How To Get More Customers In Singapore By Using Online Surveys

getting leads and customers via online surveys in singapore

Search Engine Marketing is crucial to the success of any business in Singapore. A robust content marketing strategy will help you to connect with potential clients. You can increase the chances of getting more customers by supplementing your content marketing strategy with surveys. When correctly implemented, they are very effective in boosting engagement due to the following three reasons.

  • Surveys are inherently interactive
  • Most of the online customers have a natural desire to compare themselves with peers and colleagues
  • People enjoy providing opinions and views on topics that matter to them

Concisely, surveys will help you to increase the collective interest of potential customers to your brand as well as expand your target demographic reach. More importantly, the results of the surveys will help you to make informed decisions and save money on market research.

Here are four tips on how to hook more customers by administering surveys in Singapore.

Approach the Right Audience

You should target people who are already familiar with your brand and have in the recent past shown an interest in doing business with you. This is based on the fact that is easier to motivate someone who already has some level of loyalty and interest in your brand to answer the survey questions than a complete stranger.

A recent research conducted by SurveyGizmo showed that there is a significant difference in the results of surveys administered to people who have never heard about the brand and those who are familiar with it.

online surveys in singapore

Keep it Brief

Most people are not willing to spend ten minutes answering hundreds of questions for free. Therefore, you should strive to make your survey as short as possible. Only ask questions that are necessary and directly linked to the goals that you want to achieve in the end. The longer the survey, the lower the response rate you will get.

Offer Incentives

Most of the potential respondents already have a “what is in it for me?” mindset. To get their feedback, you will need to offer some incentives. For example, if you sell kids products in Singapore, you can decide to give all the respondents a chance to win a $100 gift card for just participating in the survey. In the recent past, I have also seen some companies get high survey response rates by offering 15% off shipping on the next order.

Make sure that the incentives you offer are of value to the target demographics. If not, nobody will bother answering your questions.

Timing is of Paramount Importance

If you want your surveys to collect as much market data as possible, make sure that you offer them at the right time. For example, if someone just subscribed to your monthly newsletter, your first email should not ask them for their input. Such an email would be annoying and would not make sense to them.

The best approach is to target subscribers who consistently read your emails after they have interacted with your brand. Such respondents are more receptive than their counterparts, and there is a high chance that they will be willing to participate. A professional SEO Singapore company can help you interpret the results of the survey and come up with robust content marketing strategies as well marketing strategies that will increase your brand online popularity in the country.


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