is relevant and valuable to them. On the other hand, if you flood your page with sales pitches, they are like to unfollow your page.

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Know Your Audience

When you want to boost engagement levels, you must understand the preferences of your followers. You can use Facebook Page Insights to learn more about your audience and tailor your posts so that it suits them.  For instance, if you notice that your followers like photos, you will increase the number of images you post and get more engagement.

Keep it Short

According to Facebook, users spend 1.7 seconds on a single post when scrolling through their newsfeed. This shows the importance of keeping your posts short so that people read them to the end.

If you publish long posts, people are likely to discard them after reading the first few lines. As a result, your engagement levels reduce significantly.

Prioritize Quality

Another way of keeping people engaged is by posting quality content. Make sure that your posts are accurate, timely, and relevant.

Test Everything

Testing is a vital aspect of all marketing strategies. It allows you to know what your audience likes, as well as the strategies you should use to make your page more popular. Conducting regular tests is also a smart way of boosting your Singapore Facebook marketing campaign.

Join Facebook Groups

Over 200 million people are members of Facebook groups that they consider useful. Being active in these online communities is an excellent way of increasing brand awareness and getting more Facebook likes.  Joining such groups also provides an avenue for interacting with fellow business people and authority figures in your niche.

Use Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories appear at the top of the newsfeed. Their position on the website means that it’s the first thing a user sees when they visit the social platform.

Stories allow you to post several pieces of content without filling the timeline of users.  They also pique the interest of viewers, as 62% of users say that they are likely to interact with a brand if they see it in a story.

Get Verified

Nowadays, many fake accounts impersonate real businesses. The best way of assuring your followers that you are genuine is by getting a verified badge. People are more comfortable engaging with a page that has the verification sign.

Avoid Engagement Baits

Although it is not wrong to actively ask for likes and shares, Facebook has a guideline on this. For instance, you cannot ask people to like a post and promise to reward them with a car. This counts as engagement bait, and its consequence is reduced visibility for your posts.

Boost Your Popular Posts

If you have money to spend on Facebook marketing Singapore, you should consider boosting your popular posts. With the right targeting, you can increase the engagement levels for your content.

What to do After Getting Facebook Likes

Once you get users to like your page, you need to find ways to keep them and convert them into customers.  The first step of keeping them is by using the engagement levels mentioned in the previous section.

Also, you should not leave the page on autopilot. Some people who engage in Singapore Facebook marketing make the mistake of filling their pages with RSS feeds and posts from other social media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Users are likely to unfollow a page that appears to be managed by a robot.

Make sure that you invite your audience to like your accounts on other social platforms and subscribe to your email newsletter. The easiest way of doing this is by offering value, such as providing insights about the challenges they face or offering incentives like discounts and promotions.

Once the followers become loyal and start interacting with your page, you can start pitching your products and services to them. As mentioned earlier, Facebook is an excellent platform for advertising the value that our offerings add to your audience.

Insider Tips About Facebook Algorithm

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If you do Singapore Facebook marketing, you need to know how the platform’s algorithms work. This is because Facebook is still the leading platform for both marketers and consumers.

Facebook users marketers vs. consumers


Understanding the Facebook algorithm is critical if you want to increase your organic reach.

The following are the most significant updates to the algorithm.

‘Why am I Seeing This Post?’

As from March this year, Facebook introduced a new feature called ‘why am I seeing this?’ It explains to users why a particular post is appearing on their newsfeed. It shows that you need to target your posts better if you want to improve your engagement levels.

The Fight against Misinformation

Facebook always tries to fight the spread of fake news over its platform. Earlier this April, the social platform revealed their efforts to continue the fight against the propagation of wrong information. If you post such news on your page, you risk getting a ban.

Surveys to Personalize Newsfeeds

The Facebook algorithm prioritizes personalization to ensure that users see what they like on their timeline. This explains the introduction of surveys to help on this front. As a marketer, you have to get more Facebook likes, shares and comments so that you remain relevant to users.

Top Four Facebook Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Here are the top Facebook marketing agencies in Singapore.

MediaOne Marketing

MediaOne Marketing is a leading social media marketing agency in Singapore. One of the areas they specialize in is Facebook marketing, where they optimize the platform to generate leads for your business. They also invest in social listening to learn about your audience so that they create effective marketing campaigns.

For more information, you can reach the company on the following contacts.

  • Phone: +65 6789 3852
  • Office: 4B Craig Road Singapore 089664


Novatise is a Singaporean marketing agency that works to get more Facebook likes for its clients. The company creates posts that appeal to the needs of your followers and make it easier to convert them into clients.  They also specialize in reputation management to ensure that you maintain a positive brand image.

You can get more information from the company through the following contacts.

  • Phone: +65 3157 9168
  • Office: 11 Beach Road, #03-02, Crasco Building, Singapore 189675


Digital Squad

Digital Squad is a leading Singapore Facebook marketing agency. They create targeted marketing campaigns to ensure that your messages reach the right audience and you get high engagement levels.

For more information, you can reach the agency on the following contacts.

  • Phone: +65 3138 8050
  • Office: 68 Circular Road #02-01 Singapore 049422

Brew Interactive

Brew Interactive is an agency that specializes in Facebook Marketing in Singapore. Their strategy involves three steps, i-depth research, tracking and optimization, and monitoring of results.

You can get a free quote from the agency by reaching out to the following contacts.

  • Phone: +65 6814 2952.
  • Office: 111 North Bridge Road, #08-19, Singapore 179098.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. Getting more Facebook likes makes sure that you reach the widest audience possible and get across your message. You could also use the page as a funnel for lead generation and informing prospective clients about your products and services.

Despite the importance of Facebook likes, you should not purchase. The consequences of such a practice are severe, and you could get banned from the platform entirely. You also risk tarnishing the reputation of your company.

Lastly, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest developments on the Facebook algorithm. This way, you will always be sure that your posts are visible to your followers.

Get in touch with us for more tips on how to do Facebook marketing in Singapore successfully. Our team will also help you come up with a robust digital marketing campaign that you can apply on Facebook to get more likes and leads. 



What are the best way get Facebook likes

– Create Shareable Content
– Get the Timing Right
– Keep your post short
– Encourage Comments and Interact with Followers
– Comment on Other Pages
– Include Visual Content on Your Posts

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