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How to Get More Backlinks to Your Singapore Website

How to Get More Backlinks to Your Singapore Website

Looking for tips on how to get more backlinks to your Singapore website?  Today, online marketing has grown enormously with a massive number of business websites. This type of aggressive digital marketing all over the world with a particular reference to Singapore requires you to use any of the marketing strategies available to have added advantage over other competitors.

Generating backlinks for your website is a part of search marketing. Google does not only use content to rank websites but also the other websites that link to the site. Link building involves coming up with execution and ideas that are appealing enough to attract links.

You may have the best content idea designed in a significant way, but if the target audience does not agree, your content will fail spectacularly. This makes link building one of the hardest marketing strategy. However, the fact that it is tough doesn’t mean it is impossible. This article goes through how to get more backlinks to your Singapore website for increased traffic, rankings, and revenue.

  1. Create Content Campaigns That Are Reusable

The traditional campaign method involves running a campaign exclusively over a specific period, earning as much as you can from it and then starting another new campaign. This method is useful to some extent. However, it is not sufficient regarding resources and budget as you have to frequently design and develop new campaigns. Think about reusable content campaigns that you can use over and over again. It may not be as easy, but it is as well possible.

A data piece created for Vouchercloud is a good example. The world health organization did a data piece in the year 2016 and then published another set of new data in 2017. We simply incorporated the new data into the old data and then used minimal effort in updating the design.

We then reposted the content. Not only were we able to reach out to the contacts with the new data but also, we were able to secure more coverage. We even had improved opportunities to approach new websites and secure backlinks with the new data.

  1. Make Outreaching Efforts Without Stopping

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As stated in the previous point about reusing content campaigns to obtain more from them, don’t stop outreaching a marketing campaign if it can still deliver some more. The traditional campaign strategy is based on ideas, designing, prospecting, and then outreach.

You then get a new content idea and start the process of a new campaign all over again. You can improve this structure by having a different mindset that a campaign never comes to an end. Always look for more ways that can generate more links from the existing content campaigns.

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One of the best examples is a campaign launch that was slow to generate links. On doing some research, we found out that it was the one hundred and two birthdays of Roald Dahls. We had the writer’s statistics which the media would be surely interested in. We helped a national press journalist add some of these statistics about Roald Dahl which added more value to the article.

In return, a link for our clients was included in that article. The main idea is to rely on evergreen ideas whose value remains throughout the years as opposed to a one-shot idea. One of the best ways to accomplish this is the use of annual events or national days to drive your content-based campaigns.

Having websites with these annual events will help give inspiration to clients on the events related to them. The ultimate objective is to create valuable content that will remain on the website of your audience giving you higher chances of getting backlinks consistently.

  1. Study What Works Best Across the Industries

The majority of business clients are looking for business partners with vast knowledge of working with different clients to benefit from that experience. This is the reason you need to check out campaigns of other businesses in your industry. Learn the things that work well in other companies, and probably it will work well for you too.

When done smartly, case studies are one of the techniques that guarantee high-quality backlinks. It will promote your SEO and also drive more traffic to your business website. You can use research published by your company on your site to get backlinks. You should contact your clients or partners and ask whether they can work on a case study that they will post on their website.

Many businesses want to share products that help promote their business to their audience. This means that they will share your product that does much more to their business goals. It is through your content that you should try and display your expertise in the industry.

You will get more quality website backlinks in return. Supporting your content with actual data goes a long way in convincing your target that you are the real deal. Even though data collection is challenging, the kind of content created from it increases your chances of generating more backlinks.

We have been practicing these over the years. We tried to establish the level of success of content campaigns for the clients against the work needed to create them. We went through the various exercises that they use in creating these contents. This resulted in four types of patterns that include successful, complex, not complex, and not successful. We used the data result in our content marketing strategy to carry out campaigns that have higher chances of succeeding while they are not very complex.

More so, we started to keep data records regarding the campaigns that we have begun and the links generated by our content. We now use this data in your business industry to help identify trends. If you are yet to start doing this, you can begin by recording data on all your content campaigns.

Some examples of the data you should record include the campaign launching date, the client’s industry, the number of backlinks, whether the data was used or not, and the type of execution of your choice. The list may be different for different people, but the important thing is you begin recording and gaining knowledge from it as time progresses.

  1. Identify Link Building Blockers

The action of other people may affect your strategies of building more links and driving them to your website. Blockers refer to the situations or issues that may prevent you from getting more backlinks to your site. Each project poses things that block the effective execution of the job.

It is crucial that you identify these blockers as early as possible to prevent the sabotage of your marketing campaigns. Link building contains several common blockers that you should inquire about when starting a campaign. Even though slightly different, all the link-building strategies have steps that include ideation, design, build, and outreach. Different types of people are involved in each of the steps, and it is hence essential for you to identify potential blockers at each stage.

A major common blocker is when your audience has their internal team or another agency running on their website. This results in hardships because you need to sync up the activity without over saturating contacts. The best way to conquer these is by sharing your outreach plans with your team of marketers to decide on who owns which publications or contacts.

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This way you will develop a clear guideline and decrease the risk of anything going wrong. You can also overcome this type of blocker by sharing your content campaign plan prior to implementation. You will then immediately add other extra campaigns to highlight times when blockers come your way. With this, you will have fewer chances of hitting blockers because you will have conquered them already.

  1. Use of Keyword Research to Get More Links

Keyword research is one of the passive methods of getting more backlinks. However, the technic has more benefits and requires minimal time. You want to make sure that your content idea is related to keywords with volume. If it is related, you can then incorporate the keywords into the content.

This will potentially get you increased traffic on your website by ranking higher on the Google search engine. The primary goal is usually to get more secure website backlinks, but the increased traffic comes as an added benefit. Link building comes in when you are with valuable content that can be ranked higher on the search engine results page.

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This gives you a chance to have a broader exposure to people trying to find information related to your content. Among these online users trying to find data, some of them include bloggers, writers, and journalists with the ability to give you backlinks.

Your keyword may have little search volume but people who specifically do works related to that keyword will at some point link to the content. The use of keyword research will get you more backlinks that you have not asked for. An excellently researched content gives you higher chances of gaining backlinks.

This is because normal and regular content has less value compared to exclusively researched content with perfect keywords. A well-researched keyword content gives it high credibility and also attracts a lot of backlinks. Most websites can never ignore excellently designed content. They will want to be linked with it.

  1. Outreach to High Domain Linking Websites

Getting backlinks from high-ranking websites with overwhelming authority is one of the core goals of online content marketing. Securing a backlink from these authoritative internet domains promotes your exposure to their huge client base. However, this strategy has some shortcomings.

The high credibility and visibility of these top domains may result in them being credited as the original creators of the content while in the real sense the original source of it is from your client. The impact of this is that links will point to third-party websites rather than your own.

One of our clients recently did a great article coverage and had a good link to our client. However, the content was covered by the Entrepreneur website again. The sad thing is that people credit the Entrepreneur with the link while it was initially from the client. Despite such incidences, high-quality content provides relevant backlinks. You should ensure that you find relevant content in your business niche that is valuable to your audience.

  1. Use Your Top Publication for An Exclusive Feature

A quick side tip that you could use to implement this strategy is always asking your audience about their top ten publications featured on different sites. One of the benefits of doing this is to get a perfect understanding of what content your audience is highly interested in.

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More so, it gives you a targeted site list which when you appear on them, your audience will be impressed. After you have got this, you can choose and pick from the targeted list a topic on which to write your exclusive content to feature your first outreach. The whole plan is to create a good idea for you to find a journalist who values and rates it highly that they will write about it or share it with other high-profile personalities.

This strategy works best if you have different sets of content. You need to give the exclusive top publication a period of twenty-four to forty-eight hours before you can post the next website post. This approach provides a massive internet hit at the beginning of the campaign relieving some of the pressure in your outreach.

Also, if you get lucky enough to get an exclusive featuring in a popular newspaper, other newspapers will follow suit to cover your content. For long-term exclusive publications, you can gradually go down ticking off the wish list publications that your audience gave.


The above-listed technics are effective to help you get more backlinks to your Singapore website. However, you should consistently update yourself with the new backlink updates provided by Google. There are many Singapore-based digital marketing agencies to help you in working out these tips and offer website optimisation services. Make a step of implementing these backlinks techniques today.

It’s time to get ahead of the curve by using best SEO practices to get more backlinks to your website. Call us today at +65 6789 9852 for custom SEO services in Singapore.


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